Like any other game striving to be a safe experience for players, we have a set of rules that everyone must follow. They are designed to be reasonable, but we reserve the ability to punish people who abuse leeways in these rules.

Rules updated January 20th, 2021.


These rules pertain to the Minecraft server: IP

1. No hacking/cheating. This includes using non-allowed mods and xray texture packs.

2. Do not abuse exploits. If you find a bug you can report it on the forums or in Discord #report-submission.

3. In all PVP gamemodes, do not use F5 third-person view or Sound Subtitles. F5 and subtitles are permitted in Mob-Arena. Also, do not use F3+B hitboxes in PVP even if you are somehow able to.

4. Do not evade a ban or mute in any way, including with the use of alt accounts. We will increase the punishment for your main account and permanently ban any alt accounts involved.

5. Do not pirate GunColony intellectual property like the resource pack. This is illegal without saying. The GunColony resource pack as well as any content in the resource pack or fan-made derivations can only be distributed by GunColony, or as permitted by the license included in the resource pack.

6. No inappropriate builds (in modes that allow building). When building something, follow this general rule: if you were to submit a screenshot of any part of the build on Discord, it should follow all of the Discord rules. When writing text on signs or building text out of blocks, it must follow all chat rules.

7. Do not grief your team. This includes (but is not limited to) team flashing, building or destroying builds in a way that hinders your teammates or helps the enemy, or intentionally wasting mob drops in Mob-Arena.


These rules pertain to the Minecraft server: IP

1. No discrimination, racial slurs, NSFW language, personal attacks/threats, politics, and promoting illegal activities. It should go without saying that these activities are completely over the line for a gaming community.

2. No swearing/cursing in game, and do not attempt to circumvent the filter. As a Minecraft server, we do have some young players. Casual swearing is welcome in Discord.

3. No spamming. Spamming includes excessive caps, long strings of random letters, repeatedly bugging another player, or sending many short messages when fewer longer messages would suffice. Please do not spam “for fun”. If we think you may be a spambot, we may ban permanently.

4. Do not advertise other servers, or things unrelated to GunColony. Do not excessively mention other servers or tell other players to join that server. This goes for DM’s as well, if the other player decides to report it.

5. No toxicity or excessive arguments. Do not disrespect another player, or act intentionally to make another player uncomfortable.

6. Keep public chat English-only. You can use other languages in DM’s.


These rules pertain to the official GunColony Discord server:

1. All chat rules apply with the exception that casual/moderate swearing is allowed. Speak English, respect other players, no excessive arguments/politics/racism, etc. Regarding the swearing rules, “f*** you” is generally not allowed while “holy s***” is generally fine.

2. No NSFW, gore, imagery of illegal activity, or media that makes other people uncomfortable. We are a Discord Community server which means that all content here must be safe for work.

3. Do not use #server-chat to evade an in-game mute.

4. In #creative-work you may post your own personal creations, but please do not advertise another server or game while doing so.

5. Quickly swapping voice rooms or other mic spam is not allowed.

6. Casual drama is permitted if both sides consent to it and are having a good time. GunColony is a competitive shooter and we permit rivalries. However, if you think you’re making others uncomfortable, you should stop.


These rules pertain to the GunColony forum:

1. All chat rules apply.

2. Only posts relevant to the discussion section. All posts un-related to GunColony like Minecraft redstone discussions or forum games should go into the Off-Topic section.

3. Do not triple-post.

4. Do not repeatedly post same/similar content in an unreasonable time frame. Saying something every few hours in the in-game chat could be okay, but it would not be welcomed on the forums.

5. Do not necropost threads over 3 months old since the last reply.



Appeals & Unfair Punishments

A ban appeal process is available at #report-submissions on Discord, which can get you out of trouble for lesser offenses, but please don’t even try if you were hacking or being intentionally toxic.

Please additionally remember that a punishment can be at an admin or moderator’s own discretion. If you think you have been banned unfairly or are being mistreated by a staff member, please contact an admin (the easiest way is probably a PM on Discord) with sufficient evidence.

Allowed Mods

  • APIs required for other allowed mods: Forge, LiteLoader, Fabric, etc.
  • Overlay mods meant to be legitimate on most PVP servers, such as 5zig, Badlion Client, ArmorStatusHUD, In-Game Info Mod, etc.
    • Mods that allow you to see mob/player health and equipment is not allowed
  • Macros that only affect chat (rules against spamming still apply)
  • Performance mods: Optifine, FoamFix, BetterFPS, Sodium, Lithium, FastCraft, etc.
  • Shaders that do not give an unfair advantage
    • Odd sun positions to create very long shadows is not allowed
    • Acid shaders or similar are not allowed
    • Ray-traced GI/reflections must not affect entities
    • Blindness from flashbangs must work properly
  • Optifine zoom
    • Toggleable zoom mods that do not have a smoothened view while zooming are not allowed
  • Fullbright mods
  • Aesthetic mods such as adding ambient sounds or making foliage prettier
    • They must not let you see through normally solid blocks, or hear sounds from further away
  • Non-Minecraft clients (mobile apps, etc.) that only allow you to chat
  • Vanilla settings tweaks like setting brightness and FOV

Banned Mods (not intended to be an exhaustive list)

  • Hacked clients or cheat mods
  • Movement mods
  • Damage indicators
  • Minimaps that allow you to see entities on the map
  • Macros that affect gameplay controls
  • X-ray texture packs
  • Mods that selectively block packets or the effects of them
  • Resource packs with custom entity models that are bigger than normal



This section is intended as a guideline for staff members, but made available to the public for transparency and as a reference for ban appeal cases. Please note that punishment durations can vary slightly based on a staff member’s discretion.

First Offense

Staff members can use their own discretion on whether an unintentional rule breach counts as an offense, if the player in question has never broken a similar rule before. If you decide not to punish, please issue a warning for the player so that other staff members can see the records later on if the player breaks a rule again.

Regular Chat Offenses (In-Game/Forum/Discord)

All durations are for mutes, and the moderator can halve or double the duration at their own discretion based on the severity of the offense.
First Offense: 3 days
Second Offense: 7 days
Third Offense: 30 days
Fourth Offense: 6 months
Fifth Offense: Permanent

Severe Chat Offenses: Server Chat Rule 1/Discord Chat Rule 2

First Offense: 30 days
Second Offense: 6 months
Third Offense: Permanent
Fourth Offense: Permanent with no possibility of appeal

Gameplay Offenses

All durations are for bans, and the moderator can halve or double the duration at their own discretion based on the severity of the offense.
First Offense: 7 days
Second Offense: 30 days
Third Offense: 6 months
Fourth Offense: Permanent

Severe Gameplay Offenses: Hacks/cheats

First Offense: 30 days
Second Offense: Permanent
Third Offense: Permanent with no possibility of appeal


Builders are allowed to “minimod” moderately and remind players of the server rules if they think that doing so can help stop the offense. They may also forward any rule-breaking player activity directly to moderators or admins.


The rules are subject to edits made by the consent of the owner.
By playing on GunColony or using the website ( or Discord server, you automatically agree to the server rules and any updates made to it.