PVP Overhaul

Hello all,

This massive update is putting the focus back on PVP with a new gamemode, several new and rebuilt maps, scoreboards (!!!), weapon-specific XP boosts, and a buff to Grenades.

Stay tuned because another revamp to PVP Loadouts will be coming soon!


This is one of our largest map updates yet, with three new maps added to the roster and three existing maps remastered in one go!


This is an alternate layout of Showers inspired by COD Warzone. It is available in King of the Hill and replaces Showers in Elimination.


A redesigned Cache with more accurate porportions and much, much more beautiful surroundings, based on the new, greener Cache in CS:GO. It is available in TDM Random Spawns and Defusal.


A tight and vertical CQB map that forces everyone together. You’ll spend most of your time being a tunnel rat. Available in TDM Random Spawns and FFA.


Straightforward map in Call of Duty with an open layout. Available in Domination, Arms Race, and One in the Chamber.


Remastered Safehouse with vastly improved aesthetics and destructible glass windows! Playable in Zombie Siege, Arms Race, and Demolition.


One of the smallest maps in GunColony now remastered with more accurate proportions to COD MW2019. Playable in a wide variety of gamemodes.


Scoreboards have been sorely missing in PVP for years. With this update, they are finally there and tell you everything you need to know about the status of the match!

There are over 10 different scoreboards depending on the gamemode to give you the most helpful information. They will show you:

  • How much time is left on the clock
  • Which team you are on
  • Your kills, as well as the top killer’s kills
  • The server IP: guncolony.com
  • In COMP, the rounds won by each team
  • In Arms Race and FFA, the ranking of each player
  • In Juggernauts and Zombie Siege, the juggernaut or alpha zombie on each team
  • In Defusal, the status of the bomb, and if on T side the bomb carrier


*test screenshot

MineSpades is a new PVP gamemode where players have the total freedom to modify the map. Build cover and dig tunnels with your team to get to the objective!

In MineSpades, you respawn with 64 cobblestone and double the usual ammo. In addition, all blocks have a 2/3 chance to drop an additional Cobblestone when broken. Also, you have access to /respawn which respawns you after 3 seconds as long as you don’t take damage, in case you get stuck.

MineSpades is available in King of the Hill and Domination flavors on the new Docks and Safehouse, as well as Alpine Trench.


  • The Arcade lobby has been removed
  • Modes that previously belonged to Arcade will now rarely appear in PVP instead as occasional party modes (similar to Scenarios)
  • This helps players fill a single, larger game instead of being split between two matches
  • PVP is now available at Level 8


We have improved the way we handle playlists. This allows us to make special events more easily in the future.

In addition, we have added Limited-Time and NEW tags that can appear on maps to mark their special status.

The map vote has been reduced to 7 maps instead of 14 to reduce excessive choices for the player. (Most games have a map vote between 3 and 6 maps, so this is still plenty.)

Finally, we have reshuffled which maps appear in which mode, and maps now have a minimum and maximum player limit which means that a map will no longer show up in the vote if there are too few or too many players in the lobby.


Grenades have been buffed significantly in PVP. Namely, they now take 0.2 seconds to swap instead of 0.5s, to accommodate for the fast-paced gameplay of GunColony. This swap speed is the same as the swap speed of grenades in Mob-Arena.


Some weapons are not as powerful than others in GunColony, to the point that if we buffed the price it would have to be as cheap as pistols to be balanced (which would mess up Competitive so we don’t want that). Instead, they will now become “Hardcore Weapons”.

Hardcore Weapons are intentionally underpowered, but will have a XP and Weapon XP multiplier between 2-3X on all damage and kills while using them. They are a good way to earn experience if you are up to the challenge!

Currently, the only Hardcore Weapon in the game is the Nylon 66, which has a 2.5X experience multiplier.


We have added a light propagation system to deal with lighting issues when reloading PVP maps from schematics. This is based on the LightCleaner plugin but with custom code to make it work on 1.12.2 and more reliably.

This should fix the lighting artifacts introduced in the Glassbreaker update.

Please report any issues in the Discord server!


Early access quests are now available! These quests allow you to unlock weapons and attachments early before they are officially added to the game! They are meant for dedicated players which means that you might have to go out of your way to complete them.

The first early access quests for the .45 ACP BOLA round modification have been added to the server! Beat three spooky Mob-Arena maps in any difficulty to unlock the BOLA rounds for three different handguns. The BOLA rounds allow your gun to fire three pellets – six when used with a AF2011!

To allow for these additions,

  • The quest system now supports limited-time quests
  • The quest system now supports weapon modifications as rewards
  • Quests in the /quest GUI are now ordered by their order in the config file
    • Completed quests will still appear last


  • Added a command to always join the MobArena on the lobby server, which is useful for testing new maps
  • The blue team in chat messages is now Aqua blue instead of dark blue
  • The September M16A1 | OG skin quest is will no longer be available on October 1st
  • Nylon 66 and Charger 22 no longer deal extra headshot multiplier in Mob-Arena
  • Updated auto-restart message for BungeeCord to clarify that it’s a restart and not a reset
  • Removed Alpine Trench destructible experiment now that MineSpades has been released
  • In Discord #server-chat, changed the message when players join the lobby, and removed message when players leave the lobby to match the in-game chat
  • Leveling up to level 1-4 no longer give Double XP
  • Leveling up to level 5-9 now give 15 minutes of Double XP rather than 10 minutes
  • Added/updated Random Spawns layouts to Acumen, Aztec, Blackgold, Bureau, and Dust II
  • Added a tactical nuke sound to Mini-Nuke when being thrown to make it a bit scarier…?
  • The voting reminder now tells you to type /vote
  • You can now vote when offline/in a game, and the rewards will be given when you next log in to the lobby server


  • Fixed a glitch where block impact sounds aren’t played when the bullet fails to penetrate a block
  • Fixed a glitch where the MobArena server 1 was auto-restarting too frequently
  • Fixed a glitch where guns could break unbreakable blocks like bedrock
  • Fixed a glitch where the objective capture message displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a glitch where armor stands still blocked players from shooting
  • Fixed a glitch where MG3 appeared to be the MG42 model for 1.13+ players


Hello all,

Today’s update adds destructible glass and walls into the game! It also adds beta support for Mob Arena multi-server which is aimed at reducing lag.


We have created a highly automated workflow to edit maps and update the changes to all servers. Maps will be set up on the main server, and with a few commands they will automatically be loaded onto schematics and copied onto all minigame servers (via the file sync system that was added last update).

In the game server, the schematics of maps will be pasted whenever the game starts and ends to ensure that it is always up to date.


Glass and glass panes are now always destructible in PVP maps. Any bullet is more than strong enough to destroy multiple glass blocks and still hit enemies behind them. Stained glass is not destructible by default because they are often used to make decorative windows on inaccessible buildings which we don’t want players to break.

The schematic system above will make sure that any changes to the map are reset whenever a new round starts.

Most PVP maps have been tweaked to have destructible glass windows where appropriate.


Builders can now add destructible regions within the map where all blocks within them are able to be destroyed.

On Alpine Trench the entire map is destructible as a conceptual test to future gamemodes. The reason we picked Alpine is because the map is mostly open terrain, and that you can use the HK69A1 launcher in scenario mode which we want to try and balance.


When an objective is captured, the chat will now list the players who capped the objective. Also, a toast message will be displayed on the top right side of the screen similar to the message that shows when a bomb is planted.

When you unlock or complete a quest, a toast message will now display.

When you earn EXP, you will now receive a “+xxx experience” message as soon as the orange popup on your screen expires for more immediate feedback of how much XP you are earning

The message when joining the server has been tweaked, and the leave message has been disabled, since both gamemodes now run on separate servers from the main lobby and joining them counts as leaving the lobby.


  • Minigame servers now do a full update of its data every 10 seconds to the main server rather than 30, which increases reliability of the data that the main server receives
  • Joining a game now attempts to join you twice, in case of issues like being kicked for “your player data could not be loaded”
  • Capped mob knockback velocity to 40 blocks per second to reduce lag
  • Reduced amount of MySQL player data connections per server from 16 to 4 to help with connection problems and slow restart times
  • Removed the “teleporting you back to the lobby…” message after PVP as it was unnecessary
  • In Competitive Mode you will now receive full experience when you leave early, but your Weapon XP will still be cut in half
  • Added “Blocks Broken” stat to /stats
  • The PVP and COMP scoreboard entries are now appropriately red and orange color
  • Maps that are in the starting lobby now count towards the map count displayed above the Quick Join NPC as well
  • The servers now automatically boot when the server machine starts, minimizing downtime in the event that it does occur


  • Actually fixed the MA spawning lag glitch (the fix in the last update missed an important part of implementation)
  • Fixed a glitch where jumping at the end of the High Gravity skill would throw you very high in the air
  • Fixed a major glitch where players’ EXP could be stuck at -1 due to error in MySQL null handling
  • Fixed a glitch where manually moving an item into your inventory held item slot did not trigger a weapon swap
  • Fixed a glitch where explosions (including molotovs) caused your weapon to swap fire modes
  • Fixed a glitch where the difficulty of Mob-Arena matches showed “Unknown” in the GUI menus
  • Fixed a glitch where the Quick Join did not correctly pick the best arena to join for the player

Endless EXP

Hello all,

In today’s minor update, enjoy a revamped Endless Mob Arena, support for the latest Minecraft version, and various leveling and progression polish.


The Endless mode has been revamped to progress faster.

  • There is now a boss every 5 waves instead of 10
  • Health of originally high-health bosses is greatly reduced
  • Mobs no longer come in massive swarms but rather have better equipment instead. At later waves the amount of mobs will still increase to high levels
    • Whether a wave spawns a lot of weak mobs or fewer strong mobs is somewhat up to RNG


  • Added support for 1.16.3 clients


The previous Low Player Bonus was not clearly communicated to players since they wouldn’t receive any indication of the bonus until finishing a match. Also, it was only being applied in Mob-Arena.

Now we have added a brand new Low Player Bonus to replace the old one!

  • Triggers when there are at most 5 other players online with you
  • You will get a Double XP boost between 15 and 45 mins
    • This is the same boost as the Booster Vote Crate, which means that it works in all modes
  • The boost will keep working for the full duration even if more players joined in the meantime
  • You can get a free boost this way every day


  • While in spawn, your current level and experience will be displayed in the Minecraft EXP bar
    • Earning experience will now play a smooth animation in the experience bar
  • Leveling up will now give you temporary Double XP!
    • < level 10: 10 minutes
    • level 10-29: 20 minutes
    • level 30-49: 30 minutes
    • level 50-99: 1 hour
    • >= level 100: 3 hours


  • Reduced particle amount of Earthquake and Seismic Slam skills, especially on higher difficulty/radius
  • Players are no longer automatically marked as AFK
    • Previously people could just push AFK players a few blocks to mark them as active 🙂
  • Rewrote the XP multiplier system to display any serverwide XP boosts in parentheses after the EXP amount
  • (Finally) added a development feature that allows for syncing files between servers. This allows us to update all servers at once much more easily


  • Attempted to fix a glitch where finishing off a damaged player in PVP would sometimes register the wrong player as killer
  • Fixed a lag issue that has been around since the beginning of GunColony (five years!), where joining or spawning in Mob-Arena would cause a significant lag spike
  • Fixed a glitch where players would not be kicked from arenas when an admin reloads Mob-Arena

Addendum 9/14/20:


Headshots will now always penetrate an enemy and hit whatever is behind them!

Bullets now travel through infinite enemies without losing damage on as long as every hit is a headshot. This allows you do insane collats in PVP and attack a line of enemies in Mob-Arena! Note that the bullet will stop when it hits a bodyshot (including mobs that don’t have a head hitbox) unless it is a sniper or DMR.


We are now tracking player stats in each Mob-Arena map:

  • Waves Survived
  • Best Wave
  • Wins
  • Wins (Expert)

Use the Map Selector NPC to see them.


  • In the spawn and Mob-Arena we’ve turned off the “hide players behind you” check. It is still enabled in PVP
  • The tablist in the server now specifies that the displayed time is in EST
  • Buffed the A-10 Airstrike and Mortar Strike in Mob-Arena. They are supposed to be very powerful items!
  • Endless wave progression improvements to expedite difficulty scaling at later waves
    • After 10 bosses defeated, the difficulty float of mobs will now increase exponentially by 13% per boss instead of linearly
    • The probability of Totem of Undying spawning with mobs now increases based on difficulty float
    • After 4 bosses defeated, bosses will start spawning sooner after the start of their boss wave
  • Increased ram allocation of the main server again to basically max out the main host’s memory as much as possible. Moving Mob-Arena to a separate host is still a priority but meanwhile this should reduce lag spikes


(All of these bugs were from before the update)

  • Fixed yet another console exception caused by the player and projectile being in different worlds (not quite console spam this time)
  • Fixed a console spam glitch caused by packet events on an offline player
  • Fixed a glitch where you could not shoot when looking at the armor stand in King of the Hill and Domination
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where you could not shoot when looking at mobs disguised as a horse, boat, or minecart
  • Fixed a glitch where Wither Skeletons and Wolves had lower hitbox height than expected
  • Fixed a glitch where the MobArena Expert Wins stat did not track properly
  • Fixed a glitch where the Shooting Range was not saving data properly, allowing players to shoot the targets again every minute
  • Fixed a glitch where the M202 rocket launcher did not explode at close distance
  • Fixed a glitch where the RPG-7 and M202 in Mob-Arena were doing less damage than intended