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Leaderboard Update

Hello all,

Today we are adding leaderboards to the server alongside permanently tracked player stats. Now you can see who are the best players on GunColony!


Players can now see their own stats in PVP and COMP by typing /stats. The stats shown include:

  • PVP – Kills, Wins, Headshots, Captures, Games Played
  • COMP – Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses, Games Played, Rounds Played
  • PVP/COMP combined – Assists, Headshots, Wallbangs, Damage Dealt, Furthest Kill

Please note that deaths and losses in PVP aren’t shown because there are asymmetrical modes like Zombie Siege and Scenario Mode.

If you have any donor rank, you can also view the stats of other players with /stats <player>


We have added two leaderboards at spawn to show the top players in PVP and Competitive. They are sorted by wins but will also show the kills of the top players.

Please note that these leaderboards only update up to a minute after a match is completed.


We have added a weekly leaderboard for the Endless map.

This leaderboard will show players with the best score. Start a match from the beginning to have the best chance at getting your name on the leaderboard for the rest of the week!


  • Increased experience gained from clearing later waves in Endless
    • Experience per wave will keep increasing until wave 200
  • The Quick Join NPC at spawn will now put you into a game instantly
    • The join game sword will still use the original GUI


  • Damage to oneself no longer triggers sniper aim punch, because you probably wouldn’t flinch if you punched yourself
  • Added a weekly restart to the BungeeCord proxy
  • Improved stability of the main server
  • Added “killzone” WorldGuard flag to allow creating kill zones on maps
  • Added a few admin commands to allow them to host special events


  • Fixed a major issue where a method in the MySQL API was not properly synchronized
    • This might have been the cause of some recent data loss issues
  • Fixed a glitch where the global database did not get updated every minute like player data
  • Fixed a glitch where the Juggernauts mode always ended in a draw
  • Fixed a glitch that caused the endless Mob-Arena to break randomly
  • Fixed a glitch where in Zombie Siege humans did not get money when killing zombies
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch that was causing the game to set player speed more often than necessary, resulting in a lot of unnecessary CPU usage / lag
  • Fixed a glitch where data was not properly saved to MySQL on server stop
  • Fixed a glitch where players could still sometimes earn EXP when killing someone close to their spawn

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