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Weapon Showcase


150+ Realistic Weapons

Powered by several custom plugins, GunColony offers a fluid gunplay experience unmatched by any other. Realistic idle sway, recoil patterns, scope animations, custom hitboxes, and block penetration are just a few of our flagship weapon features.

Scenario Mode

The scenario mode allows player to fight as a soldier on either sides of major historical battlegrounds. Authentic locations, teams, and equipment allow you to get a glimpse of what it really felt like to be on the front lines.


Six Gamemodes, More Than 50 Maps

Score kills to upgrade your weapon in Arms Race, destroy the bombsite in Defusal and Demolition, survive an attack of monsters in Mob-Arena, partake in one-life gunfights in Elimination, or simply compete for victory in Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch.

Immersive Environments

Custom footsteps, bullet tracers, realistic reload sounds, distance-dependent firing sounds, and bullet impact effects spice up the game’s atmosphere and offer you extra information to plan your actions.


Weapon Modifications

Inspired by COD: Modern Warfare, our weapon customization system give you unprecedented control over your own arsenal. Play with a weapon to level it up; mix and match attachments to tune a weapon towards your own playstyle.

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