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Easier to Learn, Harder to Master

Hello all,

In today’s update, we took a look at weapon handling, putting a greater emphasis on recoil control in successfully landing your shots.

Most significantly, we have removed the upwards recoil, as well as the slight random sideways recoil, for all automatic weapons (Rifles, SMGs, LMGs). The aim kick of these guns is now purely based on the weapon’s recoil pattern, which now has a much greater magnitude multiplier to make controlling it more necessary and challenging. As a result, to master a weapon you must learn to control its recoil, which greatly increases the skill ceiling of aiming.

As a side effect, this change also means that upwards recoil is no longer significantly applied past ~10 bullets fired, as the recoil will switch to mostly horizontal depending on the weapon. This means that you no longer have to pull down on your mouse during the full spray, making it easier for inexperienced players to land some shots. It also makes the game much more gentle on trackpad users who can’t move their mouse across long distances.

The update also contains some performance improvements and QoL changes.



  • Removed vertical recoil for automatic weapons
  • Increased spray pattern magnitude of automatic weapons
  • Made certain recoil patterns smoother with less jagged jumps: M14 EBR, M4A4, M4A1-S, Galil AR, IMI Galil, G36
  • Modified certain recoil patterns to require more recoil control: SCAR-L, M1915, M60
  • The recoil pattern is now applied on the first and second shots
  • Significantly reduced first shot recoil on all semi-automatic snipers
  • Recoil will now be greatly increased when firing quickly for all semi-automatic snipers


  • Killing a mini-boss in Mob-Arena will no longer trigger the totem effect (only actual bosses will)
  • Greatly improved performance of the advancement toast effect by switching to a packet-based method from a different library
  • Wiped existing advancements cache – you might be getting some random “advancement made” notifications again
  • Re-enabled ViaVersion since we have eliminated it as a possible source of lag
  • Applied certain software storage optimizations on the server machine

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