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Update 1.22.1: Airpower Update

Hello all,

This minor update adds two new PVP gamemodes centered on airpower! Play with a variety of aircraft-style weapons and either dogfight your enemies or support the battle on the ground! There are also other player-suggested additions such as the No Iron Sights scenario for Competitive mode!


The Aircraft scenario is designed to be played with the Elytra mutator. In this mutator, you can use various powerful aircraft-inspired weapons!

Your primary weapon is an aircraft cannon meant for combat against flying targets (which should be most of your enemies in your match)! The options include a 7.62mm Minigun, automatic canister shot launchers, 2x 12.7mm machine guns, and finally the powerful 30mm GAU-8 autocannon which is useful both against air and ground targets.

Your secondary weapon is an air-to-ground weapon. This is most useful in the Hunters version of the limited-time playlist to destroy mobs on the ground. Of course, they can also be used to destroy players who chose to stay on the ground. You have access to a rocket pod, 50mm Cannon, and automatic grenade launcher. There is also the M1911 which is considered a hardcore weapon and references the pistol dogfights in the early years of World War I.

Finally, there are two unique Gadgets available in this scenario. You have access to the 250kg Bomb which can be dropped to destroy enemies in a large area! This bomb behaves realistically and will be launched at the same speed as yourself. Also, you can access the Smokescreen gadget, which is inexpensive and instantly deploys a large smokescreen behind you to obscure your whereabouts.

A few weapons from the Overpowered scenario, as well as the RBB-451, are also available so you can live out your AA gunner or spaceship fantasies.


The Fighter Jet mutator is designed for use with the existing Aviation gamemode, where one player per team becomes the Aviator and must stay in the air and support their team.

With the Fighter Jet mutator, the Aviator will now gain a special loadout based on the same weapons in the Aircraft scenario. You will gain a mix of kinetic and explosive weaponry, as well as two 250kg Bombs that you can use to destroy groups of enemies from above!

This special loadout makes the Aviator much more impactful to the overall match, which we hope brings a more unique gameplay dynamic of having real threats from the sky. Regular players will need to take cover or optimize their loadouts to fight back against the enemy Aviators, while still fighting regular players on the enemy team. Conversely, the Aviator players need to use their powerful aircraft weapons and bombs to disrupt the enemy team as much as possible.


The base Aviation mode has been adjusted.

  • Starting amount of firework rockets increased from 5 to 10
  • On kill, you gain 5 more rockets instead of refilling your original 5 rockets

Note that the Fighter Jet mutator increases the amount of starting firework rockets to 64, but the refill behavior remains the same.


We have added the player-suggested CS2 No Iron Sights scenario! This scenario is similar to the CS2 scenario, but the ability to aim down sights is removed on weapons without a scope. Available in the Competitive lobby.


  • The hipfire crosshair on the HK69A1 and other grenade launchers has been enabled
  • Changed the behavior of the “Barrage Crossbow” in the Overpowered scenario to make it more of an indirect fire weapon. Each shot now shoots 10 projectiles in a wide cone, while individual projectile damage and the projectile velocity was reduced. This weapon is also available in the new Aircraft scenario. Enjoy raining arrows on your enemies!
  • Gilboa Snake: aim down sights time 290 -> 310ms
  • Gilboa Snake’s unique Linked Triggers modification has received an overall nerf
    • Changed description to state that the modification changes the Gilboa Snake to its military version (thanks Forgotten Weapons)
    • This modification now increases weapon recoil by 15%, making it slightly more difficult to hit follow-up shots
    • You will now receive weapon flinch when using this modification to account for its 1-hit headshot capability
    • The previous 20% accuracy penalty has been removed


  • Added Elytra + Aircraft scenario limited-time playlist
  • Added Aviation + Fighter Jet Mutator limited-time playlist
  • Added Elytra + Aircraft scenario + Hunters + Ghastly + Village limited-time playlist. Defeat the most players and mobs with your aircraft weapons to win!
  • Added CS2 No Iron Sights modes permanently to Competitive; these have half the chance to appear compared to other maps
  • What? it’s April 50th already? The april fools playlist has now been removed


  • To help reduce cheating, offline accounts now need to be Level 30 and linked to Discord to play PVP gamemodes, instead of level 8. (This also applies to Competitive Mode)
    • Alternatively, they can also join PVP gamemodes at Level 45 without linking their Discord.
  • Removed the “Low Player Bonus” feature as it was not working properly (the message was not clickable). We will aim to add similar features in a future update
  • Added a plugin to keep chat messages when switching servers on Minecraft versions newer than 1.20.2.
    • This should especially help with players who do not have the level requirement to join a specific gamemode, as the kick message will be shown properly now
  • Removed winter Competitive maps that I forgot to remove earlier
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon options in the Easter scenario are too expensive
    • Due to this bugfix, Easter scenario has been kept in the playlist for now but reduced greatly in chance to appear, since it’s been a while since Easter
  • Modified the server MOTD to state that GunColony is compatible with Minecraft 1.20.6, which is protocol-compatible with Minecraft 1.20.5

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