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Update 1.14.1: The 4/1 Update

Hello all,

Welcome to the first day of Q2 2023 and you probably already know what day it is! To celebrate this special occasion we have created some wacky event scenarios in PVP that you can enjoy!


We have added two new maps exclusively for this event, Treehouse and Inferwhy. Both maps were built by James_4007.


Here is a list of special scenarios for this event! More scenarios may be added throughout the day.

  • Rat Shot: Every gun comes equipped with Rat Shot, including the Minigun!
  • Double Speed: All weapons behave at double speed in this scenario.
  • Bullet Time: All weapons in this scenario work at half the speed.
  • Dirty Weapons: Only weapons that people like to complain about in FPS games are allowed. Examples include auto pistols, auto shotguns, SMGs with laser sights, hardcore weapons and RPGs. You can also use Curse and Hardcore perks.
  • Nade Spam: Grenades are reloadable in this scenario.
  • Wallhack: Everyone gets the Super TAG grenade which highlights all enemies in a 25m radius.
  • Ultra Wall Penetration: All guns can shoot through any thickness of walls without losing damage. You also have the ability to purchase the Super TAG grenade for a lot of supply.
  • Time Travel: Modern weapons have teleported to World War II. Available on WW2 scenario maps.
  • Overpowered: The classic Overpowered scenario makes a return.

These scenarios may also be combined with mutators from previous events, such as GroundWar(TM) and Elytra, to give your gameplay even more spice!


On April 1st, nearly all maps in PVP vote will be from the special event playlist. However, since this event is not destructive to the server and doesn’t require global code changes, we will keep it around for a while longer after the first day, where the event modes will occasionally appear alongside regular modes.

We also didn’t remove the April 1st event in MobArena added in a previous year so you can expect some overpowered mobs to appear in that mode as well.


  • We have adjusted the Anti-Xray so that it deactivates on players that have the Glowing effect. This allows items like the Super TAG to work as expected
  • Fixed the God mutator for modern Minecraft versions so that it now properly gives enchanted golden apples


  • Added new scenarios:
    • LaserBeam: Every gun is 100% accurate
    • LaserBeamDoubleSpeed: Every gun is 100% accurate and the game is 2x faster
  • Added new mutator:
    • Invisible: You are completely invisible to enemies, but spawn flash particles every second when moving
  • Added new event maps:
    • GlassCube: Fight in a destructible glass cube with a lot of lava!
    • pvp_lobby: Literally the PVP lobby but you spawn on the trees around it.
    • CRMTnewspawn: A map where your goal is to escape the giant spider.
  • Fixed a bug where voting did not work after the 1.14 update due to forgetting to open the port

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