4202020 Update

Hello all,

Hope you all are staying home and staying safe! We have rolled out a new update with completely revamped scope reticles, new weapon remodels, and purchasing weapons and modifications with tokens. Also in the update is the ability to equip two more attachments on your weapons than before, at the penalty of a higher purchase price.



We have completely changed all sniper scopes in the game. They now have a larger, clearer field of view, and the reticles are much sharper than before and now have semi-accurate mil dot markings. The PM II scope (AWM & SCAR-20) has also received a new realistic reticle.

Additionally, the 10X and 12X scopes now have an especially large field of view to encourage their use.



  • You can now purchase weapons with tokens to get them early!
    • The prices range from 1000-2400 Tokens depending on the unlock level of the gun.
    • Legendary weapons are 2.5x more expensive and can cost up to 6000 Tokens
    • If you are close to unlocking a gun through leveling up, there will be a discount on its price
    • Reaching a weapon through the Tech Tree will give a 60% discount on its price!
  • You can now purchase modifications for your gun with tokens!
    • The purchase price decreases as you level up the weapon
    • Purchasing a level 70 modification on a level 1 weapon costs 485 tokens
    • Legendary weapons have the same modification prices as other weapons


Crates now drop far less frequently, but they are of higher quality and now give some Tokens when you open them.

  • Crates now drop much less frequently (the intention is that they will not drop every game)
  • The Wooden Crate has been removed, so when a crate does drop, it is guaranteed to at least be an Iron Crate
  • All Crates dropped after the update will give a small amount of Tokens
    • This includes Vote Crates, though they do not give particularly large sums of tokens
    • Higher tier crates earned at higher player levels will give more Tokens


You can now equip more modifications, but they will increase your weapon’s purchase price!

  • You can now equip 5 modifications on Primary Weapons, except Special Weapons
    • The first 3 modifications are free
    • 4th modification slot costs $100 on SMGs/Shotguns, $150 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
    • 5th modification slot costs $150 on SMGs/Shotguns, $200 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
  • You can now equip 4 modifications on Secondary Weapons, except Starter Pistols and Special Weapons
    • The first 2 modification are free
    • 3rd modification slot costs $50
    • 4th modification slot costs $100


  • Added the 7.62x51mm NATO to the AWM, turning it into the AWP with less damage but better handling
  • Added the .375 CheyTac ammo to the CheyTac, reducing damage but improving handling
  • Added a 20-round short magazine to the SR-3M
  • Added a 42-round extended magazine to the AUG
  • Added a 17-round short magazine to the M1915
  • Added a 40-round short magazine to the RPK
  • Added the Classic Magazine to the M4A1-S, which increases its rate of fire and handling but decreases ammo capacity to 20/40 rounds


We have fixed the Tech Tree system so it no longer spews out free legendaries like crazy.

  • The required level for parent weapons is much higher now that weapons have a max level of 100
  • Leveling up a weapon to its required level will no longer instantly unlock the next weapon down the tree
    • Instead, its purchase price is reduced by 60%, and it is now possible to find the weapon in crates

We will expand Tech Tree again to cover all weapons in the game very soon. Stay tuned!


  • Fire Launcher: swap time 1.1s -> 0.8s, Faster Burst attachment now penalizes recoil less than before
  • G36: scope field of view improved


  • If a grenade hits the top layer of snow on the side, it will still bounce upwards
    • If the grenade is already travelling upwards then the grenade will not change directions but will still get slowed down
  • An additional hitbox has been added for snow just below the top layer, so that grenades will never fall into the snow block due to the above change
  • The new flamethrower model is now visible to 1.13+ players
  • Improved weapon models for the Charger 22, Skorpion vz.61, Smoke Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, HE Grenade, and M60


  • Fixed a glitch where taking the suppressor off of weapons will prevent giving Weapon XP

New Maps!

Hello all,

We have released two new maps for GunColony. The new maps are Vostok and a Nuketown remake.
We have also had some changes to our staff team.


Vostok is a map set in Romania. The terrorists are trying to destroy a statue or the entrance to a cathedral.
This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.


This is a remake of Nuketown which improves the visuals and makes the map more faithful to the source material. It is set in an American nuclear testing site.
Nuketown is available for Free For All, TDM, and Elimination.

Staff Changes

We have promotions and demotions:

  •  dcx has been promoted to Trial Content Team
  •  SilverFlaming has been demoted due to inactivity

A reminder to all staff who have been demoted from inactivity: you may apply again if you want to become staff again. You will not be a Trial staff member again if you were not a Trial staff member before your demotion.


More content is on its way!


Rewarding Update

Hello all,

In this jumbo-sized quality of life update, we have added new experience rewards to all gamemodes as well as a new way to display them. Additionally, we have improved the quality of game messages and made all gun sounds much more realistic and audible from further away.


  • The total EXP earned from all recent actions (damage, kills, etc) is now shown on screen
    • This applies to all gamemodes including Mob-Arena
  • The boss bar no longer shows the XP earned by each individual award
  • The boss bar now shows the precise amount of damage dealt to enemies


  • XP from points (mob damage) has been reduced to 1 XP per 500 points (from 1 XP per 400 points)
  • Increased XP from boss minions (now gives 40% of a normal mob’s XP instead of 25%)
  • Added XP from killing a mob regardless of mob health
    • This addition is especially noticeable for swarmy mobs with low HP
  • Doubled weapon XP gain in Mob-Arena from x0.2 to x0.4 of player XP
  • Halved the percentage of extra weapon XP you gain from the Low Player Bonus
    • This means that the total amount of XP you gain from the bonus is the same as before


Note: some secret kill awards are intended as a surprise and are not listed below.

PVP + Comp

  • Headshot (+10XP): kill an enemy by a shot to the head.
  • Wallbang (+10XP): kill an enemy through a piece of cover or another player.
  • Revenge (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill the enemy who last killed you.
  • Knife Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a knife.
  • Grenade Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Savior Kill (+10XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy who has damaged a teammate, but hasn’t killed anyone nor damaged you in the last 3 seconds
  • Point Blank (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from less than 2m away.
  • Longshot (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 50-99m away.
  • Marksman (+15XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 100-199m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.
  • Sniper (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill an enemy from more than 200m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.


  • Killstreak (+10XP for double kill, 5 more for each additional kill up to 60): kill 2 or more enemies without dying, and each kill must be within 5 seconds of the last kill.
  • Dominating (+20XP): kill the same enemy five times in a row without them killing you once.
  • Nemesis Kill (+60XP): kill an enemy dominating you.


Kill awards have been increased to 50XP in Elimination, 60XP in Demolition, and 80XP in Defusal

  • Killstreak (+20XP for triple kill, 10 more for each additional kill up to 100): kill 3 or more enemies in a single round.
  • Bomb Planted (+50XP): plant the bomb.
  • Bomb Defused (+100XP): defuse the bomb.


  • Sound attenuation has been tweaked to behave more realistically. Instead of volume dropping off linearly over distance, it now drops off close to quadratically (higher dropoff exponent for louder sounds).
    • This approximates the real life inverse square law much better than before while still allowing the sound to end at a finite distance
  • Gun and grenade sound effects now respect the speed of sound when at a distance above 34m
    • This means that you will be hit by a long ranged shot before hearing it
  • Sound effects can now be heard from much further away
    • Suppressed weapons are no longer Hollywood quiet and can be heard from up to 60-75m away
    • Other weapons and explosions can be heard from 250-400m away
  • The transition between the close range and distant sound effects is now much smoother and no longer has a volume spike
  • “Stereo” dual sound effects such as the one used by the ZH-29 are now played at a more frontal angle to prevent them from sounding too strange on surround sound setups


  • The killer notification when you die now shows gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “L. 1 M4A4”
  • Weapons in the inventory now show gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “Level 1 M4A4”
  • Weapons in the inventory now show their category in the lore (e.g. “Submachine Gun”)
  • The boss ability message has been simplified to be shorter and not block your screen as much
  • Removed the useless “hurry up and join the lobby arena” message
  • When you have no weapon, the map or paper item now shows e.g. “No Primary Weapon” instead of “Primary Weapon”
    • The name hasn’t been changed in the Mob-Arena pregame lobby to prevent misleading players into thinking that they have no weapon, when in fact they will receive one normally once the game starts
  • Weapons with unlimited ammo now display the infinity symbol for backup ammo, instead of “Unlimited”

  • If you die in PVP without a primary weapon, the game will now remind you to buy one in the shop
    • This only happens a maximum 3 times during one PVP match


  • Updated BungeeCord and updated upstream on the custom fork of ViaVersion plugin to add 1.15.2 support


  • EXP required to earn a crate has been increased by 25% to ensure that players earn the same amount of crates after this experience buf
  • Premium XP boost now shows the percentage of boost in the boss bar after a PVP match


  • Grenades can now collide with blocks outside arena boundaries, so you can now use walls outside the map to bounce them (thanks Arhippa)
  • Fixed a bug where picking up grenades when aiming down sights makes them appear as iron tools (thanks Rijam)
  • Fixed a bug where opening a crate removes your inventory filters, causing you to go to the inventory when opening a crate from the Crates NPC (thanks Rijam)
  • Fixed killstreak items disappearing when obtaining a new item in Arms Race (thanks pale1)
  • Fixed molotov and incendiary grenades lacking a distant detonation sound due to a typo
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S had a different recoil pattern after taking off the suppressor
  • Fixed a glitch where the M4A4 and M16A1 unsilenced did not have a distant sound
  • Reflecting a fireball to a ghast now only deals 75 damage instead of thousands (it’s still quite worth doing)