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Air Support Update

Hello all,

Today we are adding additional air support drops to Mob-Arena, a highly requested feature, as well as a limited-time PVP mode where you get to support your team from the air yourself!



At the moment, the air supports are only available as Mob-Arena drops.

Drone Strike

Calls in a fleet of commercial drones carrying Molotovs, providing area denial. Crude but effective! More common than other air supports.

Cluster Strike

Calls in explosive artillery shells that split into smaller shells in midair, causing a high amount of explosions in a wide area and a short amount of time. This is the most powerful and rarest air support available – as rare as a Mini-Nuke!


Each team has an Aviator who is able to fly over the map with the Elytra and provide fire superiority from above. The Aviator is able to use the Equipment Tablet anywhere and has 200 health. They must stay in the air and get kills to refill Firework Rockets, or else they will respawn as a normal player.

Because there are two additional players flying in the air, the mode will only show up with 8 or more players in the lobby.


Grenades and other special items now have lore descriptions to help players understand what they do.


  • When using the Fabulous mode, your crosshair will no longer flicker or disappear when you are moving at a high speed
    • The new system will also consume much less internet bandwidth
  • Wallbangs hits will no longer stun players
    • This makes it harder to fully kill enemies by spraying through a wall with the aid of hitmarkers
    • Wallbangs can still knock back mobs
  • In Mine-Spades, the objectives can now move down at most 16 blocks, and move up at most 6 blocks (player-suggested)
    • This mainly prevents pillaring to move the objective up into the sky, making it near-unreachable considering the increased block health in the last update
  • Players using elytras are no longer stunned by weapons
  • The pumpkin crosshair now displays when holding a tool or placeable block in Mine-Spades (player-suggested)
  • Reduced the delay between swapping the weapon and updating whether the pumpkin crosshair should be shown on the screen


  • The async shooting system now uses multiple threads to compute the shooting logic instead of performing much of it on the netty thread when receiving a packet
    • Fixes lag issues caused by the player turning latency reduction patch in the last update
  • Increased RAM allocation for the BungeeCord instance
    • Should alleviate network lag issues with incoming packets when there are a lot of players without frequently restarting BungeeCord


  • The Mortar Strike has been renamed to Mortar Barrage
  • Mortar Strike and A-10 has been made rarer to make room for the new air supports
    • The total number of air support drops has been slightly increased
  • The Mob-Arena gas grenade gas now moves more smoothly
    • This does not apply to the smoke grenade for lag reasons
  • Added version 2 of the Villa play testing map


  • Fixed a common hit registration issue with the Knife after the previous projectile rework
  • Fixed a rare issue where a bullet might not properly collide with a block
  • Fixed a bug where damage indicator shows up in Mob-Arena showing zero damage when a player is in the blast radius of a friendly grenade
  • Fixed a bug where when standing in a friendly incendiary or gas grenade in Mob-Arena, one can take damage much more frequently than expected (more noticeable with Slimes or hordes of mobs)
  • Fixed a bug where the Endless round end message did not include the last player who died in the arena

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