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Mutation Update

Hello all,

The most anticipated update of the year has finally arrived! We have added some much-needed performance improvements to the server (for real) – the “infester lag” should now be a thing of the past. We have also added the Recon Drone, as well as some amazing seasonal content in this update that you should definitely check out.


We have added a recon drone to the game which is only available in a specific mode (don’t ask me which one it is). This is different from the Drone Strike in Mob-Arena but uses the same model for now. It currently has temporary mechanics and will be fleshed out soon.


When starting a game, any mutators that the game is running will be displayed in the chat alongside a short description.

“But what on earth is a mutator?” I hear you ask. I’ll leave you to find it out in game…


The weapon config system has been majorly rewritten for performance. This improves performance of the entire gun system by a large amount, and it should result in less lag in all gamemodes.

  • A weapon’s base stats after inheritance and always-applied modifications are now cached to greatly reduce the amount of work required to get a weapon’s base stat
  • Data structure improvements to further reduce the number of HashMap calls required to get a weapon’s base stat from 2 down to 0 in most cases
  • Weapon modifications now uses binary search on an array instead of a HashMap call to determine whether it affects a weapon stat
  • NMS classes are now cached when dealing damage using reflection, improving performance by a further ~15% in damage events
  • Improved concurrency handling by using ReadWriteLocks instead of synchronization to prevent contention between read threads
  • Some other minor improvements

Furthermore, the damage holograms used in Mob-Arena have also been optimized.

  • If there are too many holograms being displayed per second across the server, further damage from explosives or vanilla sources will only display a hologram every second on each mob
    • Damage from bullets and any damage exceeding 10 hearts will still always display a hologram immediately
  • Hologram packets have been made asynchronous, leading to greatly reduced performance overhead on the main thread


  • Removed uncessary “ID: ” in the bottom line of some items in the GUIs
  • The acceleration of the damage hologram effect in Mob-Arena now looks more natural
  • The Bombard boss skill is now capped at difficulty 10 (the amount of potions thrown is limited to 16) to prevent bosses from healing too quickly in Endless

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