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Update 1.12: Snow Summit

Hello all,

In this update we are adding several 4 new and reworked maps to the game, as well as a long-anticipated party system and many quality-of-life improvements and fixes! Celebrate the holidays with these new snow-themed additions to GunColony!



The classic Summit map makes a debut in GunColony with a snowy holidays version by Mohorowe, dotted full of candy canes and holiday cheer! It is available in TDM, King of the Hill, Domination, and Defusal.

Also, we have added a new server spawn based on part of this map! Expect a new parkour and a new mountain shooting range with many secret targets that can only be seen and shot from specific locations!


The holidays season arrives to a classic Defusal map with ChristmasInferno (nicknamed “Infersnow”) by Hotline_101! It’s the Inferno you’ve always known and loved, but snowier! Available in TDM Random Spawns, FFA, Kill Confirmed, and Defusal.


Sprawl is a close-quarters map with lots of verticality and many tight corridors to get around the map. It is built by dxc and set in the densely populated core of an industrial city. It is available in Arms Race, FFA, King of the Hill, and Elimination.


The Signal Hill map for Mob-Arena has been updated to a new version by Hotline_101. The biggest change from the previous version is that you can now go outside the previous playable area and down to the bottom of the hills! This allows you to pick up any items that the mobs may have dropped. But beware, mobs will spawn close to you and there are no Buy Stations down there, so it is the safest to stay near the top of the hill. Mobs and bosses have also been changed in this new version of SignalHill.


Mob-Arena is more fun with friends! Anyone can now join a Mob-Arena match in progress regardless of their level. This includes arenas that are still in the lobby and those that are in-game – you can join as long as someone is already in the arena. If you are underleveled when joining an arena, the game will warn you that you are dealing with an extra hard challenge.

You still need to meet the level requirement in order to start a brand new match.

This change should hopefully increase the frequency that higher-level maps get played, leading to more diversity. Now, when you start a match, you can be sure that everyone in the server is able to join alongside you!


We have added a basic Party and Friends system into GunColony! This should encourage players to invite their friends to the server through removing level requirements to modes when you play together. It’s not much, but everything has to start somewhere, right?

  • Added a Party and Friends plugin to the server!
  • Type /party to create or join a party, and /friend to add friends
  • Party members will automatically teleport to the server that the party leader joins
  • In addition, we have added special code to ensure that when joining a Mob-Arena server, you will automatically join the same Mob-Arena that your party leader is in
  • If you are in a party, you can join Mob-Arena arenas as well as PVP/Competitive early without meeting the level requirement, as long as your party leader can join these modes!
  • Currently, being in the same party will NOT increase your chances of being placed into the same team in PVP/Competitive. Going forwards, we will explore ways to add this feature while still being fair to other players.


We are now paying some renewed attention to our long-neglected donor ranks! Expect more obnoxious in-game notifications asking you to spend money actually meaningful rewards to come with these donation ranks soon.

  • Updated the store homepage and description! The rank descriptions previously still mentioned 2020, no wonder why no one is buying the ranks.
  • The Recon rank is now $14.99 rather than $15.00
  • The Recon->Specialist rank upgrade is now $8.00 rather than $7.99
    • Existing Recon players may or may not have been scammed out of a penny, oops
  • The donor match-wide XP boost now gives the advertised boost percentage (10-15%) regardless of how many players are in the lobby.

    • Previously, the XP bonus was reduced by a factor of sqrt(playerCount – 1).
  • Donor XP boost now works in all gamemodes
  • Donor XP boost now works even if you leave the match early
  • Donor XP boost will now be applied if the donor ever joined during any point in the match, instead of requiring the match to end with the donor in it.
    • This makes other players in a lobby always able to receive a donor’s XP boost even if they leave early
  • For matches where over 25 donors have ever joined, only the 25 highest bonuses will be counted
    • This mainly prevents the donor XP bonuses from growing out of control in future larger modes
  • The VIP->Specialist rank upgrade is now $15.00 rather than $14.99, hmm why did we bother to change this?
  • Added /donate and /store commands which simply show a message pointing players to the donation store

We are still committed to No Pay-To-Win and a fair gameplay experience for everyone. You can support the server in our store if you like what we do!


In addition to the holidays event, we are also adding a new experimental playlist: MineSpades Double Health!

We have theorized that a gamemode with a building mechanic is more fun with a higher health and longer time-to-kill. This playlist is a chance to put this theory to the test! You will have twice the health as normal when playing in this mode.


  • Removed Skeld Zombie Siege. It was a cool experiment but frankly didn’t work very well
  • Added NostalgiaSubway domination properly
  • Enabled Holidays limited-time playlist: Workshop TDM, FFA, TDM Random Spawns, Kill Confirmed
  • Added Summit_Christmas TDM, KOTH, Domination, Defusal
  • Added ChristmasInferno TDM Random Spawns, Kill Confirmed, Defusal
  • Added Sprawl Arms Race, FFA, King of the Hill, and Elimination
  • Added new Mine-Spades Double Health playlist


  • Added a minimum delay of 0.1 seconds between TNTs for the Bomb Strike skill in Endless mode. No more instant 30 TNTs
  • The difficulty value shown in the map list menu for Nautilus is now increased to reflect the map’s actual difficulty (same as Range on Expert, slightly lower on Normal)
  • Changed the difficulty text that comes with various Mob-Arena difficulties
    • “Average” now corresponds to difficulty levels 11-13 rather than 14-16 because we have come to the realization that the “average” player is not as skilled as we previously expected…
  • Part of the description of the Expert difficulty has been changed from “ammo drops more rarely” to “ammo drops less often”
  • Mob-Arena maps that you have not unlocked, and are not in progress, will display as a gunpowder in the map selector GUI


  • M1 Garand: price 5 -> 8 Supply
    • The M1 Garand was competitive with expensive auto-snipers and stronger than it had any right to be for its previous price. We have greatly increased the supply cost of the weapon and may make further adjustments in the future.


  • The scoreboard in the PVP now shows the map name, in addition to the gamemode
  • The KS-23 slug attachment now doubles bullet range, so the slug will no longer disappear early
  • The message displayed when you fail to join a Competitive or PVP lobby due to having too low level has been updated
    • The message now mentions that you can join Competitive early by donating
    • The message now mentions that you can join PVP/Competitive early if you join a party whose leader can join the mode

  • Updated the sign wall in the newbie shooting range


  • Fixed a bug where NPCs in spawn would disappear or lose their functionality randomly until the next auto restart
  • Fixed a bug where perks in the loadout screen displayed that they had a “300 RPM” rate of fire
  • Fixed a bug where wolves and zombies have guns in the Stalingrad Zombie Siege Scenario Mode
  • Fixed a bug where a player joining then leaving a MobArena with zero health froze/crashed the server
  • Fixed a bug where MythicMobs-based mounted mobs did not work, and the two mobs were dismounted upon spawning
  • Fixed a bug where the Slime Cannon boss skill was broken and caused the boss to stop using further boss skills
  • Attempted to fix a bug where joining a Mob-Arena match put you into the wrong server
    • This is an issue due to BungeeCord replication not sending information when a game server is empty. Fixed using workarounds such as ignoring empty servers and resetting information of other lobbies if the first player joins a server
    • We will change this system out for a completely different MySQL-based one in the future, which is in development
  • Fixed a bug where the new “/server endless” joining feature did not work until now

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