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OG Weapon Skin

Hello all,

This is a minor update with major code changes that took longer than expected. That said it’s finally done! There’s a skin system teaser in this update as well as several quality-of-life improvements like being able to drop items in Mob-Arena.


We have added a weapon skin system into the game! Weapon skins give your weapon a distinct look to help you stand out from other players. Currently there is only 1 skin in the game but many more skins will be coming soon.

  • Skins can be modified just like weapons
  • You can store a separate set of modifications from the base weapon by using a skin
    • i.e. you can equip a 3 attachment loadout on the base gun and a 5 attachment loadout on your skin, then equip them both in PVP
  • Skins do not have a level and use the level of the base weapon instead. Any Weapon XP also go towards the base weapon
  • If you buy a modification for a weapon you can use it on all skins for that weapon
  • If you do not own the base weapon, you will still be able to use the skin, but you can’t add modifications nor gain Weapon XP
    • Since some skins in the future will be paid cosmetics, this allows a skin to be always usable in-game so you get what you paid for, but without making it Pay to Win, since you have a disadvantage without attachments


We have added a quest system to the server. There is currently only 1 quest but more will be added in due time.

  • Quests can have requirements that must be satisfied to see, unlock, or complete them
  • Quests can be configured to reset daily, weekly, monthly, or never
  • Quests can give a range of rewards like EXP, tokens, crates, gun and skin unlocks, and more
  • From now on, some future weapons will be unlockable early by completing a special quest before they are officially added to the game

M16A1 | OG

Actual weapon skins will be coming in the next update, but for now we have added the M16A1 | OG skin to test the system. This skin gives back the classic look of the M16A1.

To get this skin, simply get 100 kills in Arcade or Veteran PVP before September 30 (/quests to check your progress). It’s an exclusive skin meaning that it will no longer be obtainable after this event!


The Low Player Bonus has returned!

  • If there are less than 20 players in the entire Bungee network, you get a 5% XP boost in Mob-Arena for every player below 20.
  • This stacks with any other server-wide bonuses and XP boosters you happen to have.


We have implemented a long-request improvement to our block hitboxes.

  • Glass Panes, Iron Bars, and Cobblestone Walls now have proper hitboxes that take nearby connected blocks into account.
  • This significantly improves the Shooting Range since you are no longer hitting the glass pane just by shooting close to them.


  • Empty bottles and buckets will now be removed when you drink a potion or milk
  • You can now drop items that you got from mobs
    • You still can’t drop items that came with your starting kit
  • Clamped the explosion delay for Bomb Cannon so that it is always at least 0.5s in Endless
  • Clamped the delay between throws for Throw TNT so that it is always at least 0.15s
  • Decreased the amount of particles in Flood skill, and nerfed the rate of radius increase from difficulty


  • In PVP, the message “the victim was too close to their spawn” is now only sent once a second to reduce chat spam
  • “Hours Played” shown in chat is now synchronized across servers
  • The weapon upgrade menu has been rewritten to be compatible with skins, but we have also added some visual improvements
  • Guns at spawn no longer display the “Shooting Range” modification


  • Fixed a glitch where players could get more EXP from shooting range targets than intended using certain weapons
  • Fixed a rare data loss glitch
  • Fixed a glitch where the Discord NPC at spawn did not give a working link
  • Try to fix a glitch where a player would level up multiple times when in the shooting range and end up with negative XP
    • If a player does end up with negative XP, it will now actually display as negative instead of showing 0 XP and leaving the player confused
  • Fixed a glitch where some periodically resetting data is not properly being reset, such as the weekly Endless leaderboard
  • Fixed a glitch where when joining the server, the weapon held in hand does not show up until the player switches items
  • Fixed a glitch where items that are supposed to become unbreakable when swapped (such as Mob-Arena drops) aren’t immediately doing so
  • Fixed various other ghost/disappearing item glitches while modifying inventory

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