Minecraft 10th Anniversary

Hello all,

Today Minecraft turns 10! GunColony celebrates this special occasion with a pixel-art map inspired by Minecraft Classic.


Made exclusively out of Minecraft Classic blocks, the Classic map was constructed to remind everyone of the game’s legacy.

It is available in Free For All and for now, is chosen by the matchmaker 5 times more often than regular maps. Since it is massive (256×256 like an entire Minecraft Classic world), sprinting is enabled in the map.


  • Crate rewards for leveling up should now work
  • Changed time-of-day in Alpine Trench slightly to enhance the sunrise atmosphere
  • The HK69A1 grenades now launch 4 degrees above your crosshair to match the launcher’s first person view. The grenade will now land above your crosshair below a distance of approximately 50 blocks.


May 18 Hotfix

  • Added Minecraft 1.14.1 support
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