Happy New Year!

Hello all,

With the year 2018 comes a big surprise—I have worked all night tonight to roll out a HUGE update – probably the biggest in a long while!

Today’s update is focused on improving the PVP mode – a brand new Economy system is added to PVP that allows you to buy items just like you can in CS:GO, and we have also tweaked maps like Jungle and Dust II to provide a better experience. But there are other additions too: enjoy five new weapon models, new modification icons, and long-awaited bug fixes.

Enjoy the new content, and of course, the new year!


We have added a CS:GO-like economy system to the game, where you can earn money by doing in-game actions and buy weapons with them.

In Defusal and Elimination modes, you earn and spend money in a similar fashion to CS:GO’s casual mode, except that you get full kill awards. Here is the buy menu in-game:

In Team Death Match and Free For All modes, you receive $5000 which you can distribute on your primary and secondary weapons. When you “buy” a weapon, you add it to your loadout which you receive every respawn. In addition, you can get an additional $25 for every player kill, so if you want to use ultra-expensive loadouts, you still can.

Finally, the Arms Race mode is not changed and still works the same way as before.

Weapon prices are quite similar to CS:GO, though the machine guns are quite a bit cheaper, and the AK series is more expensive to make up for its impressive stats.




We have increased the length of some PVP modes to provide players with a more fulfilling experience.

Team Death Match is now clocked at 4 minutes, rather than 3, meaning that you have more time to reach your kill goal, and less time waiting between matches. (Free-For-All’s timer is still 3 minutes.)

Elimination is now first-to-6, but the game is limited at 10 rounds maximum, so if both teams score 5 rounds, the game will end in a draw.

Defusal is now first-to-5 and the game is limited to 8 rounds, so draws are also possible in Defusal now.


We have added a 10 second pre-round to all rounds to give players time to buy their weapons and get ready for battle.


When you equip a weapon, now the game will prompt you whether to equip it in the old loadout system (now only used in Mob-Arena), or in the new buy menu loadout:


Dust II: Now spawns you in the proper CS:GO spawns. Might make the TDM experience a bit less balanced (just play Random Spawns instead), but certainly helps with Defusal.

Jungle: We have majorly tweaked the map to be more in-line with our other maps. That is, clearer paths, less visual obstruction, and cleaner aesthetics. Also, we have reduced spawn camping through movement and vision restrictions and extra ways to exit spawn.

Red Spawn
Blue Spawn
“Cave”, now an Ore Processing Factory
Paths in the Middle of Map
Snipe across the spawns here!


We have added new icons for all modifications. Check out all of them in-game! They look like this:


We have updated our resource pack with five new weapon models and a couple new weapons to be released:

The MG34 and MG3 have also received new viewmodel positions, which make them look bigger and bulkier, more in line with what they really are!


All of our trial staff members have been promoted alongside this update! Thank you for your amazing work on GunColony so far, and I sincerely hope that we can make the server even better this coming year!

Staff members that were promoted:

  • SilverFlaming – Moderator
  • pale1 – Builder
  • Arhippa – Builder


We also welcome two new Trial Moderators to our team! We believe that their efforts as staff members will help the server for the better!


  • Changed K98k description
  • Removed Christmas spawn
  • Removed outdated “update notice” in spawn
  • Fixed special weapons starting with no ammo in the magazine
  • Fixed a typo in upgrade menu for max level weapons
  • Fixed FTP for ya

That’s it! Scroll back through this post and see how impressive this update really is! Make sure to post comments and inform us of new bugs through the forums. Again, happy 2018 new year!


Follow up changes:

  • You are now automatically given your old loadout when joining TDM/FFA if it is under the $5000 limit, so you don’t have to buy everything again every match
  • Fixed spectators going into the void
  • In Defusal/Demolition you can now only buy if you are near your spawnpoint
  • In TDM/FFA you can still change your loadout anywhere, but you will only receive the new guns immediately if you haven’t left your spawn yet. Otherwise you will only receive the new loadout in the next respawn
  • Players are now automatically teleported to the spawn on login

Modification Menu and Weapon Stats

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a couple more fixes, and reworked the modification menu and weapon stats command. Since we have fixed the damage dropoff over distance of shotguns, we are also rebalancing them so they are still relevant.


The new modification menu allows you to view currently equipped modifications at a glance, and gives you an option to filter available modifications by type. Now you can modify your weapon much more easily!


We have revamped the weapon stats command display. Now it offers a much more detailed overview of the weapon statistics:

  • Weapon damage at a set of distances
  • Weapon damage at a set of distances against armored targets
  • Number of pellets fired in a shot, and the spread between pellets, only shown for shotguns and AF2011
  • Base spread, spread increase when firing, and how fast the additional spread recovers
  • Movement speed, movement and jumping penalty
  • Swap and reload speed
  • Magazine size and backup ammo

There are still a few statistics that aren’t currently covered in this menu, such as the scoped accuracy and how fast the weapon becomes accurate after you stop moving. We will try to improve it soon and bring in more information.


We have fixed a couple more bugs in the server.

  • Fixed an issue where all weapons besides Rifles and SMGs had no damage falloff over distance. Damage output of weapons are as intended now – the M24, and modded SVD/SSG08, will no longer one hit kill from long distances, and shotgun damage will properly drop off over range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser Sight’s swap time penalty had no effect.


Since we fixed the damage dropoff of weapons, we have also reduced the damage dropoff rate of all shotguns, so they are still effective at a range. In addition, we have reduced the base cone (spread between pellets) of most shotguns, so their damage output will be more consistent and remain significant to a longer distance.

Bashing Bugs

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a small (???) update to fix a few long-standing bugs in the server. You will be able to hear distant sounds again, and hit-registration should be much more responsive. In addition, we have also gave the Bomb and Defuse Kit distinct activation sounds.


  • New sound played when initiating a bomb plant in Defusal
  • New sound when initiating a bomb defuse in Defusal
  • Reworked distant sound algorithm to make the fade-in of distant sounds smoother


  • Fixed a glitch where bullets sometimes fail to register a hit and deal damage
  • Fixed a glitch where assists sometimes give +10 XP or more despite only 9 XP being possible (1 per heart of damage)
  • Fixed a glitch where distant sounds of weapons are not played

Happy holidays and enjoy your time on GunColony!


Hello all!

I’ve just set up a new official wiki for the server, currently with just a little bit of content, and you are welcome to contribute.

It uses the MediaWiki software, which is originally designed for Wikipedia, so if you are used to editing Wikipedia pages, this should work the same way.

The wiki currently uses a separate account system than our forums. Once I get more acquainted with the software, I might look into merging the accounts in both systems, but for now, you’ll have to register on the wiki to edit the pages.

Again, we recommend you to contribute, so we can get a good documentation of the game as well as keep it up-to-date.

It can be accessed at guncolony.com/w. I will add it to the navigation bar once it has enough content to be useful.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Two Ranks and a Sale

Hello all,

Today is Black Friday! We have released TWO new premium ranks, Recon and Specialist, with brand new perks and features! Grab them now, as there is a 30% Black Friday sale off both ranks and their upgrades!


Specialist – $22.99 USD ($16.09 after discount)

  • /nick access
  • /hat access
  • Boosts EXP of all players in your game by up to 15%! The actual boost is 15% divided by the square root of the number of players in the game (since there tends to be more donators in a bigger game, of course, and we want to balance this XP boost).
  • Ability to choose your team before a game! You can choose Team A or Team B in the short loading period before the game starts. Whether Team A or Team B is blue or red is random, but you can use this feature to team up with friends.
  • SPECIALIST rank suffix after your name
  • More features planned to come soon!

Recon – $15.00 USD ($10.50 after discount)

  • /nick access
  • /hat access
  • Boosts EXP of all players in your game by up to 10%!
  • Ability to choose your team before a game
  • RECON rank suffix after your name


  • VIP removed from the store
  • VIP players now boost EXP of everyone in the game by up to 5%!
  • VIP players can upgrade to Specialist for $14.99, $8 off the full price.


PVP Maps

Hello all!

We have added SEVEN new maps to the server, and revamped the map voting menu today. Here are the new maps:

OUTPOST Team Deathmatch

This map is set in a military outpost, and focuses on close-quarters urban combat. It is set during a night ambush with snowy weather, but despite the darkness, enemies are still quite visible due to good lighting and the bright color of the snow.

LAKE Arms Race, Defusal

A map from CS:GO, set in a mansion by a lake, where the red team needs to demolish the mansion from the bombsite right in the middle of it. It offers quite a bit of long ranged combat, but still features good cover for getting up close to the enemy.


A previous map from CS:GO that was unfortunately removed from the game in a recent update. This map is a stripped-off version of Train that offers only one bombsite and is playable in Defusal mode. Despite the smaller size, it still offers a great deal of strategy.

SHOOTS Arms Race

A map from CS:GO, playable in the Arms Race mode. This small and bright map offers quite a bit of fun if you’re into close quarters combat, angle peeking, or even shooting through the wooden walls. Sorry, no Flying Scoutsmen for now.

ST. MARC Arms Race, Defusal

A map from CS:GO, set in a coastal town. The map offers very dynamic combat and suits all kinds of weapons and a great deal of strategy. Fight with different tactics with progressing weapons in Arms Race, or assault and protect the central bombsite in Defusal.

HYDRO DAM Team Deathmatch, Defusal

To win this map on Defusal, the Red players must disable the Hydro Dam through detonating the bomb at one of the bombsites. The map has both indoor and outdoor parts that provide the freedom to select whether one wants to face close-range or longer-range engagements, so although it is fast paced, you still need a lot of tactical thinking to win.


A treasure ship is stuck on a beach after a shipwreck at high tide. Fight for control over the ship to claim its valuables when you excavate it later. Top killer wins.


  • The PVP voting GUI menu now displays different items according to the map mode, as suggested by multiple members of the community.
  • Increased the UMP-45’s accuracy when tapping and spraying. Movement penalty is unchanged, so you’ll take the most benefit from this buff if you fire it while standing still.

We are currently adding features that will be available for New Donator Rank owners when we release them! TODAY will also be the last chance to purchase the VIP rank, because we are removing it in favor of the new ranks. Remember that all existing VIP players will receive a special (exclusive) skin soon as a gratitude for being a veteran supporter of the server.

(Existing VIP players keep their rank and all their perks. We are planning two new ranks, but there’s a possibility that the second rank will contain nothing for a few days while we work on reasonable perks for them. The special skin will be almost permanently exclusive and come with a special in-game feature, but we won’t rule out the possibility of rewarding more copies of it to top performers in server events.)

Patching Things Up & Remainder of 2017 Roadmap

Hello all,

Today I worked on several minor changes to the server, particularly yesterday’s new lobby system.  I would like to share my changes, and my plans for updates in the remainder of 2017.


The PVP lobby system received a number of bug fixes and new features today:

  • Added a 14-map max limit to the Map Vote. The system will randomly pick 14 maps from the map pool if a greater number is found.
  • Added all previous map-mode combinations to the game since the voting GUI is now properly limited to a reasonable size. More will be added in the future.
  • Added a sound to the countdown timers, both in lobbies and in game.
  • Added a sound to when a new round starts, or when the map voting menu opens.
  • Added a hologram at spawn that dynamically shows info of the lobby.
  • Added a block at spawn below the hologram that sends players into the lobby when clicked.
  • The countdown clock in-game will now start to tick every second at 10 seconds remaining, down from 20.
  • Players can now leave and rejoin PVP arenas.
  • Lobby voting time increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • The map lobby phrase in-game (after the players teleport into the arena and before the game actually starts) is shortened from 20 to 5 seconds.
  • Team Death Match and Free For All now last 3 minutes instead of 5.
  • Elimination timer reduced from 90 seconds to 60. (The old 90-second timer was not reflected due to a glitch that substituted Defusal for all Elimination maps.
  • Defusal is now best-of-5 rather than best-of-7.
  • The winning map message now includes the number of votes that map has received.
  • A message is now broadcasted to the lobby when a player votes.
  • Slight changes to messages syntax.
  • Fixed a glitch where the /leave command would sometimes say “Removed you from PVP lobby” when the feature is supposed to be replaced
  • Fixed a glitch where players are unable to map-vote more than once in a PVP lobby unless there is a server restart.
  • Fixed a glitch where game timers are sent to players that have already left the arena.


We have also tackled the balance of many weapons, particularly Assault Rifles, LMGs, and the newly released weapons from last patch.

  • All rifles and LMGs base stability increased
  • All rifles and LMGs base moving accuracy increased
  • All rifles and LMGs recoil recover slower when moving (reduces accuracy when moving and spraying)
  • All shotguns moving accuracy increased
  • SPAS-12 damage and armor penetration decreased
  • Origin-12 damage and pellet count decreased


As the end of 2017 approaches, we will speed up our work towards making the server more professional and simpler to players. The ultimate goal is to have a full functioning server with polished gameplay and reward systems, so we can go on to creating other gamemodes in the next year. We have a number of plans that we wish to accomplish towards the end of the year:

  • Extending the Lobby system to Mob-Arena
  • Somehow allow players to join MobArenas in progress (and possibly add respawns for the mode)
  • Private lobbies
  • A new donation store (Before Black Friday for sure!)
  • At least two new ranks
  • A basic skins system
  • A revamped loadout system similar to CS:GO
  • A revamped loot drops & crates system
  • A better equipment & modification menu
  • A better crate opening animation
  • Better display of weapon statistics (possibly web-based)
  • An in-game economy system with a buy menu
  • A more polished game framework for PVP modes, especially Arms Race and Defusal
  • New gamemodes (though it’s mostly a thing for 2018)
  • New weapons
  • New modifications (using our new total control of CrackShot code to change Shotgun pellet-count, etc.)
  • Server-side footsteps and other work on anticheat/optimization

PVP Lobby Update!

Hello all!

In celebration of Halloween, we are rolling out a brand new Lobby PVP Update so you can focus on the fighting more during this spooky season!

With the new lobby system you are now able to vote for ANY game mode without switching lobbies, so you only ever have to join ONE game to access all of our PVP modes.

Since right now we do not have a limitation on map vote size (yet), we had to remove some of our maps from our rotation because the GUI would be way too big otherwise. They will come back once we polish our system and sort the bugs out. We do plan on extend our new system in the future to use Join NPCs with dynamic placeholders, to apply them to Mob-Arena matches, and more. This will make it much easier for players to hop into games and enjoy our flagship quick action play (rather than running around in spawn, of course).

We have also prepared a seasonal spawn for you to celebrate all the scary monsters around. Now THAT is truly a Lobby Update!

As always, please make sure to report any bugs you find onto the Bug Reports section in the forums. (There might be a few more bugs in this update due to the necessity of a very major overhaul in our PVP codebase.)

Best wishes and Happy Halloween!

The largest weapon update ever!

Hello all!

I am very excited today! We have released TEN new weapons into the game, the largest weapon update in the entire history of GunColony! And that’s not all, we have also rebalanced a majority of our weapons, making the weapon choices diverse and fun again!


Origin-12 – An Epic shotgun unlocked at Level 15. This weapon is semi-automatic and magazine-loaded. Having a fast rate of fire and the fastest reload speed, this shotgun is sure to spell fast doom for your enemies.

SPAS-12 – A Rare shotgun that has a very fast rate of fire and thus firepower, but very uncontrollable recoil and low range.

Tavor X95-R – An Epic submachine gun unlocked at Level 20. This weapon is the first SMG to feature a scope, and it sits nicely between a rifle and a regular submachine gun, with good moving accuracy for close range but yet an excellent ability to down targets from long range.

MP-443 – A Common pistol unlocked at Level 25. This weapon closely resembles the Tec-9 from CS:GO. It has a 18-round magazine, high mobile accuracy, and excellent armor penetration. You won’t fare well if you try to spam it, though.

NTW-20 – A Rare sniper unlocked at Level 35. This weapon fires a massive 20mm round and is able to decimate enemies through cover. However, it fires and zooms in rather slowly and you won’t be able to move while scoped in.

G11 – A Rare rifle unlocked at Level 40. This weapon is a scoped rifle that features a slow rate of fire, a scope, and unmatched accuracy. It’s like a PP-Bizon of the Rifles, in a good way.

M1919A4 – A Legendary machine gun unlocked at Level 45. This weapon is akin to the CS:GO Negev. Maximum accuracy is achieved through continued fire while standing still, and its high damage and rate of fire will then do their work to suppress the enemies.

XD: An Epic pistol unlocked at Level 55. While it is essentially a Glock-18 with a suppressor, less ammo, and no burstfire function, the funny name alone already earns it the title of the best meme weapon in the game.

M&P .45: A Common pistol unlocked at Level 60. It has very similar performance to the AF2011: twice the rate of fire and half the bullets every shot. Its high firepower makes it the perfect sidearm for the marksman.

Walther PPK: A Common pistol that replaces the Walther PP Super in your inventory. It has a 8 round magazine and can perform 3 hit kills in close ranges, allowing you to eliminate your enemy quickly.

For a graphical view of when the new weapons unlock, head to this imgur album:


Many changes to existing weapons and modifications have been made in this update.

General changes:

  • When sneaking and moving you now receive 30% of full movement inaccuracy instead of 5%
  • Compensator Sights modification benefits AND drawbacks reduced by 50%
  • Rifles: Burst-fire accuracy increased
  • LMGs: Now takes time to recover from moving penalty after you stand still
  • LMGs: Damage reduced at close range
  • LMGs: Accuracy when bursting & spraying significantly increased
  • Snipers: (Except M82 and new NTW-20) No aimpunch if you stand still for a certain period of time (varies per weapon). SSG-08 has no aimpunch whenever you stand still (no delays). Scout has no aimpunch no matter what.
  • Pistols: Diversified weapon statistics to promote diverse weapon choices
  • Many weapons received new sound effects and models.

Special notes:

  • SCAR-L: Fixed sneaking accuracy being unreasonably high
  • AWP: Fixed sneaking unscoped accuracy being unreasonably high
  • P250: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and range, and decrease in armor penetration and moving accuracy
  • Five-SeveN: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and bursting accuracy, and decrease in spraying and moving accuracy
  • AF2011: Majorly reworked to be more similar to the Desert Eagle though more suited to closer ranges
  • R8 Revolver: Fixed standing accuracy being unreasonably low; reduced trigger delay time
  • M9A1: Majorly reworked to be more similar to Dual Berettas in terms of damage, and aligned it to be a long range finishing-off weapon.
  • M1915: Majorly reworked and nerfed. Now fully automatic but reduced damage and rate of fire. Added scope.
  • L86 LSW: Burst fire accuracy significantly increased.
  • Double Barrel: Pellet count decreased by 1 to reduce damage output.
  • If you want to play the new CS:GO Tec-9, go use the MP-443.
  • If you want to play the new CS:GO Negev, go use the M1919A4.

Gun System Rework

Hello all,

I have finally managed to finish merging CrackShot features into our own gun plugin. Thus I am proud to announce the end to the months-long code refactoring process in GunColony. Our code is now cleaner and better than ever, and it now gives us far more control over the game and will allow us to update the server much more easily in the future.

I have also added a few more variables to the spread system of weapons, particularly with moving and spraying inaccuracy. I will be rebalancing some of our weapons to use this new system better.

The CrackShot merge is a huge rework to our code, so there might be bugs that we have missed in our test process. If you spot a bug, please report it in the Bug Reports section in the forums!