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Spooky October #1

Hello all,

This October will be the spookiest yet! Every week of the month we will bring new SPOOKY content to the game, and this week we are adding a brand new Haunted map alongside two new rifles, basic 1.13 support and balance changes!


This haunted house has a lot of verticality, wallbang spots, and cobwebs. You can fight here in both Team Deathmatch and Demolition modes. Be careful not to get spooked too early!


We have partially gotten 1.13 client support to work. Now you can join with 1.13, but due to a bug, you can’t send chat messages. We’ll work on a fix soon.


We have added two new cheap rifle choices, the FAD and the SR-25. These choices allow the player to compete from longer ranges than most other choices at this price point, but have lower fire rate to make up for the accuracy.

The FAD is a 5.56mm assault rifle with lower rate of fire and high recoil, but great mobility and accuracy for its cost. (Epic, $2300)

The SR-25 is an accurate semi-automatic battle rifle that has a low damage dropoff but overall lower DPS than other choices like the M14 EBR. (Epic, $2500)


We have updated the look of the P90. We didn’t mean to nerf A site, by the way.


We have individually tweaked our sniper rifles to make them more realistic and useful. Particularly, all of the bolt-action rifles no longer have to pull the bolt when reloading, which makes them reload much faster. In return, the bolting speeds of some sniper rifles have been reduced.

  • Scout: rate of fire reduced by 24%, price reduced to $2000, reload speed increased
  • SSG 08: rate of fire reduced by 23%, price reduced to $1700, scoped accuracy increased, reload speed increased
  • AWM: rate of fire reduced by 11%, bullet drag decreased, scoped accuracy slightly increased, reload speed increased
  • M24: rate of fire reduced by 10%, random horizontal recoil increased, reload speed greatly increased
  • CheyTac: damage increased by 2%, reload speed increased
  • M40A1: spread recovery slightly increased
  • K98k: rate of fire increased by 6%, reload sounds changed
  • NTW-20: reload speed increased
  • SCAR-20: price reduced to $4800
  • G3SG1: scoped accuracy slightly increased
  • M82: swap speed increased, reload speed increased
  • MSG90 A2: reload speed increased
  • SVD: reload speed increased

Some other weapons have received tweaks as well:

  • FAMAS: first shot spread increased by 5% in fully automatic mode
  • AR-57: first shot spread reduced by 20%
  • MG3: rate of fire reduced to 940 RPM (from 1100), damage increased to 28 (from 25), recoil slightly increased
  • Lewis Gun: rate of fire reduced to 510 RPM (from 525)
  • SC-2010: armor penetration reduced from 82.5 to 81.5
  • Kar98k in scenario mode: damage increased
  • M1903 in scenario mode: spread recovery increased
  • Mosin in scenario mode: rate of fire increased
  • G98 in scenario mode: damage and rate of fire increased (still slower than other bolt actions)
  • BAR in scenario mode: tweaked stats for higher damage but lower accuracy, added a faster firing mode that you can switch to using left click


  • The resource pack loaded message now hints you to join a game by clicking an NPC
  • Pressing the reload key now causes the gun to bob. It does look a bit more responsive, but the change was mainly made to solve a bug around reloading for 1.13 players
  • Removed Plan analytics plugin to improve performance and solve Bungee & creative server crash issues
  • Fixed a bug where you could fire weapons in spectator mode if looking at blocks up close

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