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Update 1.5.4: Heavy Firepower

Hello all,

In this update we are adding ammo modifications to the heavy .30-06 Springfield caliber, as well as the modern 5.45x39mm, and bringing back three weapons that feature these calibers. We have also added performance improvements following profiling that should significantly lower the CPU usage of the server once again.



A heavy tripod-mounted machine gun firing .30-06 Springfield. It is both powerful and accurate, giving the user a huge advantage over the opponent if properly positioned, and allowing for effective suppressing fire. However, due to the tripod, the ADS speed and movement speed of this weapon is very slow and makes the user an easy target when caught off guard. It also has a high supply cost.


A long-range assault rifle chambered in 5.45x39mm. It has a two-round hyperburst feature that can deliver accurate bursts down range at a cyclic rate of 1800 RPM in-game. It also has low recoil and excellent accuracy in full-auto, especially for the first few shots. However, it has a slightly lower rate of fire, lower mobility, and higher supply cost than the AK-74M.


A prototype AK-12 fitted with long barrel and 60-round casket magazine to serve in a machine gun mode. It features a three-round burst that has higher rate of fire than the normal full-auto mode for quickly dispatching an enemy at closer ranges. Otherwise, it is best suited to longer ranges. Like the L86 LSW, its stats are midway between LMGs and assault rifles.

To obtain this weapon, link your Minecraft account with the Discord server.


We’re almost done with rifles and can soon move into pistol calibers!

We have added 4 new ammo modifications to the 5.45x39mm caliber.

  • Tula Civilian Ammo: similar stats to the Tula Civilian Ammo for the 7.62x39mm caliber.
  • 7N10 AP Ammo: a basic AP ammo that allows 4-hit-kill chest shots to armored opponents at the cost of additional recoil.
  • 7T3M Ammo: a tracer round with a lightweight bullet that leads to higher velocity and accuracy at the cost of damage range.
  • 7N24 AP Ammo: so called “super-armor-piercing” ammo that uses a heavy bullet and tungsten penetrator for maximum armor and block penetration. Increases range and recoil, reduces base damage and velocity.

Another 4 ammo types were added to the .30-06 Springfield caliber.

  • M1906 Ammo: The original .30-06 ammo. Decreases cost by 2 Supply, hurts damage, velocity, and range.
  • M1922 AP Ammo: A heavy armor piercing ammo. Increases block penetration significantly and armor penetration slightly, with a small downside to velocity and recoil.
  • M1917 Ammo: Early expanding ammo that increases headshot damage at the cost of velocity and range.
  • M2 AP Ammo: High velocity armor piercing ammo that allows a 1-shot-kill to the chest of armored opponents at any range with the Szecsei, alongside other benefits, but comes at a hefty penalty to recoil and flinch.


  • AKS-74U: headshot multiplier decreased from 2.8 (semi)-2.1 (auto) to 2.7-2.05
    • This change matches the AK74M’s headshot multiplier, as the AKS-74U has a higher rate of fire than the AK74M. It has minimal effect on shots-to-kill. The AKS-74U should still be a strong PDW and worthy of its price.


  • Changed Trainee role color from green to yellow to not be confused with other players.


Yesterday, we reached an almost-full PVP lobby, yet the server was holding a stable 20 TPS with roughly 30 ms tick times. We are very proud of these performance results made possible by the changes in the Mob-Arena Tweaks Update.

Additionally, we have additionally taken advantage of the full lobby and done a profiling and optimization pass for the server. Today’s changes should eliminate remaining inefficiencies in the code and allow each game server to support significantly more than 24 players before any lag starts to appear, while increasing the number of servers that can be hosted on the same hardware.

  • Added a library for weak, referential-equality hash maps to further increase the performance of the weapon data caching system by eliminating the need to compare ItemStack data when getting the weapon data instance
  • Significantly improved performance of checking whether players have a specific Perk by using the same data caching system as weapons
  • Additionally improved performance of getting the type of the weapon in case no cached value is available
  • Added caching for the item in the player’s hand to ensure the same weapon data instance can be reused over multiple ticks, dramatically improving overall gun system performance once again
  • Enabled OpenJ9 string compression to improve performance and reduce memory usage for string operations
  • Enabled OpenJ9 concurrent garbage collection option for “gencon” collector
    • Pause times are now usually imperceptible and allows for the smoothest gameplay possible while avoiding the overhead of more complex garbage collectors
  • Fixed a bug that caused map loading to be much slower in Domination and KOTH modes


  • Tweaked the Mob-Arena ammo refill amount for Light Machine Guns to more closely match assault rifles of the same caliber
  • Changed ViaVersion configs to eliminate console spam from sound effects being converted back to older versions


  • Fixed a bug where the loadout sign and item in the Competitive lobby opened PVP loadouts instead
  • Disabled anti cheat for the first second after respawning to hopefully fix rubberbanding issues

Hotfix January 11th, 2022:

  • Possibly fixed a new memory leak caused by the weapon data caching system (it is probably a JVM bug so we can only try to find workarounds)
  • Decreased AN-94 burst rate of fire from 90% to 85% of full-auto rate of fire, and increased recoil very slightly
  • Decreases the backup ammo capacity of the RBB-451 in Zombie Siege from 400 to 125 (seriously, why was it that high before?)

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