Overdue Additions Update

Hello all,

Today’s update contains many long-overdue items of interest – bringing new maps into the server, addressing some years-long performance problems and bad GUIs, and updating the hit registration code. Things that needed to be added have been added and those that needed to be removed have been removed. Also, additional measures have been taken to reduce the hipfire meta. Everyone’s happy, right?


Villa by MontanaMob

A King of the Hill map set in an Italian vineyard, featuring a tight, symmetrical layout focusing combat to the hill area. This custom layout has been extensively playtested and iterated upon.

Ballistic by pale1 and Hobocat_15

A map set in a missile facility in the mountains. The rocket silo hidden inside the mountain and is sure to be a point of contention, alongside the launch control facility situated just outside. The map is set at night time and available in TDM or in 4-objective Domination at high player counts.

Shipped by CrishTheCreator and MontanaMob

Remake of the Shipped map that was available for a limited time in CS:GO. Both teams aboard a transport ship with a tight layout and intertwined routes and have to control important strategic points on the ship to secure victory. Available in Defusal and TDM.

Resistance by CrishTheCreator

Remake of the Resistance map from Half Life 2: Deathmatch. The map is small and tight overall but has a big open area in the middle where most of the combat will happen. It is available in FFA and TDM.


Today’s playlist changes contain both a healthy amount of additions and player-requested removals to freshen up the game!

  • Added Villa, Resistance, Shipped, and Ballistic
  • Added limited-time Fast Movement King of the Hill mode
    • Retrain your muscle memory after the ping compensation update by practicing against faster-moving targets!
  • Added the Jungle map to Mine-Spades
  • Removed Skeld, Checkpoint, and Predicament
  • Removed Hunters mode
  • Removed limited-time Easter mode


Short descriptions have been added to all weapons! Each weapon in /gun and /inv will now show a short description to help you choose the right weapon.


Clicking your weapon in /gun or /inventory will now display a new weapon GUI. This will now show up when both left clicking and right clicking the weapon.

It has the following options:

  • Equip the weapon in Mob-Arena and PVP
    • Unlike the previous weapon equip GUI, these buttons now glow if the weapon is already equipped
    • The PVP buttons are also grayed out if you are a new player who hasn’t unlocked PVP yet
  • Change weapon modifications
  • View weapon stats
  • “Cosmetics” button reserved for a future update (currently just says “coming soon”)


The hit registration system now includes ping compensation. Regardless of your ping, you should no longer have to lead targets to hit them (except for projectile travel time). Aim directly at your target to hit them at close range!

The ping compensation system helps players of different pings have a more level playing field against each other. It is limited to 175 ms of ping compensation to avoid getting killed behind cover against extremely high ping players. In addition, it provides smooth interpolation to enemy hitboxes over time, meaning that whether a hit registers on a moving target is less impacted by game tick timings on the server side.

Additionally, being able to aim directly at your target to hit them significantly improves combat up close. It encourages aiming down sights to take advantage of the improved hit registration accuracy, and removes some incentive from hipfiring (the faster movement speed helped dodge bullets, as enemies had to aim in front of you to hit you).

This ping compensation system could cause lag, especially in large MobArena lobbies due to the inherent performance-heavy nature of tracking past positions of all entities. A lot of effort has been put into making this system as lag-free as possible but I can’t 100% guarantee that there won’t be a noticeable performance impact. If there are any problems I will try to fix them promptly.


  • Weapon stat retrieval now uses StampedLock with optimistic read for synchronization instead of ReentrantReadWriteLock to further improve performance
  • Cached weapon modifications data to speed up retrieving the stats of a modified weapon
  • Rewrote a significant portion of the weapon firing code, since it was very old and required a cleanup
    • The most important performance benefit is that firing a gun no longer creates an Egg projectile entity and then promptly removes it
    • Also, the projectile creation code is now async resulting in less TPS impact


  • The crosshair/spread indicator on shotguns now properly visually reflects the slight decrease in spread pattern size when aiming down sights
  • The Weapon Modification GUI has been improved
    • Added a warning that reminds you that if a secondary’s price exceeds $800, you will no longer be able to buy it in Competitive during the first round
    • The warning when a primary weapon price is greater than $5000 will no longer display if the base weapon’s price is already greater than $5000
    • Added button click sounds to the modification GUI
    • If a modification is already equipped, its icon will now say “Click to unequip!” instead of “Click to equip!”
  • The projectile system has been improved in tandem with the addition of ping compensations
    • The distance a projectile travels in its first tick is now dependent on the time delay between the server receiving your mouse click and beginning to simulate the projectile
      • This means that bullet travel time is no longer slightly and inconsistently exaggerated as it was before
    • Possibly reduced the latency of bullet creation after shooting
      • Previously, there was possibly an unnecessary 50ms delay between weapon firing and beginning to simulate the projectile, which has now been removed/fixed
  • Added a head hitbox to Shulkers


  • The Ithaca 37 now properly has the 16 Gauge caliber instead of 12 Gauge
    • This results in a slight block penetration reduction, but no changes to damage or armor penetration
  • Fixed a bug where the 5.45x39mm cartridge showed an empty damage bar instead of 2 bars as intended
  • Fixed a bug where grenades in Mob-Arena incorrectly showed the “SEMI” fire mode when they should not have a fire mode displayed
  • (Actually) fixed a major bug where bullets and grenades occasionally failed to collide with blocks
    • This fix may create some weird grenade bouncing artifacts (for now)


Hotfix 4/16/21:

  • PVP game timer changes:
    • Domination max score outside Mine-Spades increased from 300 to 400. Max score in Mine-Spades reduced from 750 to 600
    • Mine-Spades no longer extends game timer in TDM
  • Added Villa to Elimination Mode
  • Fixed Shipped Competitive game unintentionally being a scenario mode and had no guns in the shop
  • Ping compensation is now properly functional on players, not just mobs
  • Fixed some map exploits on Mineshaft Mob-Arena
  • The Ride TNT skill in Endless is now limited to difficulty 30 (max TNT power of 10; for reference 6 is a charged creeper). It is still very powerful but not as unfair

Mutation Update

Hello all,

The most anticipated update of the year has finally arrived! We have added some much-needed performance improvements to the server (for real) – the “infester lag” should now be a thing of the past. We have also added the Recon Drone, as well as some amazing seasonal content in this update that you should definitely check out.


We have added a recon drone to the game which is only available in a specific mode (don’t ask me which one it is). This is different from the Drone Strike in Mob-Arena but uses the same model for now. It currently has temporary mechanics and will be fleshed out soon.


When starting a game, any mutators that the game is running will be displayed in the chat alongside a short description.

“But what on earth is a mutator?” I hear you ask. I’ll leave you to find it out in game…


The weapon config system has been majorly rewritten for performance. This improves performance of the entire gun system by a large amount, and it should result in less lag in all gamemodes.

  • A weapon’s base stats after inheritance and always-applied modifications are now cached to greatly reduce the amount of work required to get a weapon’s base stat
  • Data structure improvements to further reduce the number of HashMap calls required to get a weapon’s base stat from 2 down to 0 in most cases
  • Weapon modifications now uses binary search on an array instead of a HashMap call to determine whether it affects a weapon stat
  • NMS classes are now cached when dealing damage using reflection, improving performance by a further ~15% in damage events
  • Improved concurrency handling by using ReadWriteLocks instead of synchronization to prevent contention between read threads
  • Some other minor improvements

Furthermore, the damage holograms used in Mob-Arena have also been optimized.

  • If there are too many holograms being displayed per second across the server, further damage from explosives or vanilla sources will only display a hologram every second on each mob
    • Damage from bullets and any damage exceeding 10 hearts will still always display a hologram immediately
  • Hologram packets have been made asynchronous, leading to greatly reduced performance overhead on the main thread


  • Removed uncessary “ID: ” in the bottom line of some items in the GUIs
  • The acceleration of the damage hologram effect in Mob-Arena now looks more natural
  • The Bombard boss skill is now capped at difficulty 10 (the amount of potions thrown is limited to 16) to prevent bosses from healing too quickly in Endless

Precision & Recoil Update

Hello all,

It’s about time to turn the meta around! This update aims to shake up the PVP meta by completely redesigning the recoil of weapons in GunColony, and introducing two powerful sniper rifles for operators who prefer ranged combat. The recoil of all weapons has been increased, and some unintended mechanics fixed, to help balance higher-damage weapons from their alternatives with less power and less kick.


While this update makes semi-automatic weaponry much more useful, we have also added two new precision marksman rifles.

Szecsei & Fuchs

The Szecsei & Fuchs Double Barrel Rifle is meant for defending against large animals. Each bolt pull rechambers two rounds which can be fired back to back, making the weapon more forgiving upon missing the first shot. This version uses the .30-06 caliber, giving it better effective range than other bolt-action rifles like the Mosin. An upper torso shot is still required to get a one-shot kill, similar to the WA2000.


The Lee-Enfield SMLE rifle has a fast bolt mechanism allowing its user to fire up to 30 aimed shots in a minute. Although rather lacking in damage, with the fastest rate of fire and swap speed among all bolt-action rifles in the game, it is sure to be a favorite among aggressive players. It also has a unique reload mechanic where each charger clip loads five rounds out of the weapon’s 10-round magazine.

Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is now officially released after being an early access weapon for a while. We have decided not to release the IWI Carmel for now, since it is too similar to other rifles like the M16A1.


The recoil of weapons is now split into several parts; some are adaptations of previously-existing recoil mechanics and others are brand new.

Main Recoil

The main recoil pattern of the weapon. This predictable part of the recoil is largely the same as before, but we have added some improvements:

  • High ping players should no longer have zero recoil on their first shots. This previously made high recoil weapons much stronger than intended.
    • Players with all pings should now have the exact same spray pattern.
  • Recoil will re-center faster for some weapons, leading to higher accuracy for players who wait a short while between shots instead of always shooting at the max RPM.

Random Recoil

Previously, the randomness in the weapons’ recoil was handled via the sway system. Now, our random recoil code has been completely rewritten and now creates much more intuitive results:

  • Random recoil previously did not recover, discouraging use of semi-auto since it was barely more accurate than full auto. Now, random recoil properly recovers if you fire your weapon slower, leading to semi-auto being much more accurate.
  • The amount of random recoil was inconsistent between sprays. Players could get wildly different results when firing their weapons in the same way. Now the random recoil should be roughly uniform which means that multiple consecutive bullets should have an independent chance of hitting the target.
  • The amount of random recoil was significantly higher than intended when jumping, but lower than intended when standing still. This has now been corrected.
  • The random recoil will now cancel itself out over time, which means that each spray will follow the recoil pattern much more closely. You can now control recoil more effectively by learning the recoil pattern of weapons.
  • It was previously possible for cheats to negate random recoil. Now, it is no longer possible to significantly reduce random recoil using cheats.

Visual Recoil

The visual recoil is similar to random recoil, but it lasts for a very short time which means that it does not affect the trajectory of the bullets. Its main purpose is to create a screen shake effect that makes the weapon’s recoil feel more powerful, especially on high rate of fire weapons, while also acting as a balancing tool and creates diversity between weapons.

Inertial Recoil

This is a brand new component of weapon recoil designed to make the weapons feel more realistic. It treats the weapon as an object that has mass and can be accelerated. It adds a springy component to the recoil of weapons, especially those without a stock.

Since inertial recoil is brand new, its addition means that the recoil of all weapons in the game has been increased.


  • Most SMGs: increased vertical recoil and recoil pattern size by roughly 50%; slightly increased recoil recovery speed
  • MP7, PPSh-41, MP5: increased random recoil
  • Mac-10: price 2100 -> 2000
  • MP9: price 1500 -> 1450
  • TMP: price 1450 -> 1500
  • MP40: increased random recoil; price 1050 -> 950
  • Grease Gun: increased random recoil; price 1000 -> 900
  • IWI Carmel: reduced recoil and random recoil
  • XM8: increased hipfire accuracy
  • Scout: reduced recoil
  • Most sniper rifles and shotguns: increased recoil recovery speed
  • Most pistols and revolvers: reduced recoil and increased recoil recovery speed
  • Rocket launchers: doubled muzzle velocity but greatly reduced rocket acceleration


  • Different calibers now creates different amounts of particles when striking a block. Previously there were 12 particles for all weapons, but now the number of particles ranges from 7 to 50
  • The Steyr Scout now uses the DMR bullet trail instead of the Sniper bullet trail, since it has comparable damage to 7.62mm DMRs


  • Added a new version of the Villa playtesting map

  • The moving and jumping penalty no longer directly affects the amount of random recoil from shooting, but will still affect idle sway
    • Guns that have a recoil/spread recovery penalty when moving will still have more random recoil when moving than when standing still
  • The recoil on shotguns and sniper rifles has been improved and no longer feels like it has two separate recoil impulses in different directions
  • The laser beam from Laser Sights now benefits from the improved turning response time introduced in previous updates, which means that you will see the laser move sooner after you move your mouse
  • Added new Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and the KS-23 to the Arms Race weapons list
  • The Gewehr 98 unlock has been temporarily removed and replaced by the Lee-Enfield
    • It will come back as a special unlock when a future system of unlocking weapons is added
    • Players who already own the G98 can keep it


  • Moved the firework rockets to the 4th slot in Aviator Arms Race to avoid the knife replacing it upon getting a kill, and not being able to use the Gold Knife
  • The sprint jumping penalty is no longer applied when flying with the elytra, fixing the glitch where you were much less accurate than intended

Hotfix 3/27/21:


  • All minigame servers have been moved to the main hosting machine
    • Enjoy ~30ms less latency in all gamemodes
    • This server move should also help with the recent lag issues when there are a lot of players online
  • Endless Mode is now on its own server compared to the rest of the Mob-Arena maps
    • If Endless mode is lagging (it’s bound to start lagging at some point), it will no longer affect players in other arenas
  • The number of entity collisions per entity/tick has been limited to 2 (down from 8) – this makes Mob-Arena stay lag free with a much higher number of mobs than before
  • Added back the AntiAura anti-cheat which should cause much less dragbacks on legit players than NoCheatPlus
    • Player kicking is disabled, and the speed checks has been turned down significantly this time to avoid dragbacks


  • Very slightly decreased the bullet velocity multiplier on the .300 BLK Subsonic round to ensure that the velocity is subsonic for the M16A1 (previously it was 340.2 m/s) (thanks PakkiJr)
  • Fixed the KS-23 not working in Arms Race
  • Increased the delay after joining a Mob-Arena map before the difficulty voting GUI appears to ensure that players get it consistently