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Fourth Anniversary Update🌡

***FOURTH ANNIVERSARY EVENT:Β Double XP Weekend from May 31st – June 2nd!


Hello all,

GunColony turns four today! We are releasing a massive update full of crazy new weapon features, a new map, one new weapon (plus two reworked ones), and a ton of aesthetic changes.

This update is now the largest GunColony update in history, taking the crown from our Third Anniversary Update! (What an achievement, right?)

Let’s start with the “smallest” changes: pistols and revolvers.


New weapon: the Thunder .50BMG!

  • Can one-shot armored enemies to the chest at any range!
  • Single-shot, and lengthy reloads
  • $850 in Classic modes, $1,700 in TDM/FFA
  • Unlocks at level 73
  • Installing Rate Of Fire-enhancing modifications decreases the delay between firing and being able to reload

Weapon rework: Colt Single Action Army

  • Replaces the Colt Revolver
  • New visual appearance
  • Fires from a 6-round cylinder at 100 RPM
  • Reloads one round at a time similar to shotguns
  • Damage, accuracy, recoil, and price have not been changed

  • New model for the existing Magnum Handguns: Desert Eagle, Colt Magnum, R8 Revolver, and the AF2011!
  • New model for the M4A1-S assault rifle and M82 anti-material rifle!
  • AF2011: Increased magazine capacity from 7 to 8 to match the real gun!


New weapon: the OTs-14 Groza-1!

  • One of the highest DPS rifles in the game, firing 7.62x39mm rounds at 750 RPM
  • 30-round magazine and medium reload speed; high recoil
  • $3400 in all PVP modes
  • Unlocks at level 76

Weapon rework: M16A2

  • Increased damage and accuracy
  • Semi-auto and burst mode
  • Replaces the M16


The popular Mirage from CS:GO is finally here!

Now available for TDM: Random Spawns in the PVP playlist, and Defusal in Competitive.


  • Sprinting enabled in all maps in PVP.
    • We have decreased the sprinting move speed from 1.25X of normal (like in Alpine Trench and Hoth previously), to 1.15X (same as Mob-Arena).
    • Competitive still features no sprinting and the same 1.5X movement speed.
  • While sprinting, the jumping accuracy penalty is doubled. Don’t expect your bullets to land anywhere close to your target if you try to sprint-jump.

And now, onto the


This is the first time we’ve fundamentally tweaked the weapon mechanics in GunColony after adding bullet tracers and sneak-to-ADS in March 2018. This time we’re bringing long-range combat back into the equation by making our weapons deadlier, more accurate, and more realistic!


  • Random spread due to weapon handling removed for all weapons! (when standing still)
  • A very small degree of spread remains on all weapons to simulate the real-life inaccuracy caused by imperfections in weapon engineering & ammunition.
    • The new spread values are some 5 to 50 times smaller than previous first shot inaccuracy values. Plus, they do not increase at all when firing.
  • Shotguns have received a large decrease in their spread cone sizes.
  • 20% of movement inaccuracy and 50% of jump penalty will still be applied as random spread. The rest will be applied as sway as discussed below:


  • To compensate for the removal of random spread, a new sway system has been added to all weapons.
  • Your view will not move when firing in hip fire; instead, your bullets fly above your crosshair according to the recoil pattern and weapon sway.
  • However, your view follows the weapon when firing in ADS. Your bullet will always hit dead-on in the center of your screen, but your screen perspective moves with the gun according to recoil.
  • Your weapon barrel will move slowly even without firing the weapon. The sway is highest on Shotguns, slightly above average on SMGs, and lowest on Sniper Rifles.


  • Modifications now have way more positive effects than negative effects
  • Modifications now have much more realistic effects
  • You can no longer use modifications to increase a weapon’s damage to armored opponents. HP Ammo can still increase damage to unarmored opponents, and you can still increase a weapon’s range.
  • You can now only equip a maximum of 3 modifications on primary weapons, and 2 on secondary weapons. Choose wisely!
  • Added Optic modifications! Optics will decrease your sway in ADS mode and also bring a unique overlay when scoped in. They also have different zoom levels ranging from 1.5X to 12X (iron sights are around 1.3X).
    • Optics available on most primary weapons: M3 Aimpoint, Holographic Sight, Kobra Sight, Reflex Sight, Micro Sight, PK-AS (2.0x), M145 (3.4x), ACOG (4x)
    • Optics available on sniper rifles: PK-AS (2.0x), M145 (3.4x), ACOG (4x)
    • Optics available on pistols: Holographic Sight, Reflex Sight, Micro Sight
    • Special optics only available on select weapons: M84 (2.2x), PU (3.4x), Unertl (10x), PM II (10x), and 12x Scope (12x)
    • Stoner 63 can not equip optics due to top-mounted magazine
    • Dual Berettas can not equip optics due to dual wield
    • Default weapon optics: AK-103: 2x ACOG (2.0x), G36: ISM (3.0x), XM8: XM8 Scope (3.0x), AUG: 4x ACOG (4.0x), SIG556xi: M145 (3.4x), Tavor: Custom Holosight (1.5x), M1915: M84 (2.2x)


We have implemented a new fire mode selector system. Whereas previously you could only access a burst fire mode on select weapons, every weapon now features their real-life firing modes. For example, every full-auto weapon can now be toggled to a semi-automatic mode, except those that do not have a semi-auto option in real life.

In the case of weapons with detachable suppressors, left click in hip fire to toggle the suppressor, and left click in ADS to toggle the fire mode.

The fire mode toggle only takes 0.2 seconds, allowing you to quickly switch modes in a firefight and get the firepower or accuracy you need at any given moment.


The burst fire mode is now part of the new fire mode system. Existing weapons have received tweaks, while other weapons have newly received the ability to burst-fire. Now, weapons either gain more accuracy or better fire-rate than default when you use the burstfire mode.

Remember, the rate of fire when burst firing can be affected by modifications just like the normal full-auto rate of fire.

Here is a list of all weapons that can now fire in burst-fire:

  • G11: 3-round burst * 195 RPM. Fires all three shots of the burst within 0.05 seconds due to its insane 2100 RPM burst in real life.
  • FAMAS: 3-round burst * 220 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
  • M16A2: 3-round burst * 210 RPM.
  • MP5K A4: 3-round burst * 215 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
  • UMP-45: 2-round burst * 225 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
  • Vector: 2-round burst * 300 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
  • Glock-18: 3-round-burst * 150 RPM.
  • Double Barrel: burst mode will fire both shells instantly. Accuracy penalty when burst firing.
  • Mauser C96: No longer has a burst mode.


  • Headshot multiplier in PVP has been reduced to 2.75x (from 4x). This ensures that no full-auto weapons can 1-shot headshot helmeted opponents. M1 Garand, SVT-40, 7.62-caliber auto snipers and all bolt-action rifles will still kill in 1 headshot.
    • Headshot multiplier in Mob-Arena has not been changed.
  • Removed the 0.2% random damage variation previously applied to all attacks and caused weapons like Knife to sometimes require 1 more hit to kill than intended.
  • Rifle-caliber weapons now have more realistic muzzle velocity values. Previously, the muzzle velocity was somewhat lower than real values for these weapons.
  • Bullet drag is now doubled when the projectile travels faster than the speed of sound (340 m/s).
  • The base bullet drag values have been reduced, so subsonic bullets will suffer less drag than before.
  • Bullet drop now uses the realistic 9.81 m/s^2 value. Previously it was 32 m/s^2. This means that much less drop correction is now needed especially for weapons with slower bullets.
  • Bullet damage now drops off much more slowly at range. Most weapons now also have a minimum damage which the bullet damage will never drop below.
  • Bullets, including shotgun pellets, now fly further before disappearing.
  • Suppressors no longer affect bullet velocity. However, taking off the suppressor will now increase the moving accuracy slightly.


  • Added Iron Sights view to all appropriate weapons!
  • Added a new firework spark particle effect when bullets hit blocks, to provide a longer-lasting indicator of the bullet hit location.
  • The firework spark particle will also display when hitting entities (enemies) with bolt-action sniper rifles, for easier hit confirmation.


  • The Knife now has a stab animation on right click (doesn’t work on 1.14 for technical reasons out of our control)
  • Added a left click stab sound to the Knife
  • Added a new knife hit detection system. It is now much easier to hit enemies with the right click knife attack.
  • You can no longer use the left click and right click knife attacks at the same time.
  • You can no longer use the left click knife attack when swapping the knife.


  • Reduced the reload speed of certain weapons such as the AK-47
  • There is now a small delay between firing a shot and being able to reload
  • M40A1, K98k Marksman, K98k Sniper can now fire while reloading
  • Mosin-Nagant Infantry will no longer be able to fire while reloading


  • Increased the rate of fire of M14 from 525 to a realistic 700 RPM, and increased recoil
  • Somewhat increased the spread/sway when burst-firing certain LMGs like the M60
  • Reduced the recoil of the SR-25
  • Reduced the damage of the MP7, but greatly increased rate of fire
  • Increased the price and recoil of the Mac-10, but greatly increased rate of fire
  • Greatly increased the damage of the Thompson, but greatly increased recoil and sway
  • Reduced the price of the UZI
  • Reduced the magazine size of RPK to 75 rounds
  • Slightly increased the damage of the G3 HSG-1
  • Somewhat decreased the damage of the PPK to prevent instant headshots, but increased accuracy
  • Increased the price of the Honcho
  • Greatly increased the price of the Remington 887
  • Increased the price of the MAG-7


  • Renamed SG 556 Auto (CS:GO SG 553) to “SIG 556xi”
  • Renamed Tavor X95-R to “Tavor X95-R 330” for disambiguation
  • Renamed G3SG1 to “G3 HSG-1”
  • Tweaked the firing sound of M1918 BAR and Spectre M4
  • Changed several weapon descriptions, especially those that had balance changes
  • Support for Minecraft 1.14.2 clients
  • Fixed a bug where the Golden Knife did not have a backstab sound
  • Fixed a bug where the Lightsaber did not have a swing animation

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