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Weapon Modifications Patch

Hello all,

Today we have released a minor patch to make the modification system easier to understand. We have also rebalanced some modifications and fixed some pressing performance issues in the server.


  • Reduced CheyTac M200 default zoom from 8X to 6X to be more usable in typical maps.
  • Increased G3SG1 price to $5000 (from 4800)
  • Reduced Flamethrower bullet velocity from 40 to 30 m/s.
  • Dart Ammo for shotguns now increases block penetration by 60% (from 30%). The new penetration of Dart Ammo is comparable to 5.56mm rifles.
  • Sniper Ammo now reduces spread by 25% (from 20%).
  • Fixed Stock now reduces idle sway by 12% (from 10%).
  • Mk 211 for M82 now increases base damage by 25% (from 20%).
  • Pzsgp. 151 APHE for NTW-20 now reduces block penetration by 40% (from 50%).
  • Faster Burst for Fire Launcher now increases bullet velocity by only 10% (from 15%).


  • Icons for the slots occupied by equipped Weapon Modifications are now shown in the weapon’s display name.
  • Ammo type changes are now called “Conversion Kits” and can be used alongside another ammo modification.
    • For now, this only affects the Thompson M1A1’s “.30 Carbine” modification.
  • Changed weapon modification descriptions to be more accurate.
    • “-Recoil” replaced with “+Recoil Control”
    • “-First Shot Spread” replaced with “+Idle Sway Control”
    • “-Spread Increase” replaced with “+Firing Sway Control”
    • “-Sway Speed” replaced with “+Sway Consistency”
    • “-Movement Penalty” replaced with “+Moving Accuracy”
    • “-Shot Dispersion” replaced with “+Accuracy”
    • “-Muzzle Flash” replaced with “+Muzzle Flash Concealment”
    • “-Pellet Spread” replaced with “+Pellet Grouping”
    • “-Damage Dropoff” replaced with “+Damage Range”
    • “-Swap Time” replaced with “+Swap Speed”
    • “-Bullet Drag” replaced with “+Bullet Drag Resistance”
    • “+Minimum Damage” replaced with “+Minimum Damage At Range”
    • For Damage Range the value is recomputed (for example -18% damage dropoff is changed to +22% damage range), for the other values the number simply swapped signs.
  • Fixed M84 optic description claiming 4X zoom while the actual zoom was 2.2X.


  • The volume of the hit confirmation sound when hitting another player has been slightly increased.
  • Added more tip messages to PVP and Mob-Arena.
  • Mob-Arena bosses will now only take the full stun effect from the player that they are targeting.
    • You will only do 20% of the normal stun to bosses if they are not targeting you.
    • However, damaging the boss still applies damage absorption which helps the targeted player do more stun to the boss.


  • Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena matches sometimes would not start.
  • Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena player respawn timers would only tick down by 1 second every wave.
  • Fixed a critical bug with the mob stunning code that caused high constant TPS loss whenever Mob-Arena was played.
  • Fixed an issue where legacy Infected loadouts could still be selected by equipping a weapon in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where PVP and Mob-Arena loadout selection buttons could overlap when equipping a weapon in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon swap animation did not play when spawning or respawning in Mob-Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a player in the leg did not play the hit confirmation sound.
  • Improved database storage system to immediately save any updates to disk. This should fix any cases of losing crates/EXP on restarts.

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