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Endless EXP

Hello all,

In today’s minor update, enjoy a revamped Endless Mob Arena, support for the latest Minecraft version, and various leveling and progression polish.


The Endless mode has been revamped to progress faster.

  • There is now a boss every 5 waves instead of 10
  • Health of originally high-health bosses is greatly reduced
  • Mobs no longer come in massive swarms but rather have better equipment instead. At later waves the amount of mobs will still increase to high levels
    • Whether a wave spawns a lot of weak mobs or fewer strong mobs is somewhat up to RNG


  • Added support for 1.16.3 clients


The previous Low Player Bonus was not clearly communicated to players since they wouldn’t receive any indication of the bonus until finishing a match. Also, it was only being applied in Mob-Arena.

Now we have added a brand new Low Player Bonus to replace the old one!

  • Triggers when there are at most 5 other players online with you
  • You will get a Double XP boost between 15 and 45 mins
    • This is the same boost as the Booster Vote Crate, which means that it works in all modes
  • The boost will keep working for the full duration even if more players joined in the meantime
  • You can get a free boost this way every day


  • While in spawn, your current level and experience will be displayed in the Minecraft EXP bar
    • Earning experience will now play a smooth animation in the experience bar
  • Leveling up will now give you temporary Double XP!
    • < level 10: 10 minutes
    • level 10-29: 20 minutes
    • level 30-49: 30 minutes
    • level 50-99: 1 hour
    • >= level 100: 3 hours


  • Reduced particle amount of Earthquake and Seismic Slam skills, especially on higher difficulty/radius
  • Players are no longer automatically marked as AFK
    • Previously people could just push AFK players a few blocks to mark them as active 🙂
  • Rewrote the XP multiplier system to display any serverwide XP boosts in parentheses after the EXP amount
  • (Finally) added a development feature that allows for syncing files between servers. This allows us to update all servers at once much more easily


  • Attempted to fix a glitch where finishing off a damaged player in PVP would sometimes register the wrong player as killer
  • Fixed a lag issue that has been around since the beginning of GunColony (five years!), where joining or spawning in Mob-Arena would cause a significant lag spike
  • Fixed a glitch where players would not be kicked from arenas when an admin reloads Mob-Arena

Addendum 9/14/20:


Headshots will now always penetrate an enemy and hit whatever is behind them!

Bullets now travel through infinite enemies without losing damage on as long as every hit is a headshot. This allows you do insane collats in PVP and attack a line of enemies in Mob-Arena! Note that the bullet will stop when it hits a bodyshot (including mobs that don’t have a head hitbox) unless it is a sniper or DMR.


We are now tracking player stats in each Mob-Arena map:

  • Waves Survived
  • Best Wave
  • Wins
  • Wins (Expert)

Use the Map Selector NPC to see them.


  • In the spawn and Mob-Arena we’ve turned off the “hide players behind you” check. It is still enabled in PVP
  • The tablist in the server now specifies that the displayed time is in EST
  • Buffed the A-10 Airstrike and Mortar Strike in Mob-Arena. They are supposed to be very powerful items!
  • Endless wave progression improvements to expedite difficulty scaling at later waves
    • After 10 bosses defeated, the difficulty float of mobs will now increase exponentially by 13% per boss instead of linearly
    • The probability of Totem of Undying spawning with mobs now increases based on difficulty float
    • After 4 bosses defeated, bosses will start spawning sooner after the start of their boss wave
  • Increased ram allocation of the main server again to basically max out the main host’s memory as much as possible. Moving Mob-Arena to a separate host is still a priority but meanwhile this should reduce lag spikes


(All of these bugs were from before the update)

  • Fixed yet another console exception caused by the player and projectile being in different worlds (not quite console spam this time)
  • Fixed a console spam glitch caused by packet events on an offline player
  • Fixed a glitch where you could not shoot when looking at the armor stand in King of the Hill and Domination
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where you could not shoot when looking at mobs disguised as a horse, boat, or minecart
  • Fixed a glitch where Wither Skeletons and Wolves had lower hitbox height than expected
  • Fixed a glitch where the MobArena Expert Wins stat did not track properly
  • Fixed a glitch where the Shooting Range was not saving data properly, allowing players to shoot the targets again every minute
  • Fixed a glitch where the M202 rocket launcher did not explode at close distance
  • Fixed a glitch where the RPG-7 and M202 in Mob-Arena were doing less damage than intended

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