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Status: Online
Players: 8/70

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GunColony is free-to-play, as long as you own Minecraft: Java Edition. Simply type the address ( into the game and start playing!

No mods required.


Quick Tour

As a new player, you will spawn in the Shooting Range. You can join a game by clicking one of the NPCs around the spawn.

Leveling up unlocks new weapons and arenas. Reach rank 8 to unlock the PVP mode. Later, you will also unlock the Endless Mob-Arena and Competitive modes.

Weapons can be upgraded with attachments. Right click the weapon in most GUIs to enter the attachment menu.

Optional Steps

  Make sure that you are using Minecraft 1.16+
  Set your Graphics settings to “Fabulous!
  Type /settings and click to turn on “Fabulous Mode”


Realistic Weapons

Powered by several custom plugins, GunColony offers simply the best gunplay in any gun server, period. Score satisfying collaterals with block penetration and custom hitboxes, switch your weapon to semi-auto for better accuracy, and learn to tame realistic weapon sway and recoil that other games get wrong.

Scenario Mode

The scenario mode allows player to fight as a soldier on either side of major historical battlegrounds. Authentic maps, teams, and weapons allow you to get a glimpse of what it felt like to be on the front lines.


Multiple Game Modes

Kill to reach the golden knife in Arms Race, defend the bombsite in Defusal and Demolition, survive an attack of monsters in Mob-Arena, partake in one-life gunfights in Elimination, or simply compete for victory in Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch.

Immersive Environments

Custom footsteps, bullet tracers, realistic reload sounds, distance-dependent firing sounds, and impact effects spice up the game’s atmosphere and offer you extra information to plan your actions.


Weapon Modifications

The most detailed weapon customization in any server. Inspired by COD: Modern Warfare, you can equip up to 5 modifications on your weapon to give you an unprecedented control over your own arsenal. All modifications are unlocked by playing and leveling up your weapon.

Problem enabling your resource pack in the game? Check out this guide.

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If you link your Minecraft account to Discord you will also receive an exclusive weapon, the RPK-12.

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