Update 1.9: Summer Update

Hello all,

Welcome to GunColony’s new (slightly late) summer update! This update brings a new map, House, as well as a focus on balancing to improve previously neglected features.

Some other promised features have not made it into the update, such as bringing back remaining weapons and adding a new Overpowered scenario, but we decided to release this update ASAP because there is a new map waiting to be released, and we might as well tack on the features that are already done!


House is a new map built by CrishTheCreator, set in a large house with a variety of interior layouts for close-quarters combat, combined with long-range sightlines on the exterior.

It is available on Team Deathmatch, Arms Race, Zombie Siege, Domination, King of the Hill, and Mine-Spades.


  • Groza: Max damage range increased from 4.8m to 9.6m
    • The previous damage range was made during the time where all weapons had the same headshot multiplier. Since weapons with higher rate of fire now have a lower headshot multiplier, it is now safe to make the damage range of the Groza more similar to other weapons.
  • PPK: price 0 -> 1 Supply; significantly increased hipfire and moving accuracy; swap time 0.6 -> 0.4
    • Unfortunately, it was not feasible to keep the PPK at 0 Supply because it had 5 modification slots compared to 2 for the other pistols.
  • HK69A1: explosion radius 4.5 -> 6.5 blocks
    • This should make the weapon significantly more useful, but it will still be weaker than the RPG-7 per shot. For reference, RPG-7 has the exact same explosive damage, 5% higher armor penetration, and a 7.5 blocks explosive radius.
  • Drone Strike: price in killstreak shop $3500 -> $3000
  • Cluster Strike: price in killstreak shop $3000 -> $3500
    • The Cluster Strike was a bit too overpowered, so its price has been swapped with that of the Drone Strike. The same change was also done in the Zombie Siege shop.
  • Golden Gun: price in killstreak shop $4000 -> $3500
    • People should start using it, it’s fun!


  • All player classes in Mob-Arena have been completely reworked with the aim of giving players a reason to use different classes
    • Most classes are buffed and additional items have been added to some classes
    • All custom weapons, such as the shadow dagger, flint and steel, and bows, have been buffed
    • Color coding has been added to many items to indicate how powerful they are
    • Diamond armor is still obtainable in the same classes as before
    • Player classes are now defined in config files rather than chests in the world, so it will be much easier to add new player classes in the future
  • Food will now regenerate health in Mob-Arena similarly to how it works in Mine-Spades
    • This also includes golden apples, so expect them to heal 2 more hearts than before
    • Some player classes now contain food items
  • In Mob-Arena, after you purchase an additional loadout, you can now drop all items in your inventory including the items you spawned with
    • This allows you to get rid of starting armor and items if you buy a loadout that contains better items
    • Your starting items will also drop on death like the rest of your items
  • Reduced the price of many shop items in Mob-Arena to make them more competitive with buying additional loadouts.
    • A-10 Airstrike: $2500 -> 2000
    • Drone Strike: $2000 -> 1500
    • Stun Grenade: $750 -> 500
    • Soup: $1000 -> 600
    • Health Pack: $2000 -> 1600
    • Medishot: $2200 -> 2000
    • Med Kit: $5000 -> 3000
    • M202 Flash: $4000 -> 3500
    • Mini-Nuke: $10000 -> 7000
  • Completely redid the Mob-Arena loot drop system
    • Disguised mobs will now drop items based on their disguise type instead of their actual type
      • Animals will now have a chance to drop their respective types of meat, or a variety of other drops such as Soups and Tactical Awareness Grenades
    • Added a very rare Minigun drop to all mobs
      • The drop rate is 0.1% which is twice as often as the Mini-Nuke
      • The Minigun has 500 ammo and will be removed after running out of ammo
    • All zombies will no longer drop Bandages and have a high chance to drop Rotten Flesh instead, which heals 1 heart but prevents sprinting for 30 seconds
      • This change originates from a Discord vote from November 2021. It was voted that natural healing should be buffed and healing items should be more scarce. However, instead of buffing natural healing, we have added rotten flesh as a plentiful but less effective way of healing, which serves the same purpose of making the usage of healing items a more tactical decision.
    • Skeletons now have 50% increased chance of dropping Bandages to compensate for the above
  • Added special Supply Zombies to the Range arena to increase the amount of healing available to players
    • These appear as baby zombies with a target above their head and a visible name to make it clear to players that they bring special loot
    • When defeated, they drop a considerable amount of healing items and grenades, and have a moderate chance to drop a Minigun
    • Range has always been unintentionally difficult, so the addition of extra loot should bring down the difficulty significantly


Several changes have been made to the Mine-Spades mode to emphasize the building and destruction mechanics more than before. The intention is to make it much more viable to build defensive structures and cover on the map. The changes are intentionally big and experimental, and we might roll them back partially if they make building too strong.

  • Block damage of explosives has been adjusted
    • Killstreaks and RPG block damage were nerfed by 50%.  This is done through a 50% hardcoded damage reduction so new explosives will automatically have this damage reduction unless the values are set otherwise.
    • Block damage from molotovs and incendiaries were fine tuned so they are now even more effective at destroying blocks than before
    • Block damage from HE and frag grenades remain roughly the same
    • A-10 Airstrike got a buff to its block damage radius to compensate for the 50% nerf in raw block damage
  • Vanilla items in your inventory will no longer be dropped on death
    • Items in hotbar will still be dropped on death
    • This allows you to keep spare items such as food and tools in your inventory, but it is still possible for enemies to steal your items
  • Significantly increased the enchantments given when crafting tools. This lets you mine blocks very quickly with higher tier tools, which should hopefully make them worth the time to acquire instead of just using the knife. It also allows players to dismantle enemy fortifications very quickly if they can get close to them, which might help a more dynamic meta game develop for Mine-Spades.
    • Wooden tools: Efficiency 5, Silk Touch
    • Stone tools: Efficiency 5
    • Iron tools: Efficiency 7
    • Golden tools: Efficiency 12
    • Diamond tools: Efficiency 8
    • Netherite tools: Efficiency 10
    • Tools also come with some Sharpness levels when crafted
  • Iron, Diamond, and Netherite tools are now unbreakable to avoid them turning into gun models when used
    • This will be removed once gun models have switched to CustomModelData instead of durability in a future update
  • Added the ability to throw blocks in Mine-Spades, allowing players to create cover from a safe distance (or while behind another line of cover)
    • Left click with a block in hand to throw it
    • Thrown blocks will use the falling sand mechanic and will have a velocity of 20 m/s
    • You cannot throw cobblestone blocks. You must gather other types of blocks from the world to be able to throw them


  • Offline account players can now only chat after reaching Level 1
    • This is a preemptive measure to prevent bot account spam
    • Shooting all 10 targets at spawn is enough to reach level 1, so this should rarely affect normal players
    • Linking Discord will also enable chat
  • Improved the way guns are recognized internally by the code
    • Guns are now recognized directly using the internal name of the weapon instead of a “hidden display name”
    • This broke all gun items previously on the server, which is why the Mob-Arena classes and drop system had to be reworked to use config files instead
    • It should considerably improve the performance of the gun system overall


  • Fixed a bug where in Zombie Siege Scenario Mode, humans could switch loadouts in the spawn area even after shooting
  • Fixed a bug where the AVT-40 and AVS-36 in scenario mode had the icon of a pistol
  • Fixed a bug where players spawned facing the wrong way in Mannerheim
  • Fixed a bug where you could get a regular gun in Scenario Mode by switching loadouts

Update 1.6.1: Sakura

Hello all,

This update brings the new Sakura map to celebrate the spring time. We think it’s one of the most beautiful maps ever added to the server. What do you think? Jump in the game and let us know!


Sakura is a large map set in Japan that features a balance of detailed in-door environments as well as open outdoor areas. The map is divided by a central river that is accessible to players, making it the first map that makes use of the swimming mechanics in newer Minecraft versions.

It is available in Team Deathmatch, Domination, King of the Hill, Free-For-All, and Kill Confirmed, and will most likely appear at higher player counts, so bring your friends together to get a chance to explore this map! Sakura was made by herFoxen with help from Hotline_101.


We have changed the behavior of some airstrikes that you can buy from the shop in both Mob-Arena and PVP.

PSA: there is also a Discord poll that you can vote on right now to decide what further changes we should make to airstrikes to make them more fair in PVP!

Mortar Strike: amount of shells 20 -> 15, delay between shells 0.6 -> 1.5s

The Mortar Strike gave too much all-around value for a cheap cost. In this update, it is reworked to be more suited to area denial but deal less damage in total, so that it is more distinct from the other airstrike options.

Cluster Strike: amount of shells 5 -> 6, damage per explosion 150 -> 125, audio changed

This change helps the cluster strike hit areas more consistently while maintaining the same total damage as before.


  • The Charge skill is now capped at difficulty 10 (5 stars) in endless to avoid bosses being launched WAY TOO FAR in one skill
  • Rewrote the code for all of the GUIs to improve code quality and prepare for future GUI reworks
    • You should see minimal changes in-game
    • There might be new bugs with GUIs. If you notice any new bugs, please report them on Discord!
  • You can now right click a loadout in the loadout equip or buy GUIs to customize it
    • This means one less click when changing loadouts in-game


  • Fixed a few typos in the /help command
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where mobs could be leftover from a previous MobArena match, which would be invulnerable during the next match
    • Now any bugged mobs are automatically removed when a game starts
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where when the Flexible perk and no secondary weapon is equipped, you could not pick up a primary weapon in the empty secondary slot
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where with exactly 10 seconds remaining in the match, the timer would show “00:010” instead of “00:10”
  • Fixed a bug where players leaving the game while on an objective were still counted as capturing the objective
  • Fixed a bug where players could break blocks in certain waiting areas of Mob-Arena maps
  • Fixed a bug where the Charge skill caused an error when the boss was sharing the exact same location as a player (perhaps by being in the a corner)
  • Potentially fixed a bug where sometimes items gained from killstreaks in PVP would appear as iron axes
  • Fixed a bug that caused random server crashes in the event of database error
  • Fixed a bug where in the map Gulag you could spawn backwards in Competitive

More Bugfixes!

Hello all,

We have added another batch of bug fixes to the server! This should fix yet more game-breaking issues. There might still be some small bugs, but nothing major for now.


We have updated the homepage of our website, and updated the font as well for better readability! The forums are now back up as well.


  • Winter is almost over! Removed the Blizzard test map, except for a very rare KOTH ProSnipe scenario


  • Added a message when your weapon levels up that shows any modifications that you have unlocked


  • Fixed a bug where a new player joining and using the shooting range causes major lag spikes in the lobby server
  • Possibly fixed a bug which caused certain Mob-Arena maps to refuse to start
  • Fixed a bug where the player death zombie (and Clone Army clones) spawning in Mob-Arena occasionally froze the server due to querying Mojang API on the main thread
  • Fixed a bug where the player list in the message shown when Endless mode ends did not include the last standing player
  • Fixed a bug where many boss skills did not show difficulty stars in the chat even though they are meant to

BUG FIXES Jan.26, 2021

These bug fixes were added a few days ago. The change logs are reproduced here for completeness.

  • Finally fixed the years-long bug where the server freezes, sometimes for a long time, when players spawn in Mob-Arena
  • You should no longer get kicked by the “Reach check” in PVP
  • Fixed a bug where the player who spawned first as a Juggernaut could not purchase armor or grenades
  • Extended spawn protection on round start to fix explosives exploits on Elimination
  • Players are now briefly hidden & un-hidden when they spawn to fix an issue where the player could be visibly seen teleporting to their spawn when respawning
  • Players are now briefly hidden & un-hidden when their spawn protection ends to fix an issue where players occasionally become invisible to other players