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Shooting Range Update

Hello all,

Hah, you thought that GunColony is going to get a shooting range? No way! Wait, eh… actually we just added one. It gives you daily XP, too.



We have added a new spawn to the server, with a new style inspired by Eastern European architecture. There are also a few tanks and jeeps around (remember Hostile?) to give it a military aesthetic.



Instead of having one NPC for every map in Mob-Arena, we now have a single NPC that allows you to choose which map to play. Convenient!

Newbies maps before level 8 will still have their own NPC.



The newbie spawn has been replaced with a shooting range! Targets have 300 hitpoints and give a total of 100 XP when cleared. Additionally they also give 100 XP to your weapon. They reset every day at 3:00 AM EST and thus function like a daily login award.

The first shooting range has ten targets and they are fairly close range. They are available to new players who first join the server.

The second shooting range has thirty targets which are up to 100m away. You will need to be Level 3 to enter this range.

Finally, the main spawn is still accessible at level 8 just like previously.



  • Donors (Recon & Specialist) can now add reactions to posts on Discord


Hotfix #1 8/14/20

  • Fixed a glitch where players would respawn alive in Competitive
  • Fixed a glitch where map NPCs would say “Keyword Not Found” right after a restart
  • Fixed NoobTubes scenario not working properly
  • Fixed a glitch where Quakecraft scenario produced a lot of chat spam
  • Attempted a fix on a glitch where killing someone would occasionally count as an assist

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