The First Minecraft 3D Gun Server in the World

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Status: Online
Players: 8/50

The Battlefield of Minecraft

Unparalleled Gunplay

Powered by several custom plugins, GunColony offers a fluid gunplay experience unmatched by any other. Dynamic spread, recoil patterns, scope animations, realistic bullet drop, and block penetration are just a few of our flagship weapon features.

Authentic Scenarios

The scenario mode allows player to fight as a soldier on either sides of major historical battlegrounds. Authentic locations, teams, and equipment allow you to get a glimpse of what it really felt like to be on the front lines.


Advanced Customization

Our self-made unlock system is designed to keep things fair but offer a great level of customization. Collect experience in-game to level up your weapons for attachments, which change a weapon’s stats in unique ways with both upsides and downsides. Enough upgrades unlocks the next weapons in the line.

Immersive Atmosphere

Detailed visual and audio elements, such as custom footsteps, bullet tracers, realistic reload sounds, distance-dependent firing sounds, and bullet impact effects, not only spice up the game with a more warlike and realistic atmosphere, but also offer players extra information to plan their actions.


Diverse Gamemodes

Our diverse selection of polished gamemodes will keep the game fresh. Whether it is casual gun-game, a chaotic everyone-for-themselves deathmatch, or the strategic one-life Bomb Defusal, there’s always something for you.

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