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Update 1.15.2: Cyberpunk America

Hello all,

Today is American independence day! To celebrate the occasion, we have released a minor update containing a new Mob-Arena map and a few special limited-time quests and events!


America has become a cyberpunk dystopia! You must fight off waves of mobs and dystopian-themed in this colorful circular cyberpunk arena. The arena features 40 Waves on Normal difficulty and 41 on Expert difficulty.

Get ready for a fresh mob variety with an emphasis on Spiders and Spider Jockeys, as well as the newly reworked Z-Boat enemy. Special threats like Z-Carts and double Ghasts can also arrive at later waves. Try to stay away from the edges of the map, as getting knocked off may be a death sentence due to fall damage and the fact that there are huge Slimes waiting down there!


Z-Cart and Z-Boat are some custom vehicles for mobs which themselves will also chase players. We have rebalanced their health and speed to make them a more unique threat.

  • Z-Cart: halved health from 50 to 25, dramatically increased movement speed
  • Z-Boat: decreased health from 20 to 15, greatly increased movement speed
  • Watch out especially for Z-Boat and Z-Cart Creepers!

We have added a few new boss skills for the Cyberpunk arena.

The America-themed Deserted map has also received minor changes. Some of the new boss skills have been added to bosses in Deserted.


The spawn has received a makeover to celebrate the July 4th holiday!

We have also added limited-time special fireworks that anyone can use at spawn with the command: /kit tools


We have added 3 new limited-time quests to the game, which you can complete by playing the new Cyberpunk map as well as the classic America-themed Deserted map! They will run until the 14th of July.


This update, we have improved the Overpowered scenario and added a new Overpowered event to the server!

  • Added a limited-time Kill Confirmed Overpowered Scenario playlist!
    • All Kill Confirmed maps in the server can appear as an Overpowered variant
    • Maps in this playlist will have slightly higher chance to appear than other maps on the server

Overpowered scenario changes:

  • Buffed the YEEEEET Cannon, Thunder 80mm Mortar Gun, and the Super Shotgun
  • Added new dual auto-pistols to replace the Heal-Klobb
  • Added a full-auto sniper to replace the L44/88 Flak


  • Fixed a bug where the new server machine was set to the wrong time zone
  • Fixed a bug where the Redis server software was not configured correctly to accept connections from the game servers

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