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More Bugfixes!

Hello all,

We have added another batch of bug fixes to the server! This should fix yet more game-breaking issues. There might still be some small bugs, but nothing major for now.


We have updated the homepage of our website, and updated the font as well for better readability! The forums are now back up as well.


  • Winter is almost over! Removed the Blizzard test map, except for a very rare KOTH ProSnipe scenario


  • Added a message when your weapon levels up that shows any modifications that you have unlocked


  • Fixed a bug where a new player joining and using the shooting range causes major lag spikes in the lobby server
  • Possibly fixed a bug which caused certain Mob-Arena maps to refuse to start
  • Fixed a bug where the player death zombie (and Clone Army clones) spawning in Mob-Arena occasionally froze the server due to querying Mojang API on the main thread
  • Fixed a bug where the player list in the message shown when Endless mode ends did not include the last standing player
  • Fixed a bug where many boss skills did not show difficulty stars in the chat even though they are meant to

BUG FIXES Jan.26, 2021

These bug fixes were added a few days ago. The change logs are reproduced here for completeness.

  • Finally fixed the years-long bug where the server freezes, sometimes for a long time, when players spawn in Mob-Arena
  • You should no longer get kicked by the “Reach check” in PVP
  • Fixed a bug where the player who spawned first as a Juggernaut could not purchase armor or grenades
  • Extended spawn protection on round start to fix explosives exploits on Elimination
  • Players are now briefly hidden & un-hidden when they spawn to fix an issue where the player could be visibly seen teleporting to their spawn when respawning
  • Players are now briefly hidden & un-hidden when their spawn protection ends to fix an issue where players occasionally become invisible to other players

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