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Update 1.4.2: Explosive Sniping

Hello all,

This minor update comes with balance changes, new standard ammo types for the 7.92x57mm caliber, and new Explosive and Incendiary Ammo to the Mosin-Nagant and Kar98k!



  • Full-Auto Conversion (M14): Converts the M14 to be able to fire in full-auto at the cost of 4 extra Supply. The fire rate is increased by 50% compared to the semi-auto mode. It does not remove the ability to fire in semi-auto. The M14 in this configuration is still 1 Supply cheaper than the FAL, and trades better damage range for worse accuracy during longer bursts.
  • Burst-Fire Conversion (FAL): Converts the FAL to 3-round burst similarly to MW19. Decreases the weapon price by 4 Supply while retaining an extremely fast time to kill, but the burst mode is unreliable at longer distances due to the FAL’s high recoil.
  • Duplex Ammo (LMG): Available on the M60 and MG3 at Level 80. This is a slightly nerfed version of the Duplex Ammo with +10% total damage instead of +12% to be more balanced on LMGs.
  • S.m.E.lg Ammo (7.92x57mm Mauser): A budget ammo type that decreases damage in exchange for lower recoil, higher accuracy, and cheaper price.
  • Romanian Ammo (7.92x57mm Mauser): Romanian LPS ammo that offers slightly greater armor penetration and higher bullet velocity but reduced range.
  • Zastava Sniper Ammo (7.92x57mm Mauser): High accuracy sniper ammo that reduces drag and increases damage range at the cost of recoil.
  • S.m.K.H. Ammo (7.92x57mm Mauser): Armor piercing ammo that allows a 2-shot-kill to the chest of armored opponents using the MG34, with high penalties to recoil.
  • B-Patrone Explosive Ammo (Kar98k, Gewehr 98): Explosive ammo with increased damage compared to the normal ammo and adds splash damage, but costs 5 Supply to equip.
  • PZ Incendiary Ammo (Mosin-Nagant): Incendiary/explosive ammo with very short duration and allows for a delayed 1 hit kill while also being usable for area denial, but costs 5 Supply to equip.


  • TMP: reduced damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil stabilization
    • The TMP submachine gun was extremely powerful for its low cost of 4 Supply. It combined a solid 850 RPM rate of fire, the mobility of a no stock weapon, exceptional stability, and good damage range. The TMP has a short barrel in reality, so we have reduced its damage range and bullet velocity while also making the recoil a little less stable. It still keeps a solid damage potential at close range and is now easier to modify for subsonic velocity.
  • P90: increased overall recoil pattern (decreased Recoil Control)
    • The P90 was the perfect submachine gun in almost every way, held back only by an expensive cost and poor recoil stabilization. Due to the nature of its recoil the user did not have to compensate much for it and could just let the randomness do its job. It was also unrealistic as the P90 in real life has a decent amount of muzzle climb. This increase to the recoil pattern should not impact the effectiveness of the P90 for skilled players but should make it a little harder to control for less skilled ones.
  • M14: slightly increased vertical recoil
    • The M14 now has slightly more vertical recoil than the SR-25 to make up for the much lower horizontal recoil and the lack of flinch when being shot. It still has slightly lower recoil than the MSG90 A2.
  • Pomeroy Explosive Ammo (Lee-Enfield): now increases weapon price by 1 Supply
    • This is because the ammo type deals more damage than originally intended. The description of the ammo has been fixed with the correct damage reduction.


We have added 4 new quests to unlock the Duplex Ammo on current weapons:

  • M14 EBR
  • G3A3
  • SCAR-20
  • SR-25

Note that the Duplex Ammo (LMG) on M60 is already available for unlock normally.


We have added an initial implementation of the new map building system on StaffBuild. The next step will involve making the maps on StaffBuild playable on the 1.17 test server.

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