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Signal Update

Hello all,

This minor update adds 1.16 client support and new themed content. Use mortar strikes and air support against mobs and defend the signal tower to keep communication with HQ. Enjoy less lag when staff are building on the build server.



Signal Hill is a new MA map with a unique spawning mechanic different from all other maps in the game. Hordes of monsters will spawn far away and slowly climb up the hill to get to the players. It is unlocked at Level 8 as soon as you leave the newbie spawn.



We have added two airstrikes that drop rarely within MobArena.

Mortar Strike: Calls in powerful mortar shells that drop in a medium area. Remember to use it outdoors! There is a significant delay before the shells land.

A-10 Airstrike: Calls in a strafe run that eliminates enemies in a straight line and is able to penetrate soft cover. The direction of the strafe is controlled by the direction you’re facing. The plane is currently not visible but we’re looking into ways to show it in game.

They have currently not been added to PVP but we might consider adding them in the future alongside a more fleshed-out killstreak system.


We have updated ViaVersion to support Minecraft 1.16 and 1.16.1 clients.


  • Moved server to a new admin control panel
  • Moved the staff build server to a new host so it no longer shares CPU and RAM resources with the GunColony server


  • The MobArena Quick Join GUI now has the Quick Join icon prioritized, whereas the Start New Game icon is moved to the top right corner because it is less commonly used
  • The MobArena Quick Join GUI is modified to accommodate for mixed-case maps like SignalHill
  • The Low Player Bonus in MobArena now affects player XP as well as weapon XP
  • The spawn help signs have been simplified and no longer contain duplicate information
  • Moved map NPCs in the newbie spawn to reduce clutter
  • Added some banners to prevent the holograms on the main spawn from showing through to players in the newbie spawn


  • Fixed a glitch where the Join Game sword took you to the MobArena lobby instead of opening the Quick Join GUI
  • Fixed a glitch where a projectile shot stright up/down could cause a NaN when calculating pitch
  • Fixed a glitch where the weapon tracers originated from different positions between the first tick and subsequent ticks, making it appear glitchy especially on slower velocity weapons
  • The knife right click swing animation now works for 1.13 and above clients

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