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Laboratory Update

Hello all,

Today’s update contains a new Mob-Arena map as well as a completely re-designed weapon selection GUI. It isn’t a big update (the next one will be much, MUCH bigger), but there is a new Mob-Arena map, finally!


The Lab has been completely reimagined by Hotline_101 and Hobocat_15, and is now our largest Mob-Arena map ever. Explore a sprawling laboratory compound overrun by mutated monsters. Keep moving to avoid being cornered, and watch out for the vents because they are where the most enemies appear.

Although some mobs in the map remain the same, the mobs have been reimagined and the bosses have been buffed to fit the larger map size and allow for a slightly longer playthrough. The map is not meant to be very difficult as it stays a low-level unlock, but with an order-of-magnitude larger size than the previous Lab, you better bring a good team in order to maximize your chances of victory.


  • Structure Void in Mob-Arena maps will now act as a block where players can not pass through (similar to WorldGuard restricted areas). They are used in Lab to define out-of-bounds areas more precisely which players may not enter, and can be used in any future maps as well
    • This does not apply to PVP maps
  • Mob-Arena waves with set spawnpoints will now try to avoid spawning mobs too far from a player (previously, only waves with default spawnpoints would attempt to do this)
  • An option to override the minimum distance from players to make a spawnpoint valid on a per-wave basis has been added, but is currently unused


We have added a new weapon selection GUI that will appear both in the /gun command and when selecting a weapon to equip in Mob-Arena or PVP loadouts. This new GUI has powerful options for filters and sorting order.

Also, this GUI is significantly quicker to open than the previous /gun GUI.


When comparing the stats of two weapons in the weapon comparison GUI, there is now a new option to compare the unmodified versions of the weapons.


  • The weapon crosshairs have been slightly tweaked to reflect the accuracy benefit of the Weapon Spread Control stat. This change was meant for the next update but since the code is already in the dev build, we had to release it!
  • The Fabulous Mode now uses packets to mount the crosshair overlay entity onto the player’s head, rather than actual serverside mounting
    • Fixes an issue where the crosshair may rarely disappear for a few seconds
    • Fixes a major issue where the player may fail to teleport when the crosshair is being shown
    • The trade-off is slight blinking of the crosshair when the player is moving very quickly (e.g. on Elytra), but since players are rarely moving this fast, the trade off is well worth it


  • Significantly optimized the helper functions to add item name and lore in GUIs to improve overall performance of GUIs


  • Fixed a bug where if a player owns a skin for a weapon without owning the base weapon itself, the player is no longer able to see or purchase the base weapon in /gun
  • Fixed a major bug where weapon skins would not show up when filtering weapons by category or caliber
  • Fixed a bug where weapon skins in GUIs showed the weapon category line twice
  • Fixed a major bug where if Fabulous mode is turned on, sometimes the player will fail to teleport

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