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Update 1.6.1: Sakura

Hello all,

This update brings the new Sakura map to celebrate the spring time. We think it’s one of the most beautiful maps ever added to the server. What do you think? Jump in the game and let us know!


Sakura is a large map set in Japan that features a balance of detailed in-door environments as well as open outdoor areas. The map is divided by a central river that is accessible to players, making it the first map that makes use of the swimming mechanics in newer Minecraft versions.

It is available in Team Deathmatch, Domination, King of the Hill, Free-For-All, and Kill Confirmed, and will most likely appear at higher player counts, so bring your friends together to get a chance to explore this map! Sakura was made by herFoxen with help from Hotline_101.


We have changed the behavior of some airstrikes that you can buy from the shop in both Mob-Arena and PVP.

PSA: there is also a Discord poll that you can vote on right now to decide what further changes we should make to airstrikes to make them more fair in PVP!

Mortar Strike: amount of shells 20 -> 15, delay between shells 0.6 -> 1.5s

The Mortar Strike gave too much all-around value for a cheap cost. In this update, it is reworked to be more suited to area denial but deal less damage in total, so that it is more distinct from the other airstrike options.

Cluster Strike: amount of shells 5 -> 6, damage per explosion 150 -> 125, audio changed

This change helps the cluster strike hit areas more consistently while maintaining the same total damage as before.


  • The Charge skill is now capped at difficulty 10 (5 stars) in endless to avoid bosses being launched WAY TOO FAR in one skill
  • Rewrote the code for all of the GUIs to improve code quality and prepare for future GUI reworks
    • You should see minimal changes in-game
    • There might be new bugs with GUIs. If you notice any new bugs, please report them on Discord!
  • You can now right click a loadout in the loadout equip or buy GUIs to customize it
    • This means one less click when changing loadouts in-game


  • Fixed a few typos in the /help command
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where mobs could be leftover from a previous MobArena match, which would be invulnerable during the next match
    • Now any bugged mobs are automatically removed when a game starts
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where when the Flexible perk and no secondary weapon is equipped, you could not pick up a primary weapon in the empty secondary slot
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where with exactly 10 seconds remaining in the match, the timer would show “00:010” instead of “00:10”
  • Fixed a bug where players leaving the game while on an objective were still counted as capturing the objective
  • Fixed a bug where players could break blocks in certain waiting areas of Mob-Arena maps
  • Fixed a bug where the Charge skill caused an error when the boss was sharing the exact same location as a player (perhaps by being in the a corner)
  • Potentially fixed a bug where sometimes items gained from killstreaks in PVP would appear as iron axes
  • Fixed a bug that caused random server crashes in the event of database error
  • Fixed a bug where in the map Gulag you could spawn backwards in Competitive

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