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Update 1.2: Big Additions

Hello all,

It’s been two months since the last update, and it wasn’t intended that way. What started out as a plan for a tiny final update before Minecraft 1.17 became larger with every passing week until it has become one of the largest content updates the server has ever seen.

GunColony is getting some huge changes with this update – both literally and figuratively. The NTW-20 anti-materiel rifle is back with four new ammo modifications to make it deadlier than ever, and a huge arsenal of Perks have been added to the PVP gamemode to help spice up your loadouts. Additionally, bullet whiz sounds have been added, new Extended Mags are now available to various weapons, much of the game’s content has received balance changes, several tweaks to deaths and respawning have been made, and a multitude of bugs have been fixed.


We have added 21 brand-new perks to PVP! Equipping these perks helps you boost your combat effectiveness. Most aspects of the Perk system are inspired by Call of Duty.

However, unlike Call of Duty games, perks cost Supply in order to balance them with other loadout options. It is totally fine if you play without perks, since you can select better weapons, armor, and explosives. The total amount of Supply has been increased from 25 to 30 to accommodate for the addition of perks.

Also, perks in GunColony are more realistically grounded. The only exceptions are Divine, which gives you buffs related to respawning, and the 8 Supply meme perks. All perks except meme perks are unlocked before Level 60, but can also be purchased early like weapons.


  • Underdog (1 Supply): Dying without a kill or by a player dominating you awards $300. Killing a player whom you dominate drains their money by $100.
  • Grenadier (2 Supply): Increases the speed of swapping to grenades and launcher weapons by 50%. If you die with a grenade in hand, the grenade is dropped at your death location. (This grenade will still drop normally)
  • Guerilla (2 Supply): Receive a short 40% movement speed boost upon spawning and after Longshot kills.
  • Bloodthirst (3 Supply): Greatly reduces the movement stun effect when being hit. Melee weapon kills fully restore health.
  • E. O. D. (4 Supply): Decreases incoming grenade and explosive damage by 25%.
  • Athlete (5 Supply): Greatly reduces Jumping Inaccuracy. Allows movement inaccuracy to recover while sprint jumping mid-air.
  • Curse (8 Supply, Legendary): Both you and enemies you kill take 3 extra seconds to respawn.


  • Flexible (1 Supply): Pick up primary weapons from the ground in your secondary slot, or secondary weapons in your primary slot.
  • Gunslinger (2 Supply): Secondary weapons will automatically reload when not used for 10 seconds. Decreases the trigger pull delays of all weapons with a trigger delay by 15%.
  • Experienced (2 Supply): Increases ADS and reload speed by 5% with all weapons.
  • Point Shooting (3 Supply): Dramatically increases the accuracy of hip firing, as long as you are standing still.
  • Ninja (4 Supply): Silences footsteps when not sprinting or jumping.
  • Dragonskin (5 Supply): Armor does not penalize your movement speed. Killing an enemy with a leg shot upgrades your armor and helmet tier to that of the enemy.
  • Poultry (8 Supply, Legendary): Killing an enemy spawns a useless chicken where they died.


  • Scavenger (1 Supply): Pick up ammo from dropped weapons of the same type or caliber. Enemies you kill drop both their primary and secondary weapons.
  • Mercenary (2 Supply): Increases kill rewards when defeating enemies.
  • Divine (2 Supply): Instantly ready your weapon when spawning. Spawn without noise. The duration of spawn protection is increased by 1s.
  • Heavy Duty (3 Supply): Reduces weapon recoil by a percentage depending on how full your current magazine is.
  • Steady Breath (4 Supply): Aim sway is reduced the longer you stay aiming down sights.
  • Headhunter (5 Supply): Headshot damage bypasses Basic Helmet. Enemies wearing Heavy Helmet will receive additional aim flinch when they are headshot.
  • Hardcore (8 Supply, Legendary): If you dominate a player with five consecutive Hardcore Weapon kills, then you are awarded with a Mini-Nuke, and the victim is kicked from the match.


The NTW-20 finally returns to the game! It has largely the same stats as before, but with slightly reduced ADS speed to match its bulkiness. Its Mob-Arena damage penalty has been removed to put it back to the top spot for dealing extreme damage to bosses, at the cost of having somewhat scarce ammo availability.

Also, as a unique anti-materiel rifle that can fire WWII 20mm aircraft ammunition, it also has four new weapon-specific ammo modifications, including explosive and incendiary rounds, which are detailed below.


  • Added support for making two modifications mutually exclusive to one another
    • This prevents using the 14.5mm ammo conversion with any of the new 20mm ammo types for the NTW-20
  • Added support for making modifications cost Money (or Supply in PVP)
    • If a weapon’s price was increased such that a PVP loadout becomes too expensive, it will automatically cause the weapon to be removed from this loadout
  • The old HE ammo types for the M82 and NTW-20 has been moved from the Magazine to the Ammo category, as it is not really a conversion
  • Added new weapon-specific ammo modifications to the NTW-20
    • Bg.44 Incendiary Ammo: deals incendiary damage for a short period after impact. No penetration and less direct damage
    • Pz.151 APHE Ammo: Renamed from Pz.151 HE Ammo and changed description to reflect name and stats
    • Mg.151 HE Ammo: deals explosive damage and slightly increases velocity. No penetration and less direct damage
    • MgX.151 HE Ammo: has slightly higher explosive damage and radius than the Mg.151 but slower velocity (costs $400 / 2 Supply)

  • Added new extended magazine modifications for various weapons per a Discord poll
    • 50-Round Drum Magazine for standard 5.56mm weapons (except the Stoner 63)
    • 50-Round Drum Magazine for the AK-47, AK-103, and Groza
    • 50-Round Quad Stack Magazine for the AK-74M, AN-94, AKS-74u, and Tavor X95-R (less penalties than the 5.56 drums, but costs $400)
    • 60-Round Quad Stack Magazine for the L86 LSW and Stoner 63 (costs $400 / 2 Supply)
    • 65-Round Drum Magazine for the Galil AR and IMI Galil (both weapons are Competitive only for now; costs $600 / 3 Supply)
    • 75-Round Drum Magazine for the Galil AR and IMI Galil (costs $600 / 3 Supply)
    • 30-Round Magazine for FAL-pattern weapons
    • 30-Round Magazine for the SR-25
    • 25-Round Magazine and 30-Round Magazine for the M14 and M14 EBR
    • 100-Round Drum Magazine for the RPK
    • Cold War Magazine for the PP-19 Bizon, which totally makes sense

  • Added the Nothing perk for the AK-47, AK-74M, RPK, Mosin, and SVT-40.
    • Reduces price by $400 / 2 Supply
    • Cannot be combined with any other modification
  • Changed some existing magazine modifications
    • The 24-Round Magazine for FAL-pattern rifles, as well as the 25-round magazine for the SR-25, no longer decrease the amount of backup ammo
    • The 24-Round Magazine for FAL is now also available on the G3A3 (they are not actually the same IRL but whatever)
    • The unlock levels of some existing extended magazines have been reduced for weapons that received new extended magazines
    • Reduced the unlock level of L86 EMAG Magazine from 50 to 40
  • The .223 Remington ammo type for 5.56 NATO now reduces weapon price by $200, but the recoil reduction is slightly less effective
  • The Full Choke modification for Shotguns now costs $200, but the damage penalty has been reduced from 6% to 5%


We have added bullet whiz sounds when enemy bullets fly past you! This should make fights ever-so-slightly more intense.

  • There is a supersonic snap sound and a subsonic whiz sound
  • The volume of the sound depends on the bullet’s damage and how close to you it hit
  • The whiz sound has lower volume than gunshots (except at far range or when suppressed), so it should not affect one’s ability to hear where shots are coming from
  • Only enemy bullets play a whiz sound, not friendly ones
  • The whiz sound still plays when the bullet hits you
  • The whiz sound is disabled if you are very close to the shooter


  • SR-25, M1 Garand, SVT-40: added 0.6 degrees of flinch
    • These weapons have cheaper price, faster rate of fire, and more predictable recoil when spammed compared to both DMRs and battle rifles in semi-auto. They also previously had no flinch, which made them almost always the preferred choice for skilled players. Adding a minor amount of flinch should bring these semi-auto weapons closer to DMRs in performance. The RFB, being more similar to a SMG than a marksman rifle, still allows the user to receive no flinch.
  • DMRs & Sniper Rifles (except .338 and above): reduced flinch from 1.5 to 1.2 degrees
  • All DMRs: price reduced by $400 ($200 for ZH-29)
    • DMRs in GunColony face competition from assault rifles, which can be used in semi-auto to engage at long ranges; semi-auto rifles, with their cheaper price; and sniper rifles, which have a one shot kill advantage compared to the DMRs. Therefore, the DMRs needed a price and flinch reduction to stand up better to these other options.
    • The QBU-88 should benefit the most; with similar damage and slower fire rate than the SR-25, it needed to be significantly cheaper to become a viable option.
    • Lightweight snipers rifles have also received a flinch reduction to more consistently hit bodyshots at range, but enemies can still save themselves from a deadly headshot by taking advantage of the remaining flinch.
  • M14 EBR: recoil recovery begins sooner after firing, making it more accurate in semi-auto
  • G36: significantly increased horizontal recoil in its recoil pattern (it is still a very accurate weapon for its rate of fire, though)
  • Flamethrower: reworked
    • Increased velocity from 30 m/s to 40 m/s
    • Increased maximum range from 25 m to 40 m
    • Reduced damage dropoff by 17%
    • Reduced Supply Cost by 4
    • Added realistic gravity. Using the Flamethrower beyond 25m requires aiming significantly above target
    • Damage and velocity are now reduced by 50% after ricocheting off a block. Now the ricochet effect is largely only useful for its intended purpose of weeding out campers around corners at close range
    • Tweaked particle effects so that they last shorter and don’t impact FPS as much
  • Fire Launcher: reworked
    • Removed triangular spread pattern, making the Fire Launcher much more accurate
    • Removed block penetration
    • Reduced damage to unarmored enemies
    • Added realistic gravity
    • Added minor splash damage upon impact with a block (splash will not trigger when impacting entities)


  • Breaking a block is now done during and not after the bullet flight calculations
    • Fixed Shotguns being less effective than intended at breaking multiple weaker blocks
  • When throwing a grenade at a block, if this block is broken by the grenade impact, the grenade will no longer ricochet off of it
  • 3×3 glass breaking should now work in modes other than Mine-Spades
  • Blocks broken by guns will now fire the Bukkit event and be cancelled if the Bukkit event is cancelled
    • This should have little effect in game other than being a safety precaution, but it might stop glass breaking in a small number of maps with WorldGuard regions. Please report these to us so they can be fixed.
  • Players can no longer break blocks in the few seconds before the round starts in PVP


  • Spawn protection is now only removed when firing a weapon in FFA or Random Spawns modes
  • Spawn protection has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds in TDM Random Spawns, just like it is in FFA
  • Using the Knife or the Equipment Tablet will no longer remove spawn protection
  • The grenade usage delay in King of the Hill has been reduced to 3 seconds from 5 seconds


Added a visual knockback effect when you are killed in PVP to indicate the direction that you were shot from.

  • Explosives cause a higher knockback effect than normal
  • The knockback is proportional to damage, so NTW-20 headshot deaths may be particularly gruesome


  • ADS speed penalty from sprint jumping reduced from 2x Sprint-out Time to 1.25x Sprint-out Time
    • This is because the ADS delay after sprint jumping was often excessive and made the player feel helpless if they were caught in the middle of a jump
  • Added extensive systems to prevent players from griefing the arena world on the main server, or modifying areas above the map in Mine-Spades
  • Point Blank, Longshot, Marksman, and Sniper awards now also trigger if the kill distance is exactly equal to their threshold of 2m, 30m, 60m, and 100m respectively
  • Improved the rounding when swap speed is affected by modifications (and the Grenadier perk)
  • Completely rewritten the reload system
    • Minimized lag/delay when pressing the reload key to reload a weapon
    • Added rudimentary internal support for akimbo weapons (not used yet)
  • Added internal support for having multiple armor pieces that protect the same region (not used yet)


  • Fixed a bug where the M4A1 lost all of its weapon-specific modifications after it was renamed from the M4A1-S
  • Fixed a bug where leg shots had a higher damage multiplier than intended
  • Fixed a bug where HK69A1 and RPG-7 explosions sometimes occurred inside a block, causing them to do much less damage than intended
  • Fixed the M82, NTW-20, and L39 being incorrectly referred to as “anti-material” rather than “anti-materiel”
  • Fixed a bug where Objective C on Ruby Domination was missing
  • Fixed a bug where a map escape was possible on RaidComp by breaking glass
  • Fixed a bug where leaves would decay over the course of the match on Villa
  • Fixed a bug where a map escape was possible on SignalHill near the tree area
  • Fixed a bug where the 9x39mm caliber showed 0 damage bars in the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the 5.56mm conversion for the SC2010 still showed 4 damage bars in the inventory, rather than 2
  • Fixed a bug where the L86 LSW was not unlockable despite being equippable in PVP
  • Fixed a bug where the Fire Launcher had lower ADS Movement Speed than intended
  • Potentially fixed a bug where players were unable to move after swapping their weapon

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