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Update 1.5.1: Timely Fixes

Hello all,

We have released a minor update to fix the most pressing issues in yesterday’s Update 1.5 and improve the Zombie Siege gamemode.


The round timer in Zombie Siege has been reduced from 5 minutes to 4 minutes to give humans more of a fighting chance, since the “humans can just camp ladder and win” maps have been removed in the previous update.


We have improved the CS:GO competitive scenarios.

  • Added Inferno, Vertigo, and Nuke to the CS:GO scenario
  • Added MP5SD and M4A1

Additionally, we have replaced One in the Chamber: Random Spawns maps with FFA to improve the pacing of the game.


  • Voting now works again
    • We will replace the non-working vote sites soon
  • Fixed a bug where players may spawn facing straight down in newly configured maps
    • Players now always spawn with 0 pitch since in the building server, one cannot see the pitch of an armor stand
  • Spawn chunks are no longer loaded in servers
  • Added a check that will unload worlds that are no longer in use in an effort to prevent memory leaks
  • Added a check that will remove worlds from the new BlockStore if it has no loaded chunks in an effort to prevent memory leaks
  • Fixed another bug that led to players having no recoil
  • If an error occurs when calculating recoil for a player, other players will no longer be affected
  • Added back the loadout sign in the PVP lobby
  • Fixed a bug where death messages were shown in Discord #server-chat channel
  • Fixed a bug where you spawned in the sky in Highrise when starting a game


  • Broken glass and other modified blocks in Competitive currently do not reset when a new round begins. We will add a system to keep track of broken blocks and reset them soon.
  • There is a rare chance that the damage indicator in Mob-Arena does not show properly and an armor stand appears to float in the air instead
  • There is a rare chance that the equipment of mobs is not visible (especially problematic with Pumplings since they become fully invisible when this issue occurs)
  • Killzones in PVP do not work at this moment
  • New mobs in Mob-Arena give less kill XP rewards than intended
  • You can currently still get Perks from crates which is unintended
  • The Discord linking system is still iffy
  • In Zombie Siege, when playing as a zombie or wolf, you can see your own disguise which is unintentional

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