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Spooky October #3

Hello all,

Welcome to the third week of our October horrors! Today we are adding a new spawn, new map, and balance changes that brings back the ancient cosmic horrors dubbed “COD guns”.



Is that a UFO? It’s shrunk the spawn down to barely half its old size! The new smaller spawn should help players find and join games faster, since they won’t have to run as much. It’s also really spooky – carved pumpkins and stuff.



Delegation is a new map featured in the TDM Random Spawns gamemode. Unlike most other maps, it is set during sunset. One more step towards darkness!



We have updated a few weapons to match the stats inscribed on Mr. CSGO’s horrifying new UFO at spawn.

  • AUG: Price reduced to $3150 (from $3300)
  • SG 556 Auto: Price reduced to $3050 (from $3200) – only $50 more expensive than the AK-47
  • CZ-75 Auto: Recoil pattern changed to require much more skill to control; spread increase from shooting increased by 15%; spread recovery speed increased by 9%
  • MP-443: Spread increase reduced by 50%, spread recovery penalty from spraying increased to 50% (from 20%) – this is an overall buff to both tapping and spamming
  • SR-25: Added a bit more zoom in ADS. It has a fancy red dot sight, after all.

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