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Fabulous Update

Hello all,

In this update we are adding an optional feature to enable an upgraded crosshair and holographic sights to Minecraft 1.16 users. We have also introduced new hitmarker audio, a new weapon, the ability to drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades, and a few important bug fixes.


Fabulous mode is an optional toggle that adds dynamic crosshairs and better looking weapon optics to the game.

The new hipfire crosshairs will display your weapon spread and show your crosshair growing larger when you move, jump, or fire your weapon. The new reflex sight reticles are more realistic and glow in low light levels. This has never been done before by anyone else in vanilla Minecraft.

Here’s how to enable this optional feature:

  • Log into the server using Minecraft 1.16
  • Set your Graphics setting to “Fabulous!” in video settings
  • Type /settings
  • Click the Fabulous Mode button

Note that this feature is tested on NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards but is not yet tested on Intel. Also compatibility with shaders mods is not tested. If you are struggling with performance try using the Sodium mod:

There are a few caveats because we had to use several workarounds to add custom UI to the game without any mods.

  • The crosshair can sometimes flash and disappear for a frame or two, which is especially noticeable if your game is running at low FPS
  • The crosshair may disappear if you move too fast (e.g. sprint jumping on ice, falling downwards), have high ping, looking at a solid block in close proximity, or with unstable internet connection
  • The crosshair will stretch if you are not using a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • The vanilla block selection boundary will appear abnormal on tile entities like Chests when using this feature

Months of work went into researching Minecraft resource pack mechanics to make this possible. I hope you try out the feature in 1.16 and tell us what you think!


We have added a new hitmarker sound from COD:MW into PVP modes. There are two different sounds that will play depending on whether the enemy is wearing armor.

You can turn this off in /settings and have the old hitmarker sound instead.


Last time we reworked the weapon sway we had gotten the values wrong. We noticed that the change made sway much more difficult to control, which negatively impacted weapon accuracy especially when tapping or burst firing.

We have reduced sway speed by 60% across the board to match the new sway values more accurately to the old sway.


We have added the AN-94 to an early access quest for a week! This unique Russian rifle has a 1800 RPM hyperburst which is realistically portrayed in game thanks to the recently-added async firing system. The AN-94 as well as the QBZ-03 will be officially added later this month.

This should be the last early access quest before Halloween quests kick off!


We have re-enabled Muzzle Boost attachment on Vector and FMG-9 now that weapons higher than 1200 RPM are supported. This is experimental and we might revert this if there are unintended inconsistencies with these higher than 1200 RPM weapons.


You can now drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades. This is technically a bug fix but warrants its own section in the patch notes. Note that in Mob-Arena you still can’t drop items that came with your starting kit.


  • Fixed a glitch where Melee Weapons could trigger the point blank kill award
  • Fixed a glitch where you couldn’t drop items in Mob-Arena and MineSpades even though you should’ve been able to
  • Fixed a glitch where some of the new weapons in the resource pack appear too small in third person
  • Fixed a glitch where the Weapon Upgrade GUI experience percentage showed as a decimal instead of an integer

Hotfix 10/14/20:

I forgot I’d left a half-working version of killstreak announcements in the game. It has been bug fixed and polished in this bugfix.

  • Fixed a glitch where the first kill counted as 0 killstreak instead of 1
  • Fixed a glitch where suicide did not reset your killstreak
  • MobArena wins are now counted both when the final boss dies and when you are removed from the arena on win (but only a maximum of once between the two sources)

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