Mob-Arena Hurts More Now!

Today we have released the below changes to the server. Most of it is intended to improve the new player experience through increasing performance, easing weapon control, and making Mob-Arena more interesting.


  • Implemented new Bullet Tracer particles. (endRod)
    • Enlarged the texture of bullet tracer particles.
    • Bullet tracer particles now estimate the bullet trajectory more accurately.
    • Fixed a bug where bullet tracer particles were always displayed based on the muzzle velocity rather than the current bullet velocity.
    • Bullet tracer particles now display for two seconds for each bullet, rather than half a second.
    • Optimized the amount of bullet tracer particles displayed to the shooter
    • You can now see more detailed bullet tracer particles of other players which more accurately display the bullet drop
  • Implemented new Muzzle Flash particles. (sweepAttack)
    • Made the texture of the particle more circular and detailed.
    • Added a very small and subtle black smoke effect left by the particle, which noticeably adds to the visuals when firing on the move.
    • Greatly optimized the performance of muzzle flash particles by lowering GPU usage by more than 90%. This eliminates the FPS drops experienced by low-end PCs when firing weapons.
    • Only one (bigger) particle is now produced when a bullet strikes the block, rather than several. This reduces both GPU and CPU usage.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets sometimes fail to produce block hit effects if they do not penetrate the hit block.
  • Modified recoil on most weapons.
    • All weapons now use the newest recoil recovery system.
    • After the player stops firing, the recoil will always recover to its original location regardless of the weapon. The recoil patterns themselves are not changed.
    • Fixed a bug where the recoil pattern behaved erratically for the Mauser C96.
    • The recoil of the G36 has been raised slightly.
    • Tweaked the recoil of FAMAS, G11, and QBB-95 in burstfire (should not be a significant balance change).
    • Slightly tweaked the recoil of the M1919A4 (not a significant balance change).
  • Tweaked connection icons and removed the 1-bar icon to reduce clutter in Tab.
  • Uninitialized lobbies at server start now display “Click to join!” instead of “Not Initialized”


  • Players no longer lose maximum health when respawning in Mob-Arena.
  • Players now start with 5 hearts of health when respawning in Mob-Arena to encourage healing up (using class gadgets if necessary) before fighting.
  • Zombies and Zombie Pigmen now have 20 HP instead of 25 and 30 respectively, to maintain consistency with vanilla. Mob HP shouldn’t be a guesswork.
  • Ledoot (double trumpet skeleton) now has 20 HP instead of 30
  • Increased the amount of damage players take in Mob-Arena, to maintain the same level of challenge.
    • In Easy mode, you now take the normal Minecraft Easy difficulty damage, rather than 0.85x of it.
    • In Hard mode, you now take 1.3x instead of 1.15x damage. This makes the damage of most mobs similar to the Normal difficulty in Minecraft.
    • Skeleton arrows now deal 0.75x damage rather than 0.5x. (This change, as well as the below changes, stacks with the damage increases above)
    • Guardian lasers now deal 0.4x damage rather than 0.33x.
    • Guardians no longer reflect damage to players when attacked (including melee attacks).
    • The damage multiplier of TNTs now depend on their explosion power; small blasts will deal full damage while larger blasts will still deal reduced damage. This makes the Bomb Strike skill much more dangerous than before.
    • Damage of evokers’ Intercontinental Ballistic Fangs reduced by 30%.
  • The amount of particles generated by all Wall skills reduced by 50% to improve CPU performance for 1.13 players.
  • All Wall skills no longer start with full width. The width now starts at zero and grows to full width after 1.2 seconds, to avoid hitting players as soon as the skill is used.
  • All Wall skills now last half a second longer and thus go 2 blocks further than before.
  • The Trump wall is now a separate skill from the normal stone wall.
    • It now has a distinctive American Flag texture.
    • It no longer sets players on fire.
  • The new Stone Wall replaces the Trump Wall for most bosses. It does a fairly large knockback and 1.5 hearts of damage upon hitting a player, and also sets them on fire.
  • The Wall of Blindness now blinds for an extra second on Hard difficulty.


  • Added a new third-party anti-cheat system to hide players behind walls much more reliably than the previous used solution.
    • This should also fix the bug where players are sometimes invisible at spawn.
  • Slight layout tweaks to Lake and StMarc.

  • Vmbraticam Mob-Arena is terrible and a duplicate of the PVP map, so it will be removed tomorrow at 6:30pm EST unless something last-minute or two changes my mind. Enjoy your last games there while you’re at it. By the way, Vmbraticam is Latin for nerd.

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Spooky October #2

Hello all,

Welcome to the second week of the spookiest October ever! I promise you’ll not be scared!



This week we are adding a brand new Tomb map to Mob-Arena, with a gray, symmetric, and somewhat uninteresting looks, as well as a close resemblance to Graveyard with identical wave count. It’s just 100 times more spooky, that’s all…

Seriously! We’ll give you a few in-game screenshots, but I carefully cherry-picked those to not spoil ANYTHING. All you get to know is that this map is powered by new integration with the popular MythicMobs plugin, the same plugin that powers virtually all RPG servers out there.

Watch out, since the surprise starts as soon as your game begins!

Oh, in case you really need one tip before you jump in, remember that most mobs will come from the little tunnels on the sides of the map.



  • Added latest MythicMobs plugin
  • Added full Mob-Arena integration with MythicMobs
    • Any MythicMobs can be spawned in Mob-Arena just as easily as regular, hard-coded mob types
    • MythicMobs can be bosses and can use regular Mob-Arena boss skills
    • MythicMobs can spawn other entities which will automatically be added to monsters in MobArena
    • Adding new mobs is now possible without a restart
  • Specifying wave type is no longer required – the wave type will be “default” if not specified. This saves space in config
  • The default monster number growth is now “none” instead of “old” – since almost all waves already use “none” this saves space in config
  • Added ability to give a name to a spawnpoint without adding it to the list of default spawns by prefixing the spawn name with “_”, which is much easier to use compared to specifying spawnpoints with coordinates
  • Added a few custom MythicMobs and corresponding skills
  • Added new boss skills
    • Wall of Blindness – same as the Wall skill, but inflicts 3 seconds of blindness and 10 seconds of nausea and does no damage
    • Spawn Mites – spawns silverfish on Easy mode, endermites on Hard mode
    • Spawn Creepers – spawns creepers from the boss
    • Spawn ??? – you’ll find out
  • Fixed an arena world griefing bug
  • Fixed a permission issue that prevented non-admin staff from punishing offline players

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Spooky October #1

Hello all,

This October will be the spookiest yet! Every week of the month we will bring new SPOOKY content to the game, and this week we are adding a brand new Haunted map alongside two new rifles, basic 1.13 support and balance changes!


This haunted house has a lot of verticality, wallbang spots, and cobwebs. You can fight here in both Team Deathmatch and Demolition modes. Be careful not to get spooked too early!


We have partially gotten 1.13 client support to work. Now you can join with 1.13, but due to a bug, you can’t send chat messages. We’ll work on a fix soon.


We have added two new cheap rifle choices, the FAD and the SR-25. These choices allow the player to compete from longer ranges than most other choices at this price point, but have lower fire rate to make up for the accuracy.

The FAD is a 5.56mm assault rifle with lower rate of fire and high recoil, but great mobility and accuracy for its cost. (Epic, $2300)

The SR-25 is an accurate semi-automatic battle rifle that has a low damage dropoff but overall lower DPS than other choices like the M14 EBR. (Epic, $2500)


We have updated the look of the P90. We didn’t mean to nerf A site, by the way.


We have individually tweaked our sniper rifles to make them more realistic and useful. Particularly, all of the bolt-action rifles no longer have to pull the bolt when reloading, which makes them reload much faster. In return, the bolting speeds of some sniper rifles have been reduced.

  • Scout: rate of fire reduced by 24%, price reduced to $2000, reload speed increased
  • SSG 08: rate of fire reduced by 23%, price reduced to $1700, scoped accuracy increased, reload speed increased
  • AWM: rate of fire reduced by 11%, bullet drag decreased, scoped accuracy slightly increased, reload speed increased
  • M24: rate of fire reduced by 10%, random horizontal recoil increased, reload speed greatly increased
  • CheyTac: damage increased by 2%, reload speed increased
  • M40A1: spread recovery slightly increased
  • K98k: rate of fire increased by 6%, reload sounds changed
  • NTW-20: reload speed increased
  • SCAR-20: price reduced to $4800
  • G3SG1: scoped accuracy slightly increased
  • M82: swap speed increased, reload speed increased
  • MSG90 A2: reload speed increased
  • SVD: reload speed increased

Some other weapons have received tweaks as well:

  • FAMAS: first shot spread increased by 5% in fully automatic mode
  • AR-57: first shot spread reduced by 20%
  • MG3: rate of fire reduced to 940 RPM (from 1100), damage increased to 28 (from 25), recoil slightly increased
  • Lewis Gun: rate of fire reduced to 510 RPM (from 525)
  • SC-2010: armor penetration reduced from 82.5 to 81.5
  • Kar98k in scenario mode: damage increased
  • M1903 in scenario mode: spread recovery increased
  • Mosin in scenario mode: rate of fire increased
  • G98 in scenario mode: damage and rate of fire increased (still slower than other bolt actions)
  • BAR in scenario mode: tweaked stats for higher damage but lower accuracy, added a faster firing mode that you can switch to using left click


  • The resource pack loaded message now hints you to join a game by clicking an NPC
  • Pressing the reload key now causes the gun to bob. It does look a bit more responsive, but the change was mainly made to solve a bug around reloading for 1.13 players
  • Removed Plan analytics plugin to improve performance and solve Bungee & creative server crash issues
  • Fixed a bug where you could fire weapons in spectator mode if looking at blocks up close

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