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Balance Update Follow-up

Hello all,

This is a small follow-up update to the previous Balance Update, which further adjusts the strength of weapons in the game. We have also fixed some issues regarding the Mob-Arena game mode and made several visual and audio improvements.


  • M14: damage 35 -> 34
  • FAL: damage 34 -> 36
  • AK-47: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-103: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-74M: price 3000 -> 2600
  • STG-44: damage 36.5 -> 35.5
  • G11: damage 25 -> 28, burst mode rate of fire 195×3 -> 180×3
  • Mac-10: armor penetration 57.5 -> 56
  • Vector: damage 27 -> 26, rate of fire 1080 -> 1110, muzzle boost modification removed (as fire rates above 1200 RPM do not work)
  • PPSH-41: damage 24 -> 24.5, rate of fire 1080 -> 1000
  • AKS-74u: price 1850 -> 2450 (it was buffed a bit too much…)
  • Remington 887: damage 26 -> 25, armor penetration 70 -> 73
  • MAG-7: armor penetration 75 -> 72, slightly increased damage dropoff
  • RPK: damage 31 -> 32, damage dropoff rate 0.9% -> 1.6% per block


  • The respawn timer is now reduced by a constant amount of time per wave instead of a percentage.
    • This means that if a new wave spawns when you already have a low respawn timer, you will be instantly revived.
  • The Mob-Arena plugin can now be reloaded without kicking players out of the arena, given that the new config does not contain errors.
  • Added sound cues to the Bombard, Gas, Buff Pool, Evade, Teleport to Player, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Throw TNT, and Bomb Strike skills.
  • Slime Cannon and Bomb Cannon skills now make more particles.
  • When a player is hit by the Laser, Wall, and Shockwave skills, other players can now hear the hit sound.
  • Added a sound effect for when a boss or mini-boss dies.
  • Buffed Dagger in Spetsnaz class: +1 level to all three enchantments. Now one shots spiders on critical hit.


  • Reduced the amount of healing items in the killstreak tree.
  • Mini-Nuke moved from 25 kills to 20 since high killstreaks are now much harder to get due to less healing.


  • The weapon stats command now shows the weapon’s price.
  • Pistol (except Deagle, Revolvers, and Thunder .50BMG) bullet tracers are now shorter (equal to SMGs).
  • Suppressed weapon bullet tracers now consist of only 1 particle, making it harder to see.
  • Sound effect for hitting a player in PVP is now louder and higher pitched.
  • Added sound effect for hitting an unarmored player in PVP (this used to not play any sounds).
  • Added sound effect for picking up items (guns, bomb, grenades) on the ground
  • Added some more tips to both the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies.


  • Fixed an issue where Teleport to Player boss skill did not work on Ghast bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Laser and Wall boss skills kill a player, it would stop the skill from travelling any further and produce a console error.
  • Fixed an issue where having no players in an arena would completely stop it from progressing. (Now, joining an empty/glitched arena should still respawn the player, who can then leave again to stop the arena)
  • Mob-Arena maps should now always start with the correct start timer in all circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Klobb scenario weapon had no idle sway in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped grenades as long as they had at least 1 grenade in their inventory.

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