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Update 1.21.1: Leap Year Update

Hello all,

To celebrate the leap day of 2024, we have put together a special update which adds new effects and balance changes, while fixing several issues introduced by changes in the previous update!


We have added a unique limited-time event featuring the Bunny mutator! (Leap year… get it?)

  • Featuring many maps and gamemodes where your jump height is drastically increased!
  • The Bunny mutator is sometimes combined with other scenarios and mutators to offer a special experience!
  • This playlist has a 2x chance of appearing in the map vote compared to other maps during the Leap Year event


  • The M1903 Sniper has received a new model!


  • Added bullet trails to grenade launchers, including the HK69A1 and the Milkor MGL
  • Added new effects to the Mortar Strike and Cluster Strike, as well as the Modern Cluster Strike in the Overpowered scenario


Most 7.62x51mm rifles were unintended to be able to kill helmeted opponents with one headshot, so this ability has been made much more restricted in this update.

  • Duplex Ammo (7.62x51mm): now reduces headshot damage by 5% on non-LMGs, and 3% on LMGs
  • DM111: now severely penalizes range, but additionally increases base damage by 4%. The headshot damage boost stays the same
    • This will allow DM111 to retain its ability to provide a one-hit headshot on the M14 and SR-25, but only within ~10m. Certain other weapons like the SC-2010 will gain the same ability
    • This also adds another use case of the DM111 ammo to allow one-shot kill on chest shots against unarmored opponents on bolt-action snipers, albeit with a much lower range than the Duplex Ammo
  • M14: headshot multiplier reduced 2.7x -> 2.6x
  • SR-25: headshot multiplier reduced 2.75x -> 2.6x
  • G3A3: supply cost increased by 1, headshot multiplier in full-auto increased 2.0x -> 2.1x
    • The G3A3 will still have the ability to one-shot headshot kill with the Duplex Ammo as well as from a further range with the DM111 ammo. This requires a supply nerf elsewhere to compensate. We have also thrown in a slight full-auto headshot buff to counteract the supply nerf for players using the weapon in full-auto.
  • RFB Carbine: supply cost increased by 1, headshot multiplier increased 2.75x -> 2.8x
    • This gives the RFB Carbine a buff to one-shot helmeted opponents at close range similarly to the M14 EBR, which it needed to compete with its low rate-of-fire of 260 RPM.

We have also added a round of balance changes for pistols to promote more variety in weapon choices and synergies with primary weapons.

  • M9A1: headshot damage multiplier reduced from 3.0x to 2.75x
    • This removes the weapon’s ability to get a two-hit-kill if one of the hits is a headshot. We expect the M9A1 to still be very useful after this balance change, both as a general-purpose pistol and especially in its intended role as a quick-swap weapon to finish off enemies, but we also want the Walther PPK to become a viable alternative.
  • P2000: headshot damage multiplier increased from 2.75x to 2.9x; slightly increased vertical recoil
    • The weapon now gains the ability to kill in one headshot and one body shot with this change. With the low rate of fire of this weapon, the P2000 deserved this ability far more than the M9A1, making it more competitive with the Yeet Cannon 9mm.
  • P250: headshot damage multiplier reduced from 2.76x to 2.75x
    • Due to reports of this weapon being overperforming, we are reverting a previous buff meaning that it can no longer achieve a 2-hit kill against armored opponents with one headshot and a lower body hit.
  • QSZ-92: significantly reduced vertical recoil
  • Five-SeveN: slightly reduced vertical recoil; significantly reduced idle sway
    • These two precision pistols are rarely used, and we wanted to encourage their use as sidearms viable at longer ranges while emphasizing their real-life efficiency in recoil vs. firepower compared to traditional pistols.
  • Mauser C-96: headshot multiplier increased from 2.75x to 3x in semi-auto, and 2.4x to 2.55x in full-auto
    • The Mauser C96 struggled in practice due to its low ammo capacity and damage per shot. With a headshot buff we are aiming to turn it into a viable high-risk, high-reward weapon.
  • M1911: boosted close damage range from 10m to 13m
    • Due to this weapon’s relatively low rate-of-fire coupled with high recoil, we felt that users should be rewarded with a slightly longer effective range.
  • Colt Python: backup ammo increased 30 -> 36
  • Rhino: backup ammo increased 24 -> 36
  • R8 Revolver: backup ammo increased 24 -> 32
  • Colt SAA: backup ammo increased 24 -> 30; swap time reduced from 0.55s -> 0.5s
    • We are boosting the backup ammo of revolvers due to realism reasons as well as the fact that they tend to be underutilized in-game.

Finally, some special weapons have received improvements.

  • Crossbow: reload time reduced from 2.0s to 1.7s
    • We felt like the Crossbow needed some love, so a small buff to its reload rate should make it more viable without making it too frustrating to play against.
  • RBB-451: dramatically increased damage from 25 -> 48; greatly slowed down reload speed; added new unique Burst and Semi-Auto modes, where the semi-auto mode does twice the damage but has a firing delay; increased Supply cost in Hoth scenario to 28
    • The RBB-451 was previously an underwhelming weapon even in Mob-Arena, the mode it was exclusive to. As it was given a new model in the last update, we felt that it is time to rework it into a more viable and unique weapon that has the ability to switch between several modes to optimize its DPS versus ammo efficiency. It is also probably the strongest weapon in the Hoth scenario now, and accordingly has the highest Supply cost.


  • Fixed two significant performance issues in the Place engine’s Bukkit compatibility layer which slowed down world loading and block breaking
    • They both stemmed from slow code in the Bukkit API
  • Added some debug messages to the Place engine to help pinpoint some issues with the Place world system (specifically with entities, which are unused right now for the most part)
  • Removed Duga “modern war” scenario (replaced by Leap Year playlist)
    • Mine-Spades GroundWar will stay for now and should be more playable following the new performance fixes, but their chance of showing up is reduced


  • Missing texture bugs have been fixed in many maps (huge thanks to Hotline_101!)
  • Fixed numerous old and new issues surrounding the resource pack and weapon models (thanks Hotline_101 and CrishTheCreator)
    • Fixed Beretta M9A1 missing textures when aiming down sights
    • Fixed Flamethrower Igniter having missing textures
    • Fixed the Crossbow fired model not working in the new resource pack
    • Fixed a long-standing issue where the M16A1 OG turned into the AK5C model when unsuppressed
    • Fixed Z-fighting on the PP19 Bizon model
    • Fixed Z-fighting on the CS1.6 scenario Bullpup model
    • Fixed Falcon 2 Scoped weapon model in the Hoth scenario
    • Fixed K98k Sniper weapon model in WW2 Scenarios

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