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Speedy Update

Hello all!

This is a quick update that includes a new map, a price change to the Flamethrower, and the long awaited new staff.


NEW MAP – Speedball

Speedball is a new, compact map based off of the same map from the new Modern Warfare. It features close quarters combat as well as some medium distance engagements. This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination.



The flamethrower was reworked almost five months ago. This not only changed how the weapon worked, but it also made the Flamethrower a lot better than it previously was. In conjunction with community input, the price of the weapon has been adjusted. This now means you can no longer purchase a helmet and vest at the same time when using the Flamethrower in PVP.

  • Flamethrower: price $2400 -> $4500



We have promoted five new players to become a part of the GunColony staff.

  •  MontanaMob – Trial Builder
  •  appelpie – Trial Builder
  •  mvdhor – Trial Mod
  •  landerstrobbe – Trial Mod
  •  flamefire4 – Trial Mod

Congratulations to these five individuals! If you applied for staff and didn’t get accepted this time, don’t worry! Just because you didn’t make it this time, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance for the next round of staff hiring.

landerstrobbe and flamefire4, please message me (Rijam) on Discord so I can give your roles. If any of the new staff members have problems accessing anything, don’t be afraid to message me.


Follow-up update 11/26 by Hky


  • You can now equip two grenades instead of one!
    • You can’t equip two Flashbangs at once, unlike in Competitive.
  • Added Frag Grenade for $800
  • Added Incendiary Grenade for $1000
  • All pistols have had their price reduced by half – they are now the same price as in Competitive!


  • You are now able to buy/pick up the Molotov when you already have the Incendiary Grenade, and vice versa


  • Enabled FAWE’s dynamic view distance feature to reduce lag
    • After teleporting the server will now send you chunk packets over the period of about a second, instead of sending all chunks at once
    • This should eliminate almost all lag spikes when players join or teleport
    • You might still observe lag when an entire lobby teleport to a new location. (for example: you are playing MobArena and a new PVP game begins) I will add a teleport delay feature to PVP later which will fix this issue.
    • You might observe areas not loading after a teleport. /leave then joining again should fix it.


  • Fixed a glitch where swapping to a new kill streak item for the first time has no swap delay
    • The items should also no longer appear enchanted until you swap to them
  • Players should no longer drop more than 1 grenade on death
  • Fixed a glitch where picking up more than two flashbangs was possible in PVP mode
  • Fixed a glitch where 1.14 players could experience sneaking and sprinting at the same time, which counted as ADS but still had the sprint penalty applied making the weapon very inaccurate
  • Fixed a glitch where grenades on the ground disappear when you can’t pick them up
  • Fixed a glitch where Shortdust Elimination was not working properly


Hotfix 11/28


  • Bullets should no longer hit Structure Void
  • Bullets should no longer hit invisible armor stands
  • Removed dynamic view distance feature due to several glitches
  • Fixed another glitch where it was possible to pick up multiple of the same grenade

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