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Pre-Christmas Update!

Hello all, here’s a small Pre-Christmas update. We have more stuff planned for the actual Christmas update.

We have update the spawn with a Chirstmas tree and snow. Bring a jacket.


There is a new seasonal map: Workshop! This map was made by Hobocat_15 and is set in Santa’s Workshop.

This map is available in Free For All. Just like how Haunted was removed after October, Workshop will be removed after December.


I’ve added two new mods, one for the Fire Launcher and one for the Flamethrower. I added them since they didn’t have any before. This mods will most likely be updated/changed in the future.

The Fire Launcher gets the Faster Burst mod. This mod makes the projectiles move faster but you get more recoil.

The Flamethrower gets the Iron Sights mod. The normal Flamethrower doesn’t have ADS, so this mod adds it. It is more accurate with the Iron Sights mod while aiming down sights than it is just crouching with the normal, unmodded Flamer.
The downside is your movement accurate is reduce, even when not aiming down sights.

Both of these mods are unlocked at level 4.

That’s all for this update, we will have another update for Christmas with some more exciting things.

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