Hoth 2019

May the 4th Event!

Hello all,

May the Force be with you! Today we have made many updates to Hoth, our Star Wars-inspired map. We also have a few new entrants to the staff team!


  • For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, Hoth Scenario Mode will be 5 times as likely to appear in PVP matchmaking.
  • For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, a Hoth TDM mode is available where you can fight on Hoth with your loadout weapons!


  • All energy weapons now have very low bullet velocity (160-200 m/s), but are much more accurate without aiming down sights, and have almost no damage dropoff
  • Moonraker has received the above treatment only in Hoth; it works normally in other modes
  • The Laser-451 has not been changed
  • The two sniper weapons now have increased bullet velocity of 1,000 m/s
  • Lightsabers now allow you to move much faster than before, and while swinging them you jump higher!
  • Lightsabers have slightly increased price and now take up the primary slot instead of secondary
  • The DP-23 energy shotgun now has a much wider spread, but 1 extra pellet
  • Pistols now fire slower but do more damage
  • The Falcon 2 Scoped has received a super high magnification scope (3X)
  • You can now sprint in Hoth


We have recruited a few new Trial Moderators into our staff team!

  • Vexy_Vex
  • TotallyRosssome
  • Trexar
  • Asrielite
  • NatePlayzMinecraft
  • Vernonon

Congratulations, and thanks everyone who applied!


  • Added a Scenario Mode variant to Alpine Trench that does not have Random Spawns
  • The changes to Falcon 2 Scoped in Hoth also apply to the Alpine Trench Scenario Mode
Alpine Less Fog

Alpine Trench

Hello all,

We have released a new update which adds Alpine Trench, our largest map ever, alongside Minecraft 1.14 support and major bug fixes.



Brand new to the lineup is the long-awaited Alpine Trench. This map takes place in a large mountain range, and it is filled with lush greenery, muddy trenches, and a war-torn No Man’s Land. We have enabled sprinting in Alpine Trench due to the map’s gigantic size.



The build team has made several changes to the current map lineup. We hope you will enjoy them:


We believed that the last version for baggage was a little small so we went through and did a full rescale. The increased size allowed for a lot more detailing work to be done so the map looks even better now.

Dust, Shortdust

We have fully remade Dust and Short Dust this update. With these remakes, we paid a lot of attention to scaling to ensure that these maps play more like their CS:GO counterparts. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into beautifying all parts of the map.


Subway has been fully remade, and with a whole new look. It’s essentially a brand new map. The new subway features a long subway platform just like the old one, but with more space for combat. The main concourse now consists of various shops and eateries, providing a more interesting upper-level than the older version.


We have added a new shortened DustPCG map for Arms Race and Demolitions.



GunColony now supports Minecraft 1.14 on a best-effort basis. Things are not perfect and not all issues have been ironed out, but the game is playable.

  • Updated resource pack to support both Minecraft 1.13.x and 1.14.x with one file
    • Minecraft 1.13.x players will automatically re-download the new resource pack
  • Particles from weapon muzzle will display lower for 1.14 players so that they appear at the correct location on screen, matching the lower sneak height
  • Recoil will act differently for 1.14 players in hipfire mode to get around a movement jittering bug.
    • ADS recoil will still work normally and as such, the movement jittering will still exist in ADS.

Current list of issues for 1.14 players:

  • Walking on snow may cause glitches for 1.14 players
  • While sneaking and firing the weapon, 1.14 players will experience jittering in movement, though it does not affect the overall game performance or FPS
  • While sneaking, you are still unable to go through 1.5 block spaces even though you can in vanilla 1.14
  • The lower sneak height means that your bullet will hit slightly above where you are aiming in 1.14. Correct your aim accordingly.
  • Attempting to sprint swim will still drag back the player for both 1.13 and 1.14



  • Fixed an issue where players do not get crates after a PVP or Competitive lobby until they leave the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players who quit directly from a PVP/Competitive lobby (or is removed due to server restarts) may not receive any earned crates in a previous match.
MA infection

Mob-Arena Update

Hello all,

Today we have released a heap of large Mob-Arena mechanic changes that will hopefully freshen up the mode a bit!



We have rebuilt the PVP and Competitive lobbies. They’re now way prettier and more open!

PVP Lobby

Competitive Lobby


  • Your damage output in Mob-Arena (NOT PVP) will now be affected by a new Damage Absorption system.
  • Under Damage Absorption, the more frequently you deal damage to the same enemy, the less damage your shot will do.
    • The lost damage is converted to additional stun to the enemy.
    • The absorption decreases over time. It will take 4 seconds for absorption to decrease from the maximum value back to 0.
  • Hitting an enemy more frequently will still give slightly higher DPS despite less damage per shot.
  • How fast you shoot the weapon does not matter to the damage output – It only matters how fast you hit them.
  • Multiple players hitting the same enemy (such as a boss) will cause the Damage Absorption effect to stack, meaning that the enemy will slow down more but take less damage.


  • All weapons except Sniper Rifles, shotguns, Semi-Automatic Rifles, and Large-Caliber Handguns (revolvers & deagle) will no longer penetrate targets in both PVP and Mob-Arena.
    • This helps reduce the power of machine guns for holding an angle in PVP – if two enemy players peek at the same time, the LMG user can’t stun both of them at once.
  • Semi-automatic Sniper Rifles and Rifles, Shotguns, and Large-Caliber Handguns will now only be able to penetrate one target, hitting a total of 2 targets each shot, except M82 which can hit a total of four targets.
  • Bolt-action Sniper Rifles can now hit a total of three targets in each shot, except CheyTac which can hit four targets, and NTW-20 which can hit five targets.
  • All Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Large-Caliber Handguns will now maintain slightly more damage after penetrating enemies.
  • Block penetration has not been changed for any weapon.
  • The base damage in Mob-Arena has been increased to a uniform 1X for all weapon categories.
  • Bolt-action Sniper Rifles and Pump-action Shotguns now do 1.9X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X.
  • LMGs will now do 1.45X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X. Also, they will do 20% less extra stun to enemies in the new Damage Absorption system.
  • MMGs will now do 1.4X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X. Also, they will do 30% less extra stun to enemies in the new Damage Absorption system.
  • Arrows (from Skeletons or Boss Skills) now do 65% of normal Minecraft damage, down from 75%.


  • HP of all bosses have been reduced by 50% now that the Damage Absorption system is in place, preventing you from killing bosses too quickly after they spawn –  a major problem that prevented us from reducing the boss HP in the past.
    • The total point reward value for bosses has not been changed.
  • Bosses have higher absorption “capacity” than regular mobs. Having the same damage absorption kick in would require you to shoot a boss twice as often in solo, and 1x more for every additional player in the match. This also means that bosses effectively recover from absorption faster, allowing you to do more DPS to them than to regular mobs.


  • Players will now automatically respawn 120 seconds after death.
  • When players clear a regular wave, all dead players’ respawn times are reduced by a fraction of the current respawn time (depending on how quickly waves spawn on the particular map).
  • Your time remaining before respawn is shown in the bossbar.
  • Defeating a boss will still instantly respawn all players.
  • When a player respawns, they now play the same respawn sound as in PVP.


  • Origin 12: Reload speed significantly increased.
  • R8 Revolver: Increased backup ammo to 16; fixed the reload time taking significantly longer than the reload sounds, effectively increasing the reload speed.
  • AF2011: Reduced the horizontal spread between the two bullets by 25%, increasing the weapon’s effectiveness from longer ranges.
  • Fire Launcher: Damage increased from 47 to 63. It can now two-shot unarmored opponents, and two-shot armored opponents in the chest. In MA the new boost offsets the nerf caused by the Damage Absorption system.
  • Laser-451: Damage in Mob-Arena increased by 30% to offset the nerf caused by the Damage Absorption system. Does not affect the damage in PVP Hoth scenario.
  • Grenade: Base damage at explosion center increased to 120 (from 97), armor penetration increased to 90% (from 70%), radius increased to 6.5 blocks (from 6). Renamed to Frag Grenade to represent the new improved killing power.


  • Killing a player or mob now plays the vanilla arrow hit sound.
  • In Mob-Arena, there is now a flat 15-second grace period after a boss is defeated before the next wave will spawn.
  • Defeating the Final Boss and winning the match will now greet you with a new victory ending!


  • Added a dynamic render distance system. If the server is experiencing TPS lag, the render distance will be reduced automatically to maintain performance. (This feature kicks in only when the server would otherwise lag, and will never reduce render distance below 128 blocks.)


  • Fixed a glitch where two different respawn messages are displayed when a player respawns in Mob-Arena.
  • Fixed a glitch where the weapon stats message displays the R8 and Rhino as having one less bullet than they actually do.
  • Fixed a glitch where block hit particles/sounds still display even after the bullet has been terminated by hitting enough entities.
  • Fixed a glitch where players sometimes have to wait a long time after killing a boss before the next wave spawns.