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July 4th Update

Hello all,

Celebrate July 4th, 2020 at GunColony and our Discord server! We have added a new Gas Station map, a new weapon, and tons of weapon remodels. Also enjoy much better server performance, new donor perks, and the ability to unlock PVP early by linking your Minecraft account with Discord.


We have adopted a new Discord linking system to link your Minecraft account to Discord. You can do this fully in game!

  • Method 1: in-game type /discord link. This will give you a code and instructions to link your account in Discord.
  • Method 2: in Discord, message “GunColony Chat Bot” with !link <MinecraftUsername>, then follow the instructions. The bot should be at the top of the user list in discord.

You will now earn in-game rewards when linking your Discord account.

  • Instantly unlock Versus (usually level 8)
  • Instantly unlock PVP (usually level 15)
    • If you are below level 8 and still in the newbie lobby, you need to use the “Join A Game!” sword to join VS or PVP.
  • Unlock the exclusive RPK-12

This makes it possible players to get into a PVP match if they really want to, while keeping it difficult enough so that low-skilled newbies and cheaters are less likely to figure out how to join a PVP match.


RPK-12: A prototype AK-12 with a long barrel and bipod for use as a LMG. It has similar stats to the QBB-95; worse firepower and magazine capacity, but better handling and has a special three-round burst mode with a fast fire rate. The RPK-12 is exclusively awarded for linking your Minecraft account with Discord.


We have added new models to 20 existing weapons, six of which are for machine guns! Gunning down hordes of enemies with a LMG has never felt this satisfying.

  • SC-2010
  • RFB
  • M1918 BAR
  • QBB-95
  • M249
  • Negev
  • Lewis Gun
  • M1915 CSRG
  • M3
  • Remington 887
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • Gewehr 98
  • M3 Grease Gun
  • MP5
  • MP5SD
  • MP5K A4
  • USP-S
  • Mauser C-96
  • P2000


Gas Station: Help defend the gas station to prevent our oil reserves from being destroyed by the zombies! This map is relatively easy in difficulty and unlocked at Level 4.

Bonus: As a July 4th special, Deserted is available to all players regardless of level for a limited time!


We have added another way to unlock modes early by buying a rank on our donation store.

  • Recon rank will instantly unlock Versus, PVP, and Competitive
  • Specialist rank will additionally unlock all Mob-Arena maps


We have done some targeted optimizations to GUIs and data management (particularly around storage access) to reduce lag spikes and speed up general performance.

  • Switched the two most problematic read-only GUIs (/gun and the PVP Shop) to run async
  • Inventory saving to MySQL is now run async except for when the server is stopping (serialization is still synchronous)
  • MobArena class chest contents will now be cached instead of querying the chest (usually in an unloaded chunk) every time the player is spawned
  • Guns and particles will now properly avoid checking block collisions in unloaded chunks, which should greatly speed up performance in wide open maps where bullets fly outside the map freely
  • Level 0 players no longer store a permission group to save space on the permission groups database and reduce lag when a player joins for the first time
  • Tweaked JVM settings to reduce lag spikes from garbage collection

Generally speaking, the only remaining lag problems now are when players join or teleport around (especially on 1.13+), and when there are simply too many players on the server to process at once. We are working on a multi-server network system that will fix these problems in the near future.


  • Reduced movement speed of the cave spider spawned by the Steed boss skill
  • Greatly reduced the unlock level of Mob-Arena maps (almost all maps now unlock before Level 40)
    • New Mob-Arena challenges for high-level players will be coming in the future


  • Fixed a bug where level 0 players could not rankup
  • Fixed a bug where the FAMAS had incorrectly low spread when hip firing in burst mode
  • Some security improvements like disabling the automatic firewall rules module in the new server panel

Edit 7/15/20: fixed donation store link

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