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Update 1.15: 8th Anniversary Update

Hello all,

In this slightly early update, we celebrate the 8th Anniversary of GunColony on May 31st, 2023.

This is the first time in a long time that brand new weapons have been added to GunColony, as we are adding the Fort-224 and a unique Henry lever-action rifle! We have also completely revamped three of our Mob-Arena maps, including the legendary Starter arena, and made many changes to improve the pacing of the mode. Equally importantly, we have polished up the new map system for Mob-Arena and made it much more bug-free to play on our most recent maps, as well as adding new features such as the ability for the world to be destructible in specific regions.

In PVP, we have added an empowering new feature allowing each player to add their favorite map to the next map vote. For the first time in a long time, we have also added new perks for our donors who help support the server, letting them access mutated and Scenario modes (including previous April Fools exclusives) when adding maps to PVP, as well as exclusive difficulties in Mob-Arena. In both Mob-Arena and PVP, players will now be able to unlock more loadout slots when leveling up. We have also done a significant round of balance changes and fixed over 20 bugs of all sorts, as well as polishing up the user experience of some GUIs around the server.

All in all, this update is one of the biggest in GunColony’s history and you can enjoy it today in-game. The future is bright and we have many ambitious plans for GunColony’s ninth year and beyond.


A Ukrainian special forces assault rifle featuring a short barrel. The Fort-224 features a strong trifecta of high rate-of-fire, recoil stability and mobility, making it powerful at all ranges to reward flexible, nimble players. However, it has equally significant drawbacks including a high price, high vertical recoil, and lower damage ranges and headshot effectiveness.


A modern Henry lever-action rifle chambered in .45-70 Government, and the first lever-action rifle to appear in GunColony. The cartridge offers significant base damage and is able to one-hit-kill all players at short range, but it has a limited effective range and bullet velocity. The .45-70 Government counts as a PDW cartridge, meaning that all armor types will have some level of protection against it. Thanks to its lever action, the Henry can rechamber a round much faster than bolt-action rifles.


This update also contains 3 new revamped Mob-Arena maps!

The first on the list is the legendary Starter arena. This map has been completely rebuilt to improve and simplify its gameplay and give new players a much better first impression of GunColony.

  • Entirely new build created by Hotline_101, MontanaMob, and dxc!
  • Players are now confined in the center rectangle area, and a new spectator area has been added with a better view of the map!
  • All waves and bosses have been completely re-made to ensure variety and appropriate difficulty for new players
  • Four new ambush types to shake up the game experience for new players. All four types will spawn at the same time during Wave 19 for a final challenge!
  • Shulkers will now spawn in the final wave!
  • The glass roof on the top of the map is breakable, allowing air support to rain down on the enemies below!


The Plateau Mob-Arena map has also been revamped with an entirely new version! This version fixes the main issues with our previous version of the map, while keeping the aspect of challenge that keeps veterans of GunColony coming back to Plateau.

  • Additional top floors have been opened up in the main buildings
    • This provides a great, relatively safe vantage point, but be aware of enemies that ambush from the top and can knock you into the hordes below!
  • The previous “Fuel Technician” villager that you had to protect has been removed
    • The room that the villager used to spawn in will now occasionally spawn friendly Iron Golems instead
  • You can now access the bottom desert section of the map!
    • You can use this as an opportunity to pick up drops or to evade nasty mobs. It’s extra dangerous down there though, so make sure to run back up quickly or you might meet a slimy demise…
    • Be careful, you can now get knocked off the main platform!
  • All of the mob spawns in the map have been reshuffled and revamped to create less unfair spawns and a more intense challenge worthy of an “Almost Impossible” difficulty!
  • The “Pillager Assassin” enemy has been revamped to deal extremely high damage to players with a Fire Aspect Diamond Axe! Check your flanks often!


We have also overhauled the Range Mob-Arena map. Similarly to the new Plateau, you can now enter the main range area of the map that was previously inaccessible.

  • A completely new map with new aesthetics, built by derKaempfer_HD
  • The new map has an improved, wider playable area, but with a familiar layout
  • Players can freely move between the shooting range area and the targets area. However, taller mobs cannot move from the targets area to the range area
    • This means that it is recommended to stay in the range area unless there is an ambush threat that you have to flee!
  • Waves have been changed to a lesser extent, but some extra mobs have been added to make it more dangerous to stay in the targets area for an extended time
  • Watch out for silverfish ambushes that can creep in behind you!
  • The map is now slightly easier than before due to the larger play area and more freedom to players, and this difficulty change is reflected in the map menu


In this update, we are bringing the ability to unlock more loadout slots automatically upon leveling up. This should give our veteran players a lot more room to customize their gear and create the perfect setup for every situation!

  • The base amount of loadout slots is unchanged at 10, plus the five pre-made default loadouts
  • You will unlock a loadout slot every six levels until level 90
  • After level 90, you will unlock a loadout slot every five levels
  • Level 140 (max level) players will have access to 35 customizable loadout slots in total!


Another major feature we are adding in this update is the ability to add your own favorite maps to the next PVP or COMP map vote. This feature can be accessed during a map vote using a new button at the corner of the map voting GUI:

Alternatively, you can access it during the map vote or during a match using the command /pvp map. You will then be able to pick the map to add to the next map vote. Note that every map that can normally appear can be chosen, even rare maps.

There is a limit of 7 custom maps at a time that can be added by players in the lobby, and each player can only add one map to the vote. The other slots will still be populated by random maps. The map vote will display who added the map and how many changes were made to the original playlist.


The custom PVP maps system also includes two additional new perks for donor ranks.

The first new perk is that donors now have the ability to add Mutators to the maps they select before adding it to the map vote. This works in both PVP and Competitive. Free players will only have a very limited set of mutators, while players with the highest donor ranks will be able to add the most impactful and game-changing mutators. Here is the list of mutators that you can choose from:

  • Double Health – free for everyone
  • Fast Movement – free for everyone
  • Slow Movement – requires VIP
  • Hardcore Damage (take 2x damage) – requires VIP or above
  • Hot Potato (drop grenade on death) – requires VIP
  • Bunny (very high jump boost) – requires Recon
  • WarOwl (plant bomb anywhere) – requires Recon
  • Plague (poison + heal on kill) – requires Recon
  • Super Hot Potato (drop airstrike on death) – requires Recon
  • GroundWar (gain OP items per kill) – requires Recon
  • Elytra – requires Specialist
  • God (stack of god apples) – requires Specialist
  • Trophied (totem of undying) – requires Specialist
  • Apocalypse (mobs spawn on kill) – requires Specialist
  • Invisible (everyone is invisible but creates particles on move) – requires Specialist
  • (NEW) LowGravity (similar to Bunny but with slow fall) – requires Specialist

Note that once you add a custom map to the map vote, it still has to be voted on to be played in-game. Each rank also has a limit to the number of mutators they can add to a match at the same time:

  • Free players: 1
  • VIP: 2
  • Recon: 4
  • Specialist: 6

This number is in addition to any mutators the original playlist may already have. For example, a VIP player can take an existing MineSpades, Double Health playlist and add two additional mutators to it beyond Double Health.

These custom mutators can be very gamechanging, but we think it is very cool that donors will be able to enable them and even combine multiple mutators to create unique and fresh PVP matches. We think it is a great way to reward players who supported GunColony and give them the power to change the game experience while ensuring that the match remains fair to everyone. There is also a good reason why this feature is restricted to donors, as we are relying on the rarity of donor ranks to ensure that these special modes remain occasional treats to the players and do not interfere with GunColony’s standard gameplay and balance.


In addition to mutators, donors will now also be able to add custom scenarios. You will remember these from the Scenario Mode for specific maps, but now, if you are a donor, you will be able to enjoy these scenarios on any map of your choosing alongside the rest of the players in your lobby. Many of these combinations have never been tried before and it will be interesting to see how our Scenario Mode will play out on different maps.

Note that Scenarios always require a donor rank due to how much they impact the gameplay. We want to keep them rare since you can’t use your own weapons in matches with scenarios enabled. There are also wacky scenarios that can alter the game in unique and interesting ways, which are restricted to our highest donor rank, Specialist.

VIP rank and above:

  • (NEW) BoltAction

Recon rank and above:

  • Normandy
  • Mannerheim
  • Continuation
  • Austria
  • Ramelle
  • Stalingrad
  • AtlanticWall
  • Jungle
  • DustPCG
  • Hoth
  • TimeTravel

Specialist rank:

  • GhostGulag
  • Overpowered
  • RatShot
  • DoubleSpeed
  • BulletTime
  • DirtyWeapons
  • NadeSpam
  • Wallhack
  • UltraWallPenetration
  • LaserBeam
  • LaserBeamDoubleSpeed

Additional Information

There are a few restrictions on combining scenarios and mutators to help reduce the chance of broken games. For example, you can’t add custom scenarios for Arms Race, Zombie Siege, etc.

Staff members can additionally pick any map-mode combination to be played, even if they are not in the playlist, which will allow them to test out their new maps in-game before they are released. However, this still requires players to vote for the map in the map vote. We also allow staff members to add custom mutators and scenarios to their playlist string and to use this feature for fun (sparingly).

Have fun with combining maps and scenarios to create your own fun matches in PVP!


We have made many changes to Mob-Arena’s wave pacing in this update, aimed at making it a more active and fast-paced experience for players.

  • Added an additional bonus for clearing waves quickly in less than half the time of the maximum wave delay
    • The reward scales from +10% XP from the next wave start if you clear the current wave in 50% of the max time, to +100% XP if you clear it in <5% of the max time
    • You will also get between 3,000-30,000 Score and +10-100% money multiplier from clearing the wave quickly
    • This feature does not apply to boss waves for now
    • Changed the message shown when earning money at the wave start. It now has a few potential messages depending on how quickly you cleared the previous wave!

The rate of Mob-Arena wave spawning is now calculated differently and should result in noticeably faster wave progression and more player control over it:

  • Defeating mobs now instantly adds some wave progression to the next wave, so you can make the next wave spawn much faster by defeating mobs quickly
    • Defeating all mobs in a wave (including any leftovers from previous waves) would add 80% of progress towards the next wave
    • Some larger maps have higher percentages to account for the fact that fewer mobs are visible at once, e.g. SignalHill has 90%, Lab has 100%, Nautilus has 105%. This makes it more possible to meet the “clear a wave quickly” criteria on these maps
  • Passive wave progression still exists and speeds up as you defeat mobs, but not to the same degree as before
  • Clearing a wave will now once again speed up the respawn timer of dead players by a percentage of their current timer
    • The effect is toned down by roughly 50% compared to before
  • Made some fixes to the old wave progression speedup algorithm as well
    • This will be felt in-game as slightly faster wave progression, as the passive wave progression will now speed up when you clear only part of a wave rather than the entire wave
  • To avoid wave progression becoming too fast, we have increased the base wave delay in all maps by 20-50%
    • Scaled down the effect of wave delay on per-wave XP and money gain by 25% as well so that overall gain per wave is similar to before
  • As a result of the above wave changes, if you focus on clearing mobs as fast as possible, you may find that Mob-Arena is considerably more challenging than before, but there is also now much more room for a slower, more methodical approach to thinning out the horde


Mob-Arena has had two previously unused difficulties for several years: Hard and Extreme.

Although we wish to keep the simplicity of having only two difficulty levels for the most part, we have decided to make the unused difficulties available again as donor-exclusive modes within Mob-Arena.

  • The Hard Difficulty will be available for VIP and above players. It is meant as an extra option which is midway between the Normal and Expert difficulty
  • The Extreme Difficulty will be available for Recon and above players. It is even more challenging than the Expert difficulty
  • The Hard difficulty will count as Normal, and Extreme difficulty will count as Expert for the purpose of tracking mob kills, wins, quest progress, etc.
  • Note that anyone can join lobbies already running the Hard or Extreme difficulty without restrictions
  • We have also improved the difficulty voting GUI in a few ways:
    • Improved the title text color and content background of the Mob-Arena difficulty vote GUI
    • Added an additional message that can be clicked to reopen the Mob-Arena difficulty vote GUI, in case it does not open automatically due to map loading delay, or the player closed it by accident
    • The delay between Mob-Arena difficulty votes has been reduced from 90 to 30 seconds


  • The random arena selection of Endless mode will now be able to select arenas on the new map system (Nautilus, SignalHill, as well as the newly reworked maps)
  • Added a new sound effect when a new wave spawns
  • Added hitmarker audio when hitting mobs in Mob-Arena, which works the same way as the hitmarker audio in PVP but has a somewhat lower sound volume
    • This is affected by your hitmarker audio selection in /settings as well
    • The sound effect volume is much lower if the source is a low-damage area effect (e.g. molotov or gas grenade)
  • Rotten Flesh now drops half as often, but recovers 2 hearts rather than 1 heart when eaten
    • Since the Hunger effect also stops health regeneration temporarily in Mob-Arena, the rotten flesh was much weaker than we had wanted. Now it will be more situationally useful for regenerating health rather than just an inventory filler.
  • Mobs will now prefer to target players closer to them
  • Slimes will now also be included in the custom mob targeting logic
  • Bosses will now spawn a flash particle when they are spawned, and a number of soul fire particles upon their death
  • Bosses also now play a sound when they spawn so that you can more easily locate them
  • The final boss death now plays the Wither death sound rather than the Shulker death sound to give a more unique feedback upon winning the game
  • The /join GUI will now take you to the Mob-Arena Map Selector rather than the menu with only the currently running maps
    • This means that you can join any arena and not just have the option to join in-game or random arenas from the main join menu
  • The “Click to join another game” clickable text when completing a game will also open the Map Selector GUI; it will now also have a new message when you hover over the text
  • Increased the hitbox height of Horses, Donkeys, and Spawner Minecarts to better match their visual appearance
  • The “Wall of Poison” boss skill has been adjusted to set it apart more from other wall skills and to scale with difficulty (up to a limit) – it will now deal more total damage on Expert but over a much longer time interval; it will deal the same total damage as before on Normal
  • The first endermite boss on Nautilus has been replaced with a disguised Enderman boss to reduce instances of it getting stuck or swapping players into unintended positions
  • Disguised endermen now have a significantly higher movement speed than before to be comparable to vanilla endermen
  • Replaced ALL non-boss disguised hostile iron golems with disguised endermen. Now if you see an iron golem that is not a boss, it will always be a friendly one!
  • The ghast boss on Gasstation has had its Back Leap skill replaced with Charge skill so that it stays close to players; will use skills a bit more often; added a Mines skill which it uses frequently; and its health has been reduced because it was just tedious before


In this update, when a PVP or Mob-Arena match is about to start in 20 or 5 seconds, all players in the main spawn will receive a reminder message and audio:

This feature should hopefully lessen the amount of players who run around in the main spawn and are “too lazy” to join a game, as well as encourage players to group up and form larger teams in Mob-Arena.

Note that when you hover over the “Click here to join!” text, a hover message will be displayed, which shows the player which part of the message is clickable, and will also communicate the joining level requirement for PVP lobbies.


All shotguns in GunColony previously had the same Aim Down Sights speed of 300ms. Now, we have decided to differentiate the aiming speed between the various shotguns, especially since we have recently added Slugs to some shotguns.

  • Nova: 300ms
  • M3: 260ms
  • Honcho: 230ms
  • Sawed-Off: 320ms
  • Remington 887: 330ms
  • KSG-15: 300ms
  • MAG-7: 280ms
  • Ithaca 37: 250ms
  • KS-23: 350ms
  • NS2000: 310ms
  • DP-12: 260ms
  • SPAS-12: 240ms
  • M1014: 290ms
  • Mossberg O/U: 320ms
  • AA-12: 340ms
  • Origin-12: 250ms
  • Double Barrel: 220ms

We are also applying some other balancing changes to Shotguns.

  • Rifled Choke (Shotgun): no longer has a downside to movement speed; now hurts bullet velocity by 12% instead
    • This is designed to be an overall nerf to Slug rounds. Previously the Rifled Choke had a disproportionate benefit to Slug shotguns, so its drawback also needed to be changed to a stat that is particularly important to Slugs, in order to balance it out.
  • Mossberg OU: fire delay in burstfire mode reduced from 100ms to 80ms
    • This slight buff is designed to help counteract the Mossberg OU’s small increase to ADS time, and to improve its viability when using slugs.
  • DP-12: significantly decreased overall recoil; a greater percentage of recoil now recovers after each shot
    • This buff is designed to improve the DP-12’s performance when rapidly firing shots from its double barrels, especially with slugs.
  • Origin-12: increased swap speed
    • The Origin-12 needed a small buff due to its lower performance at close quarters.
  • AA-12: reduced overall recoil
    • The AA-12 has received a recoil reduction to account for its classification as a rather slow and heavy shotgun.
  • MAG-7: slightly increased idle sway and horizontal recoil
    • This change fits the MAG-7’s identity as a compact stockless shotgun and makes it slightly harder to aim with in-game, especially when using slugs.
  • Remington 887: moved two furthest pellets closer to the center of the spread pattern; slightly increased damage range
    • Since it now competes with slug shotguns and has a lower aiming speed, we have decided to improve the effectiveness of the Remington 887 at range. This change restores some of the old glory of the Remington 887 with a tighter spread pattern, but it is still not as accurate as old versions of GunColony.
  • KS-23: reduced pellet spread by 15%; moved one pellet to the center of the spread pattern
    • The KS-23 has erratic spread pattern caused by the rifled barrel, which caused it to be difficult and unintuitive to use in-game. Now, in exchange for a slower aim down sights time, it has received a tighter spread when using buckshot so that it is properly devastating at close range.


In this update, we wish to take a closer look at balancing weapons that have a one-hit-kill headshot potential. There are three main categories of such weapons: rifles with the ability to one-shot headshot, which were previously overtuned; marksman rifles which were balanced; and cheap sniper rifles that could only one-shot-kill to the head, which were underpowered. We are now balancing these three categories of weapons to bring their power level much more in line with each other.

  • M1 Garand: increased vertical recoil; greatly increased horizontal recoil pattern; reduced recoil stabilization; reduced aim down sights speed
    • The M1 Garand was still too powerful for its price after the last nerf, so it has been made less accurate and more skill is required to compensate for its recoil pattern. Pricier options such as the SCAR-20 will now have greater accuracy at range, especially for inexperienced players.
  • SVT-40: slightly increased overall recoil; reduced recoil stabilization; increased idle sway
    • The SVT-40 was also a bit too strong similarly to the Garand. It has received a lesser nerf and is now intended to be the faster but less accurate of the two weapons.
  • M14 EBR: increased headshot damage both in semi-auto and full-auto; increased horizontal recoil variance in recoil pattern
    • The M14 EBR has received an overall buff allowing it to 1-hit headshot against armored enemies in semi-auto. This adds a high skill one-shot headshot alternative to the M1 Garand and SVT40. However, this is only effective within 20 meters and players must switch away from the weapon’s powerful full-auto mode to make this possible.
  • M1915: rate of fire increased 240 -> 270
    • This makes the M1915 a more useful heavy alternative to the M1 Garand and SVT-40.

We are taking drastic measures to try and make our 2-hit-kill bolt action snipers viable, since they are still outclassed by other weapons like the M1 Garand and slug shotguns. These changes are experimental and we may make further adjustments if we went too far.

  • Steyr Scout: drastically increased hipfire accuracy; greatly reduced idle sway; reduced moving accuracy; increased base movement to be on par with Knife again; increased supply cost by 1
    • The Scout has received a near-perfect hipfire accuracy while stationary which can be boosted further with the Point Shooting perk. A laser sight would help with hip firing on the move. This hipfiring ability is effective especially behind 1.5 block-high cover.
  • SSG 08: greatly increased aim down sights speed
    • The SSG 08 now has the fastest aim down sights speed among all primary weapons to help incentivize its use.
  • M40A1: decreased supply cost by 2
    • This makes M40A1 tied with a few WWII SMGs and the Nova as the cheapest primary weapon in the game.
  • Lee Enfield: decreased supply cost by 2; rate of fire increased 68 -> 75 RPM
    • Did you forget that this gun exists? Well now you better remember that this gun exists, because it should hopefully become a decent option for aggressive snipers aiming for quick headshot kills on a budget.

Other balance changes:

  • Trench Magazine (Mosin, G98): reload speed improved (100% -> 60% time penalty)
  • 7.62x51mm Duplex Ammo: total damage boost 12% -> 11%
    • This removes its ability to allow a 1-shot-kill to the chest in anticipation to the buffs to budget snipers and M14 EBR. LMGs still have a slightly lower damage boost of 10%.
  • X95R: significantly improved aim walking speed
    • This gives the weapon a more competitive mobility tradeoff with the new Fort-224.
  • M16A4: fire rate in burst mode 360 -> 450
    • This change should make the M16A4 a much more viable weapon in general, and also more satisfying to use.


  • Removed April Fool’s gamemodes
  • AlpineTrench player count config has been changed so that it now has a chance to appear at player counts as low as 10


Between the last update and this one, we added a few new quests for an event called Spring in GC:

  • Three new weekly quests to help you level up the newly returned Snipers, Shotguns, and SMGs
  • A special edition torture quest

These quests will run until the end of June.

We have also added new quests specific to the 8th Anniversary Update:

  • Three new quests corresponding to the new Mob-Arena maps, allowing you to unlock the two new weapons
  • A challenge quest that requires beating all three maps on Expert difficulty!


  • Added a sign right in front of the new spawn that opens the /join GUI when clicked
  • Changed the color of the maps in the map vote as well as the new Custom PVP Map Vote feature’s GUIs
  • Added a sound effect when you die in PVP/COMP similar to the one in Mob-Arena
    • This audio cue can be heard by the player who died and anyone nearby
    • The sound effect is different if the player dies from a suicide
  • Added a click sound effect when you click any of the “Last Page” and “Next Page” buttons in the paginated GUIs
  • The /respawn command is now available in PVP in any mode if you end up outside the arena world due to a bug
  • Removed “XXX arena has concluded” spam when stopping/restarting the server
  • The “cannot enter” areas in the map system will now teleport players back to the center of the block they came from if it is a valid location, making it much more reliable at actually preventing a player from entering the region
  • Added ability to set regions in the building system where either all glass blocks or all blocks are destructible. This feature works in Mob-Arena and PVP
  • Updated the /join icons of some Mob-Arena maps to ensure that they are all blocks and that there are no duplicates


This update fixes many bugs, including a significant amount of important issues, as well as many smaller ones.

  • Fixed a very long term bug (for ~6 years) where if no one votes for a Mob-Arena difficulty, then a random difficulty would be selected, rather than the intended behavior of always defaulting to Normal difficulty
  • Fixed a bug where dying in Mob-Arena showed the vanilla death screen and the “respawn” option did not work
    • If you didn’t notice this, either you weren’t using newer Minecraft versions or you’re just very good at the game
  • Fixed a bug where if a Mob-Arena match ends via all players dying before the players leave the game, then Weapon XP was not being given and Donor XP Bonus did not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where losing a Mob-Arena match on the new map system immediately kicks the player out of the server with an error message, rather than letting the player stay in the spectator area for 10 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where MythicMobs got downgraded once again in the server software update, causing mounted mobs to not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where eating bread in Mob-Arena and Mine-Spades did not heal the player as intended
  • Fixed a bug where Mob-Arena maps on the new map system had its world time flash between two different times
  • Fixed a bug where the Bunny mutator did not give its potion effects properly upon the first spawn
  • Fixed a bug where the first loadout in the PVP Loadouts GUI had inverted controls (similar to the default loadouts)
  • Fixed a bug where quests with “or” complete conditions displayed strange characters instead of the correct behavior of indenting by a certain amount and displaying a dash character
  • Fixed a few console spam bugs that involved distance checking between incompatible worlds in the gun system
  • Fixed a typo in the PVP participants message
  • Fixed a grammar error in the RFB’s extended description
  • Fixed a potential issue where explosive weapons may deal too much damage to MobArena mobs since a recent update
  • Fixed a bug where the Gas Grenade clouds counted as smoke clouds which caused them to disappear due to taking damage from nearby gas clouds
  • Fixed a typo consisting of an extra punctuation in the Sterling’s 50-Round Magazine description
  • Fixed a typo consisting of a missing punctuation in the RPK’s 100-Round Drum Magazine description
  • Fixed a bug where the Panther skin and Tiger skin chestplate and leggings did not give any armor points in game, and armor in the Trench kit was using helmets instead of the intended armor pieces
  • Fixed a bug where you could not click loadout signs in the spectator area in MobArena maps on the new system
  • Fixed a bug where knockback resistant armor in Mob-Arena used the wrong modifier and thus actually did not give an effect


Hotfix 6/9/2023:

  • Added preliminary Minecraft 1.20 Support
    • Many icons are currently broken but the game is playable. You should stay on 1.19.4 for the time being until the next server update if possible.
  • Reduced the Fort-224 supply cost by 3
  • Probably fixed a bug where players did not spawn with any items in the PVP/Competitive lobby
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused incorrect objective capturing behavior
  • Fixed a console spam issue during map unloading
  • Added an auto restart to Bungee temporarily to hopefully reduce instances of PVP and Competitive not loading a map properly due to container disk space filling up (was also related to the console spam issues)

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