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Stealthy Update

Hello all,

We have added a few new stealth features for the server making it easier to go undetectable with your silenced weapons. We have also added support for new Minecraft versions and fixed a few notable bugs.



  • Bullets below 340 m/s (the speed of sound) will no longer make yellow trails
  • Bullets between 340 – 500 m/s will make less yellow bullet trails than normal
    • The above two changes work regardless of whether you have a suppressor or not
  • Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon will no longer make white bullet tracers
  • Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon at below 340 m/s will make no tracers at all
    • USP will make no tracers by default
    • MP5SD will need the new Subsonic Ammo modification to remove tracers
    • TMP, Vector, and XD can make no tracers with the regular Heavy Ammo modification
    • The M4A1-S and M16A1 have very fast velocity, so you can’t remove their bullet tracers


  • Added new Subsonic Ammo to the MP5SD, a special ammunition that reduces the velocity of the MP5SD below the speed of sound while giving slightly more positive effects than Heavy Ammo
  • Reduced Vector velocity by 1 m/s to allow its velocity with Heavy Ammo to go below 340 m/s
  • Suppressed weapons now make some smoke effects to avoid the feeling that you are shooting a nerf gun with the new reduced tracers on screen


  • Improved Flash Hider modification: the one muzzle flash particle that it still draws is now always centered to the barrel and smaller in size
  • Light Bolt no longer reduces damage, but reduces damage range more than before
  • Refined Barrel now reduces Aim Down Sight speed by 5%


  • Added support for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.1
  • Fixed a glitch where pressing Q to reload would sometimes switch the weapon fire mode instead when using Minecraft 1.15


  • Upgraded network equipment for more bandwidth and stability
  • Reinstalled the server on a new hosting software to reduce network overhead, and to prevent staff members from sometimes being put into the StaffBuild server instead of the main server upon joining


  • Fixed a glitch where the Muzzle Flash is rendered at a slightly lower position than intended
  • Fixed a glitch where Greased Bolt increased the min damage of snipers instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed a glitch where holding knife while damaging enemies with explosives and fire grenades counts as a knife hit
  • Fixed a glitch where holding knife and right clicking prevents damage from explosives and fire grenades
  • Internal changes to bullet particle trails to allow for dynamic creation of trails instead of it being hard-coded (particle type, render range, etc. can all be changed without a restart)

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