You are currently viewing Update 1.4.1: Minecraft 1.18.1 Support

Update 1.4.1: Minecraft 1.18.1 Support

Hello all,

In this minor update we have added Minecraft 1.18.1 support and addressed the recent log4j vulnerability on the server side.


Due to the newly discovered security vulnerability in Minecraft, if you are playing on a modded version of Minecraft, you must update Forge/Fabric. If that is not possible due to Minecraft version or mod compatibility issues, you must alternatively install this fix from CreeperHost.

No need to panic if you are using vanilla Minecraft to play GunColony. Mojang has fixed the issue for vanilla players, and your fix will be automatically downloaded the next time you play Minecraft. This kind of quick response to issues is why GunColony is committed to fully support vanilla Minecraft players going forward, even with some plans currently being drafted to create a GunColony mod.


You can now join GunColony using Minecraft 1.18.1.

The new fog changes in 1.18.1 will allow you to see more of the map if you previously had to turn down your render distance for performance reasons. If your render distance was already at 16 chunks or higher, this change should have no effect.


We have fixed the new zero-day log4j exploit on GunColony servers.

  • Applied two fixes on the 1.12.2 servers
  • Updated Paper and applied an additional fix on the 1.17 test server and StaffBuild
  • Updated BungeeCord

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