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Update 1.13: Maps and Munitions

Hello all,

This is the first GunColony update of 2023, where we add new Maps and Munitions to the game!

We are bringing a treat to Scenario lovers with three brand new WWII-themed maps set in the Western Front! Fight as the Allies or the Axis in the Battle of Maastricht in 1940, over a bridge crossing in 1944, or for control of an old fortress in the last-ditch German defense of 1945. There is also a new smaller layout available for the Sasau map. In addition to these new maps, we have completely redone the playlists available in the PVP gamemode with a focus on quality.

We are also adding a selection of 25 new ammo modifications for pistol calibers. They range from typical AP and JHP rounds, to unique special ammo that drastically alters the performance of your handgun or submachine gun. These new additions are sure to shake up the close-quarters meta in the server!

Finally, this update introduces a few new weapon-specific modifications, addresses a few issues with weapons and gameplay, and adds a new stat system, which should be far more reliable and includes new stats such as the amount of in-game money you have ever earned.


The battle of Maastricht took place in the German spearhead in Belgium in 1940. The Germans aim to break through the city while the Belgian army must delay the German spearhead crossing the Maas river. The map offers plenty of opportunity for mid-range gunfights. Built by pale1 and dxc.

Note: this map currently temporarily uses the Normandy scenario, and it will be replaced with an authentic one in a future update that adds additional weapons.


Ramelle takes place in a fictional WWII battle based on the film Saving Private Ryan, where Allied forces attempt a breakout of Normandy shortly after the Normandy landings of 1944. Fight in destroyed buildings and take a swim across the central canal to surprise your enemies. Built by Cowboycody1993.


Set in Austria, 1945, this map has the Allied forces assault an old German fortress across mountainous terrain. While the German forces enjoy a cover advantage at range, the Allies have the opportunity to sneak in close and lay siege to the fortress from its flanks. Built by Hotline_101.


A smaller layout of the Sasau map, ShortSasau is available in Free For All gamemodes. Built by James_4007.


We have completed another full rework of the GunColony’s PVP playlists!

Thanks to pale1 for creating the new playlist. To create this rework, pale1 conducted a vote on map aesthetics and layout in our entire staff team. The higher-ranking maps will now appear in the gamemodes they fit into the best. Some lower-ranking maps have been removed from most standard modes, or even altogether.

Certain maps like Stalingrad and ShootHouse are planned for future remakes and have also been removed for the time being. The Elytra mode is also temporarily removed until we add hitbox improvements in a future update.


We have added new ammo types to many pistol calibers found in GunColony!

We are still missing a few revolver and shotgun ammo types, but we will aim to bring back the remaining “temporary removed” weapons to the server very soon.

* These shared ammo types appear in multiple pistol calibers below, and can be combined with a conversion kit unlike the caliber-specific ammo types.

  • Plus P Ammo: High pressure pistol ammo designed to produce a moderately higher effective range and penetration.
  • JHP Ammo: A different flavor to the regular HP ammo that provides a decent headshot damage bonus at the cost of armor and block penetration. May give you a bad day if you don’t buy helmets during pistol rounds.
  • RIP Ammo: Special fragmenting ammo that significantly increases damage to the lower body and limbs in exchange for reduced damage to the head, much lower block penetration, and higher drag.

.22 LR:

  • T42 Ammo: FMJ ammo that offers slightly higher penetration than the standard ammo.
  • Hyper Velocity Ammo: Gives a very large boost to bullet velocity at a large cost in damage range.
  • .22LR Rat Shot Ammo: .22LR rat shells firing 8 tiny projectiles per shot with no bullet tracers. Features a large increase in total damage but cuts damage range in half and adds a great deal of spread.
  • JHP Ammo (shared)
  • Plus P Ammo (shared)

.32 ACP:

  • DWM Steel Ammo: German WW2 ammo with a steel casing for reduced recoil at the cost of reload speed.
  • American .32 ACP: Offers a lower pressure standard than European ammunition, resulting in reduced damage but improved recoil control and backup ammo capacity.
  • JHP Ammo (shared)
  • Plus P Ammo (shared)

7.62x25mm Tokarev:

  • 7.63x25mm Mauser Ammo: Lower power German ammunition that decreases recoil significantly and improves hipfire but reduces velocity and armor penetration.
  • PS Ammo: Offers significantly increased block penetration at a minor hit to recoil stability.
  • Type 64 Ammo: A heavy Chinese subsonic ammo type that greatly boosts range at the cost of velocity.
  • P41 API Ammo: WW2 incendiary ammo that massively increases armor and block penetration, but decreases headshot damage against unarmored targets and is extremely hard to control.

9x18mm Makarov:

  • Tula Steel Ammo: Heavier casing for improved accuracy at the cost of reload speed.
  • RG028 AP Ammo: Standard armor piercing ammo that trades recoil for extra armor and block penetration.
  • RBCD Target Ammo: Soft point ammo designed for target practice. Offers a massive +80% velocity boost and reduces recoil at the cost of significantly lower damage. Now you can turn your PP-Bizon into a Pea-shooter.
  • 7N25 AP Ammo: More effective AP ammo with a higher velocity but very high recoil.

9x19mm Parabellum:

  • M39B AP Ammo: Swedish early armor piercing ammo that increases penetration at the cost of recoil.
  • 9mm NATO Ammo: NATO standard ammo offers higher pressures with slightly increased range and damage with a recoil increase.
  • 9mm Gilsenti Ammo: Italian WW1 ammo offers significantly higher handling characteristics but lowers damage and velocity.
  • PBP AP Ammo: Russian 7N31/PBP ammo offers a very high bullet velocity and improved armor penetration but greatly reduces damage range and aiming speed.

.357 SIG:

  • Special Heavy Ammo: Offers a slight damage and recoil increase, alongside the typical heavy ammo benefits. Note that the damage increase has large effects on hits-to-kill at close range.
  • RBCD Target Ammo: Soft point ammo designed for target practice. Has identical stats to the version for the 9x18mm Makarov. Kind of turns your P250 into a budget Five-SeveN.
  • Plus P Ammo (shared)
  • RIP Ammo (shared)
  • Meme Ammo (same as before)

.45 ACP:

  • Blazer Ammo: Aluminum-cased ammo increases mobility and reload speed at a minor cost to recoil control.
  • .45 Super Ammo: High pressure .45ACP fires a heavier bullet with higher damage without losing velocity but greatly increases recoil.
  • .450 SMC Ammo: High pressure, high velocity ammo that increases damage, penetration, and velocity significantly but causes a massive penalty to recoil and hipfire.
  • RIP Ammo (shared)
  • BOLA Ammo (same as before)

Note that the above ammo types sometimes have very large positive modifiers on block penetration compared to rifle calibers. This is because block penetration starts out much lower on pistol calibers compared to rifles, and thus requires a larger modifier to have noticeable gameplay effects.

We have also added some new weapon modifications and conversions:

  • PPK .380 ACP Conversion: converts the PPK to fire a slightly more powerful round at the cost of magazine capacity. Is unlocked immediately at weapon level 1.
  • PPK 9x18mm Ultra Conversion: converts the PPK to fire a considerably more powerful round at the cost of magazine capacity and recoil.
  • PPK .22LR Rat Shot Ammo: converts the PPK to fire .22 LR rat shot, with a larger 10-round magazine and removes bullet tracers! Keeps the fast-swapping capability of the PPK in exchange for not being a hardcore weapon.
  • Skorpion Remove Rate Reducer: removes the rate reducer module in the Skorpion to achieve a significantly increased rate of fire. Increases weapon price and recoil.
  • Skorpion 10-Round Magazine: standard issue lightweight magazine for the Skorpion, increasing swap, reload, and movement speeds but carries much less ammo.

Some weapon modifications have been added to more weapons:

  • Full Stock: added to the M1911 and the R8 Revolver
  • Bipod: added to the R8 Revolver


  • Completely re-coded the player stats system, minus the parenting system (used to track quest progress) which remains unchanged
  • Player stats are now stored in a new “reliable data” backend
    • In this system, only one server can access a player’s data at a time
    • The server can place a lock on the player data, which is renewed every few minutes and prevents other servers from accessing the data
    • The server will start reading the player data only after the lock is acquired; before then, a temporary data is used, and once the actual data is loaded, the temporary data will be merged into it
    • The lock is removed only after the player leaves and their data is fully saved, or if the lock expires (e.g. the server becomes unresponsive)
    • Data is saved every few minutes, as well as when a player leaves the server
    • If the server stops with players still online, the server will wait until all players’ data is fully saved before exiting
    • This means that bugs with the previous system occasionally clearing a player’s data should now be fixed
    • Issues that involved stats not counting correctly (e.g. MobArena scores being much lower than they should be) should also be fixed

  • New stats will count from zero for all players, to be fair to players who had their stats reset under the old system due to bugs
    • If you have played before this update, there will be a button in the stats GUI that allows you to view your old stats
    • PVP/COMP leaderboards will still use the sum of the player’s new and old stats to track the top players
  • Added new player stats:
    • Kills Confirmed (PVP)
    • Kills Denied (PVP)
    • Bombs Planted (PVP)
    • Bombs Defused (PVP)
    • Money Earned (MA, PVP, COMP)
    • Rounds Won (COMP)
    • Rounds Lost (COMP)
    • Best Score (non-Endless MA)
    • Waves Survived (MA)
    • Furthest Kill (MA)
  • PVP will now track per-map stats, though they are not displayed at the moment. They work with quests too!
  • The new “reliable data” backend is not only for stats. In the future, we will aim to convert the quests system to the backend, as well as implement new systems such as Achievements and Cosmetics on top of it


  • PPK: ammo capacity 7 -> 8
    • This is the realistic ammo capacity of the PPK with .32 ACP caliber. We have also added two conversions for you to revert the PPK to a 7 round capacity with greater damage.
  • P250: velocity 360 m/s -> 440 m/s, slightly increased horizontal random recoil (10%) and vertical recoil (4%)
    • The previous low velocity value was an oversight in the base velocity of the .357 SIG caliber. The weapon should now have the correct velocity for a standard 125 gr round. In exchange, we have increased the weapon’s recoil slightly to keep the P250 in a state of good balance.


  • To prevent staff abuse in-game, players will now be forced into spectator mode while spectating an arena or otherwise inside an arena region without being in-game
  • Added “Explosive Kill (10XP)” kill reward in PVP
  • Removed the Holiday Triple XP bonus
  • The Bipod attachment on the Charger 22 is now unlocked at Level 1 rather than 20, since the bipod is on the weapon model
  • The Mauser pistol now displays the 7.62x25mm Tokarev rather than 7.62x24mm Mauser caliber. This allows the 7.62x25mm modifications to make sense and reflects the fact that the in-game Mauser is meant to represent a full-auto clone of the weapon. The bullet velocity has also been increased by 2% to reflect this.
    • The Mauser ammunition is unlocked at Level 1 for the Mauser pistol, instead of Level 5 for all other 7.62x25mm firearms


  • Fixed a bug where you were always given the Red Team’s loadout while joining in progress in Scenario Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Galil ACE was missing its unique Magazine modifications

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