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Update 1.1: 6th Anniversary Update Part 3

Hello all,

Happy independence day! The resource pack update is finally here, containing a vast number of new gun models and Fabulous Mode improvements. We have also made a sweeping amount of gameplay tweaks to polish up some changes that have been made recently.


The new resource pack update has finally arrived, containing a huge number of new weapon remodels!

Note: this screenshot represents only a small percentage of remodeled weapons.

The Fabulous Mode reticles have also been updated to be brighter and more realistic. To enable the mode, use Minecraft 1.16 or 1.17 with Fabulous graphics settings and then enable it in /settings. Note that there might be graphics card compatibility issues, as the new shaders are only tested on Nvidia cards right now.


As decided by a Discord vote, the SR-25 and P250 have been returned to the roster of weapons at GunColony! They have both also received new models and balance changes.

The SR-25 is the fastest-handling 7.62mm battle rifle, bridging the gap between the M1 Garand and the G3A3. While it is semi-auto, when compared to the DMRs, the SR-25 does not suffer from flinch and is cheaper to purchase.

The P250 fires the unique .357 SIG caliber with excellent damage range but relatively high recoil. Its headshot multiplier has been slightly buffed compared to before and it now gains the ability to kill enemies in one headshot and one body shot up close.

Expect more weapons to return rapidly (every few days) from now on. Not every one will appear in the changelogs.


  • Grenades no longer inherit your sideways velocity, meaning that it will always go in the direction of your crosshair again
    • However, your velocity still affects the speed of the grenade. Moving forwards will still result in a longer throw and moving backwards will result in a shorter throw
  • Grenades are no longer available in the PVP shop to reduce clutter, and some other items in the shop have had their price adjusted
  • Grenades can no longer be thrown before the round starts
  • Grenades can no longer be thrown within 5 seconds after spawning in King of the Hill


Like PVP, we have updated the shop in Mob-Arena, adjusting the price of items and removing redundant options to leave a more reasonable number of choices for players.

In addition, picking up ammo will now refill ammo for all of your weapons, and you no longer need to be holding a specific weapon to pick up ammo. This is to retain the spirit of Mob-Arena as a horde mode where you don’t have to worry about ammo if you keep switching between multiple weapons and explosives (in a similar style to Doom).


In the last update we added a new sprint jump penalty. We felt that it solved some issues in the game but wasn’t polished enough.

A new and more polished Sprint-out Speed stat has been added to the game. It is currently affected by the Stippled Grip and 5mW Laser. We plan to make different weapons have different Sprint-out Speeds soon, but currently the base values are the same across a weapon category.

The sprint-out speed stat has two effects:

  • Sprint-out Speed affects the time it takes for movement inaccuracy to recover after you stop moving
  • Sprint-out Speed affects the time it takes to aim down sights:
    • While/after moving sideways: 75% of sprint-out time added to ADS. (The rationale behind this is that unlike most FPS games, in Minecraft you can move the same speed sideways as moving forwards, so it deserves some penalty.)
    • After sprinting: 100% of sprint-out time added to ADS
    • While sprint jumping and midair: 200% of sprint-out time added to ADS

In return, and to make the game feel snappier overall, the base ADS time of all weapons has been decreased by 50-75ms. Also, the FOV change when aiming down sights has been made slightly faster.


  • Added a few new weapon-specific ammo types to test the balancing of these modifications. Ammo types will be added to other weapons if feedback is positive
  • Fixed Granulated Grip Tape downside not working
  • Decreased the amount of weapon aim bounce when hipfiring. This buffs the 1mW and 5mW Laser and also decreases the random aim bounce while firing in the process of aiming down sights
  • Slightly changed some other modifications


We have added the God mutator back for a limited time, this time on the Juggernauts mode! It’s just Juggernauts with (near-) unlimited god apples. What could go wrong?


  • Added new GUI icons for optic modifications by MontanaMob
  • Changed Aimpoint M3 zoom from 1.75x to 1.5x to make it slightly different from Holographic Sight and Kobra Sight stat-wise
  • Glass will now break in a 3×3 in PVP
  • Shooting will now end your spawn protection in PVP
  • In the weapon equip GUI, the emerald icon’s amount now equals to the amount of supply you have available, rather than the amount of supply you have spent


  • Fixed a bug where rocket launchers in Mob-Arena weren’t being destroyed when empty due to having their reload ability disabled in the last update
  • Fixed a bug where the “You may not shoot here!” message was not displayed when attempting to shoot a gun outside the shooting range at spawn
  • Fixed a bug where the Reloadable Mini-Nuke wasn’t reloadable


As communicated in May, we are committed to updating the server to newer Minecraft versions during this summer.

As such, this is the last resource pack update that will support 1.12. The next time the resource pack is updated, we will add custom UI and HUD via the Minecraft 1.13 custom fonts feature. This will be a massive improvement in quality and polish for GunColony, and allows us to once again push the boundaries of what is possible in Minecraft. However, when this update happens, the server will no longer support Minecraft 1.12.

If you are currently using Minecraft 1.12, updating to 1.13 has no downsides (as the minor ADS movement “lag” issue is not introduced yet and the sneaking behavior is the same as 1.12), so you may update to this version if you want. However, we greatly encourage you to update to 1.17 instead because the server as a whole will be updating to 1.17 later this summer. If the movement lag bothers you, you can use 1.16 for now and download the mod on our homepage to fix the issue. The mod will also be available on 1.17 soon.

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