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Hello all,

In today’s update we have updated our Inferno map. We have also added a new resource pack update containing weapon remodels, new weapons, and a couple of fixes.


We have updated our Inferno map, which contains both a visual upgrade and a revamped layout to more closely match CS:GO’s new Inferno.


Updated weapon models for the IMI Galil, SR-25, MSG90 A2, PPD-38, PPD-40, PPSh-41, Suomi KP-31, and RPK-12.



Assault rifle with a conventional layout and good range. Since it’s made in China it’s also cheaper than most other 5.56mm assault rifles. It has less predictable handling than more expensive rifles but is otherwise a solid contender with good overall stats.

You can unlock QBZ-03 in an early access quest now!


We have added new chat prefixes that appear before a player’s name. They are color coded by gamemode and take up less space than our previous text prefixes.


  • Fixed K98k viewmodel being too small
  • Fixed Fedorov Avtomat viewmodel being too small
  • Reduced Nylon 66 XP multiplier from 2.5X to 2X. We wanted hardcore weapons to be a fun alternative and change of pace to regular weapons, not the fastest way to earn XP in the entire game.
    • We will add a 3X XP musket soon if you just like high multipliers.


Fixed the “Quest Glitch” that gave some players trouble completing recent quests.

  • The Mob-Arena win stat now tracks when the final boss dies, instead of when the arena ends
  • Fixed a glitch where XP for defeating bosses was not being given to all players
    • The player who struck the final blow still earns more XP compared to other players

Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed a glitch where the humans left counter in Zombie Siege included zombie amount as well
  • Fixed a glitch where the join message when staff members joined the lobby was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a glitch where in the Classic Offensive scenario, the sniper rifle scope glitches out when firing while scoped in
  • In the past few days we have fixed the PVP joining glitch and a lag glitch, caused by two separate database-related issues.

Hotfix 10/12/20:

  • Improved the reliability of the database system, with the goal of avoiding data loss issues as much as possible
    • When your data failed to load from the database, the game will now kick you to preserve your data
    • When the server can’t find any data in your database row, and it is not a lobby server (so you can’t be a new player), the game will now kick you to preserve your data
    • Saving data is now cancelled if the data failed to load from the database in the first place, this prevents stats and quest progress from being reset in the event of an error saving them
    • Added some additional logging and safeguards in various other places in the database system to help catch future issues
  • Mineshaft has been reworked to have just one arena like other Mob-Arena maps
    • This fixes the Endless Mode
    • In the future if we want to make an arena with multiple playable areas we will explore other methods than chaining multiple arenas together

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