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Update 1.23.2: 9th Anniversary Update Part 2

Hello all,

This content update continues GunColony’s anniversary celebrations through two newly reworked Mob-Arena map, a new Long Barrel modification for revolvers, as well as buffs to several existing modifications!



The Museum Mob-Arena map has received a full makeover by derKampfer_HD! Defend an art museum being overrun by zombies and access the basement for shelter and defensive positions. This new version of the map has a much more expansive, two-floor layout, but the additional space is offset by more challenging mobs and bosses.

Museum is friendly to new players but has a large amount of mobs for its map size, as well as the new addition of Baby Zombies. Keep moving and do not get cornered!



The Mob-Arena version of Cache has been overhauled to match the improved looks of the new PVP version while also receiving changes to layout that improve gameplay flow. The map is built by MontanaMob and modified by Hotline_101 for Mob-Arena.

The map now offers a larger and much more interconnected playable area. Many previously narrow corridors have been opened up and new ones created to ensure room for players to maneuver. Mobs now exclusively spawn in the outskirts of the map, making sure that the map’s signature high difficulty now comes with less unfair frustration for players.

All waves and bosses have also received a great deal of attention to balance the difficulty of different waves in the arena. While certain regular waves are now easier, bosses have been made more challenging to compensate. New mobs such as Blazes have been added to the arena as well. Finally, we have fixed an issue that caused one of the bosses in the previous version of Cache to be non-functional.



We are pleased to announce that GunColony now supports clients on Minecraft version 1.21.


The Long Barrel modification has now been added to all Revolvers in GunColony. It significantly improves weapon performance at range and also improves hipfire accuracy, but decreases all other areas of weapon mobility. It also greatly affects recoil behavior by reducing recoil but simultaneously reducing its recovery speed.


  • Lightened Bolt and Heavy Bolt removed from all revolvers for realism reasons
  • Long Barrel (new) and Sawed-Off Barrel added to all revolvers. They will be unlocked at the same levels as the two removed modifications were previously


  • Piercing Shot (perk): reduced penalty to damage to pierced enemies from 10% (normal) / 20% (LMG) to 5% (normal) / 15% (LMG)
    • This change should make the perk much more useful especially in Mob-Arena.
  • Strike Pads: increased hipfire accuracy bonus from 30% to 40%
    • This amounts to an additional 14% reduction in hipfire spread compared to before
  • No Stock: now additionally grants a 0.1s swap speed bonus
    • This bonus is not as effective as the Tactical Sling but should provide a slight utility boost to the No Stock modification.


  • Fixed a slight grammar error in two stock modification descriptions
  • Fixed a bug where certain wither skeleton variants were unable to spawn
  • We are still receiving reports of the player data issue in Place which causes players to be unable to login, although the issue appears to be much less frequent. We have added additional debugging to try and uncover the root cause


We are hard at work implementing the ItemStack system in Place. Our design will offer much greater flexibility and somewhat greater performance than the system in Minecraft. To simplify coding, we are currently not doing any special caching in item stacks in order to allow their data to be mutated freely (e.g. modifying ammo count in gun items). This design will certainly suffice for GunColony uses for now.

However, we are also planning to support modded-Minecraft-like environments for Place in the future, where we are aware that comparisons between items with complex data can be incredibly expensive specifically when items are inserted into a large in-game network of full containers. Therefore, we may re-evaluate the Place ItemStack system and add functionality such as item hash code caching in the future in order to speed up this specific case.

We still need to implement conversion logic between Place and Bukkit item stacks, as well as a suitable inventory system that supports complex features such as nested inventories and customizable inventory slot behavior. Once completed, we plan to first use the Place item system to implement advanced chest GUIs in GunColony, containing features such as animations, the ability to easily define additional background text and images, and forward-looking support for the future standalone client. Once the stability of the Place item system is assured, we plan to eventually begin the migration of the GunColony weapon system to the Place engine.

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