More Slots, Less Lag

Hello all,

We are very proud to introduce today’s update to everyone! Finally, GunColony has multiple servers and the ability to hold more players without lag. In addition, we are doing a Double XP weekend for Arcade, which also includes new scenarios and balancing changes to Zombie Siege. Join now and let’s have an Arcade party!

PS: since the largest technical plans for the summer are now complete, for the next 2 months you should expect rapid and radical updates to come to the server and the community. Our target for the coming months is to improve the quality of the server and to nurture a unique FPS experience that you simply can’t find in other games.


We have finally finished our multi-server implementation and rolled out a beta version today!

Arcade, Veteran, and Competitive PVP are now hosted on brand new servers. This is separate from the main server, which still has the spawn and Mob-Arena.

This update means that the server is able to spread the game processing over multiple CPU cores and server instances. As a result, GunColony is now able to hold several times more players before any performance issues arise.

Due to necessity we have temporarily disabled displaying the current gamemode of PVP lobbies, but we’re planning to bring this functionality back in the near future. If you have any problems with the new PVP servers, please submit a bug report ticket on Discord.


To celebrate the Arcade Update, enjoy double XP in Arcade and Mob-Arena between August 6-9th, 2020!


Some of our April Fools scenarios have found a new home inside the Arcade lobby, this time in a more permanent fashion!

  • Quakecraft Scenario
  • Overpowered Scenario
  • Noobtubes Scenario
  • Gulag Scenario
  • Meme Scenario
  • ProSnipe Scenario

These scenarios are combined with a variety of gamemodes such as TDM, Domination, FFA, Zombie Siege, and Kill Confirmed.


  • Added Domination and King of the Hill random spawns layouts
  • Added algorithm to spawn players appropriately specific to Domination and King of the Hill gamemodes
  • Zombies in Zombie Siege now gain a temporary speed effect upon spawning, unless a human is less than 20 blocks away from the zombie spawn (dogs do not count)
  • Zombies in Zombie Siege now gain a Knockback grenade during the last two minutes of gameplay
  • Players who join during the last two minutes of Zombie Siege now start as dogs


We have modified the Arcade Mode playlist to get rid of some unbalanced and broken maps.


  • Improved player level grouping in the Essentials /list command
  • Removed leave messages in the lobby server to avoid spam when players join PVP from the main server. The join messages are still here for now, but we will open a vote in the future on whether or not to keep them.
  • Added a web portal for moderators to view past bans/mutes of players
  • Mob-Arena Low Player Bonus has been removed because server player count is no longer an accurate representation of the total player count

Hotfix 8/7/2020:


  • Rewrote the loadout/shop system to be more modular, which will allow us to create different shops for grenades and gear in the future (for example for gamemodes and scenarios)
  • Juggernaut Mode will now announce both team’s juggernaut name when the game starts
  • Temporarily removed placebo knockback grenades
  • Temporarily disabled weapon modification caching to fix a rare glitch where the cache would fail


  • Fixed a glitch where tokens were not being synced properly across servers
  • Fixed a glitch where the staff bans page would throw an error upon searching a player
  • Fixed a glitch where the special no molotov loadout in KOTH and Domination was not being applied
  • Fixed a glitch where in KOTH and Domination some parts of the shop system incorrectly behaved like Elimination mode
  • Fixed a glitch where zombies, juggernauts, wolves, etc. could buy guns by typing /shop
  • Fixed a glitch where if a player joins PVP and leaves quickly, they would get spammed by “wait a few seconds before reconnecting” messages
  • Fixed a glitch where the vanilla death screen would be shown sometimes when dying as a zombie or juggernaut (extra health is now handled by armor rather than the Health Boost effect)
  • Fixed a glitch where weapon loadout choices would not save properly for weapon items obtained after a certain update

Hotfix #2 8/7/2020:


  • Zombies and wolves in Zombie Siege now take 5 seconds instead of 2 to respawn if they died within 25 blocks of spawn
  • Re-enabled knockback grenades
  • Knockback Grenade now deals more knockback
  • Added Evade boss skill to Bombbat on Street to allow it to teleport out if stuck inside a building
  • Mob-Arena is significantly harder: mob spawning, the difficulty of boss skills, etc. now count the number of players who have been alive at some point during the past minute in addition to the number of players currently alive
    • This should make life much harder for survivors when the majority of your team is dead, to make it more possible to lose despite respawning being significantly faster now
    • Has no effect on solo play


  • Re-enabled rank-dependent join and leave messages for the lobby server
  • Changed the map voting item to a green tablet instead of the empty map to fix it turning into a map when right clicked client-side
  • Added ViaVersion to staffbuild server
  • Updated ViaVersion to 3.1.0-rc1 on all servers to ensure a swift update when 1.16.2 releases
  • In all PVP modes your armor now turns a darker color when you equip Kevlar & Helmet


  • Fixed NPE arising from the recent PVP loadout rewrite
  • Fixed a glitch where bans and mutes were not functioning properly
  • Fixed an oversight which caused players to not gain any starting money in PVP gamemodes
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where projectile particles cause an NPE if the player changes world after firing the projectile
  • Updated anti cheat to fix a “kicked for flying” glitch when teleporting
    • Might cause some rubberbanding to occur; we are currently investigating this issue
  • Removed Agency Juggernauts because juggernauts could survive the fall off the map
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where if a player finishes Mob-Arena with absorption hearts, then the hearts will stay rendered but not do anything
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where if a player respawns in Deserted Mob-Arena while inside the lava in the lobby, they will stay on fire while they respawn
  • Fixed a glitch where zombies in Zombie Siege would get knockback grenades when they spawn the first time

Hotfix #3 8/8/2020

  • Fixed a glitch where Defusal Mode had the buy system of normal PVP
  • Fixed a glitch where you could not unequip items in normal PVP
  • Switched anti-cheat system to remove server lag issues and rubberbanding in PVP
  • Donations on the store will now automatically be granted in-game (no longer requires admin to manually grant it)
  • Fixed a glitch where humans on Zombie Siege had no starting money
  • Fixed a glitch where if one’s loadout is worth more than $6000 it gets reset on respawn even if the player has enough money to equip the loaduot
  • Removed non-functional “Office Zombie Siege” scenario in Arcade

Hotfix #4 8/10/2020

  • The double XP event has ended!
  • You can now see the current gamemode and status of PVP servers. This was planned to be in the next update but I feel that it made sense to release it early
  • Fixed a glitch where you could not open the shop until you die when joining PVP mid game
  • Fixed a glitch where the Lake map had a “human spawn” armor stand that was not properly removed after game end
  • Updated server MOTD message format, and added a checkmark to the right of player count to assure players that the server is indeed working
  • Actually fixed “Loadout too expensive” glitch, it was caused by a flipped boolean flag in the code
  • Fixed a glitch where voting for Domination sometimes does not result in the correct map being played

Arcade Update Banner

Arcade Update

Hello all,

This is the first time in years where new PVP gamemodes have been added to GunColony!

Five of our new gamemodes go to a brand-new Arcade lobby, which replaces Versus and is great for passing time. Two more modes are available in the Veteran PVP lobby where you can duke it out to see who is the best team.

In addition, Mob-Arena has been improved with a better respawn system and more drops, while experience tokens have been added to make Arcade more rewarding in terms of Weapon XP.

With all the new gamemodes and rewards, there is no better time to be playing GunColony than now! Jump in with some friends and have some fun!



The Versus lobby has been updated into the Arcade PVP lobby!

Experience gained in this lobby is now the same as in Veteran PVP, and the new gamemodes are great fun for both casual and experienced players.

  • Juggernauts (NEW): One player on each team is the Juggernaut! Destroy the enemy juggernaut to score 5 kills. A new player will become the juggernaut once the last juggernaut dies.
  • Kill Confirmed (NEW): Players will drop dog tags on death! Pick up an enemy tag to score a point; pick up friendly tags to stop the enemies from getting them. The team with the most points wins!
  • Hunters (NEW): A random type of mob spawns around the map; it can either be friendly or very dangerous! Kill the most combined mobs and players to win. Available in both team and FFA modes.
  • Zombie Siege (NEW): The blue team is the Humans and the red team is the Zombies! The humans must survive for 5 minutes and use the money they earned from killing zombies to buy more guns and ammo. When a human dies, they respawn as a wolf to help defend humans. Zombies must kill all humans within 5 minutes to win.
  • One in the Chamber (NEW): Each player spawns with a golden gun and one bullet. Kill a player to get another bullet! If you run out of ammo, you’ll have to use the knife.
  • Arms Race
  • Scenarios: Many more scenarios have been added!


The PVP lobby has been renamed into the Veteran PVP lobby! Here are the six available modes:

  • Domination (NEW): There are 2-4 objectives around the map. Capture the objectives to start scoring points for your team! Kills also count as a point. First to 300 points wins.
  • King of the Hill (NEW): Capture the hill at the center of the map to tick down your team’s timer. The first team to hold the hill for a cumulative 4 minutes wins.
  • Team Deathmatch
  • TDM Random Spawns
  • Free For All
  • Scenarios: Many more scenarios have been added!

The competitive lobby stays the same, but now it will be the only lobby where Demolition is playable. All three lobbies now have completely distinct gamemodes!


Deaths in Mob-Arena now make more “sense”!

  • When you die, you will drop all items that did not come with your starting kit
    • This also means that starting kit items no longer stack with other items
  • When you die, a fast zombie will spawn where you died

Respawning have also been improved so that on average you will respawn faster, but as a team you can still lose if you aren’t careful!

  • The respawn wait time is now always 100 seconds, and expressed as a percentage
    • Previously this was 120 seconds in a regular wave (with the opportunity to speed it up) and 90 seconds in boss waves (with no opportunity to speed up)
  • Killing any mob, including regular mobs and boss minions, will reduce the respawn delay of a random dead player by 1 second
  • This means that the less dead players there are relative to alive players, the faster they can respawn. Stay alive at all costs to avoid adding to your team’s burden!


Different mobs now drop different items in Mob-Arena! This helps keep the gameplay unique between maps.

  • Zombies, Llamas, Bats: the basics – molotov, frag grenades, bandages
  • Skeletons, Wolves, Silverfish, Endermites, Killer Rabbits: all types of healing
  • Creepers, Vexes: all grenades
  • Pigmen: grenades and incendiaries
  • Evokers, Vindicators, Witches: rocket launchers
  • Ghasts: rocket launchers and regeneration syringes
  • Powered Creepers, Guardians: launch-able lightning bolt
  • Spiders, Cave Spiders: stun grenades
  • Slimes, Magmacubes: lots of throwable slimeballs (also buffed compared to before)
  • Withers: guaranteed to drop a mini-nuke. The longer you farm withers, the easier valvo plz nerf★ will be

Rare drops from all mobs (drop rates increased):

  • Mortar Strikes
  • A-10 Strikes
  • Gas Grenades
  • Mini-Nukes


We no longer display Pros and Cons for each weapon since they are sometimes inaccurate. Instead, we now show a few key stats to allow you to see what to expect from a weapon at a glance:

They react to modifications too:


New Experience Tokens are coming to GunColony, where you can play Scenario Mode and Arcade Mode to earn XP for any of your weapons.

  • Using weapons that you do not own will give you Experience Tokens instead of regular experience
    • For weapons that have a defined category like Rifles, you will gain 50% of the normal experience. You can choose to redeem it onto any weapon of the same category as the one you used.
    • For Special Weapons and weapons that do not have a defined category, you will gain 30% of the normal experience, and you are able to redeem it on any weapon in the game.
    • This works on grenades, knife, gamemode weapons, and ground weapons that you don’t own


We have added brand new weapon models for the M16A2, M16A1, Five-SeveN, M1919A4, MP7, Sterling, and the scenario weapon M1915 Villar Perosa.


  • Item IDs are now stored as UUID’s instead of integers
    • This means that we no longer need an internal counter to create unique IDs, meaning that multiple servers can now create new items at the same time with negligible risk of ID collision
  • Newbies now have Grease Gun and P2000 equipped in their MobArena loadout by default, instead of nothing


  • Weapons that you do not have in your inventory, such as Knife or a weapon you do not own in Arcade, will no longer have a level
    • They previously displayed as Level 1
    • Picked up weapons owned by someone else will of course still have their normal level displayed
  • In inventory menus, the dark gray “Item ID” tooltip under inventory item is now hidden
  • Locked items in GUIs are now displayed as a lock icon instead of stone button
  • The website homepage now has new featured guns
  • The website homepage now has a link to Discord
  • Added RPK-12 to Arms Race list of LMGs


  • Fixed numerous bugs with new player experience gain, experience saving, etc.
  • Fixed a glitch where if a player joined a Mob-Arena from the very beginning, the first time they die and respawn would show the wrong respawn message
  • Fixed a glitch where viewing stats in the weapon modification menu does not work
  • Fixed a glitch where the “[R-Click] Upgrade Weapon” tooltip was grayed out for max level weapons (did not impact functionality)

Summer PVP Update #2

Hello all,

We have decided to release small update to address some glaring issues with the game, and try to iron out any early bugs of our new database backend which should further improve performance and future-proof the server for some big ventures in the near future.



Our blue-and-red color branding has been applied to spawn, complete with a pixel art AK-103 in the newbie lobby to point them towards their first match! The newbie lobby also no longer has purpur so the spawn will not look weird before loading the resource pack. Please tell us how you think about the spawn in the comments and Discord.


We have added a brand new database backend to the server, where all data operations are fully async from the server thread. This change should immediately result in eliminating almost all lag spikes (the only remaining ones are from players teleporting). However, most importantly, the new system allows us to open multiple servers and share data between them without any fear of desync.

  • Player data is now loaded into a cache asynchronously before the player logs in
  • Player data is now saved asynchronously whenever a change is made, as well as independently updating the internal cache
  • The database is now the authority, not the server – server now reloads player data from the database periodically, rather than auto-saving to the database
  • The new code is designed to work concurrently, which improves stability
  • Since the server updates changes to the database immediately rather than on a timer, server restarts should no longer lead to data loss for changes made right before the restart
  • The new code is designed to share a database across multiple servers, and even works with significant ping server-to-server

Thanks to Vagnedes for the freely-available MySQL API, and LuckPerms for an example of a MySQL system that runs fully asynchronously.


  • Fixed a major long-standing glitch where after you level up you might have negative experience, which also caused players to progress slower than intended, especially in the early levels
    • We might raise the level requirement of PVP lobby again now that this glitch is fixed
  • Fixed a major glitch where the server might randomly freeze and crash, which was caused by forcing async MySQL onto the old database backend which was not designed with concurrency in mind
  • Fixed a long-standing glitch where the locked weapons in loadout menus looked like Tactical Awareness Grenades. Now they should have the icon of stone buttons
  • Fixed a glitch where players could receive aim punch during spawn protection
  • Rocket launchers in MobArena will now become unbreakable when you swap to them


Just a PSA: in the next few days we will be actively developing and testing a new system which will let us run multiple PVP servers. This will ensure a 100% lag free PVP experience and allows us to have more players on the server at once than ever before! We are going for an automated system to run and update these servers like what a large minigame network would use.

Expect the Competitive lobby to be switched over to a new server first. We will fully switch over all other PVP lobbies to the new system in our next update.


Hotfix 7/27/20

  • Fixed a glitch with the recently-introduced async GUI system where the PVP shop and gun menu would randomly break for all players until the server is restarted
  • Fixed a glitch with the new database system where new players’ data was not being saved properly due to an oversight in the MySQL API we use
  • Made the spawn a lot less saturated with accent colors
    • Both halves are the spawn are now red
    • All colored blocks that do not form a horizontal line have been reverted to the original gray blocks, leaving much less red behind than before
    • The newbie lobby has been fixed up a bit so the join villagers are no longer sitting in 1×1 holes
  • Fixed a data corruption/reset glitch. Now it will simply kick you if your inventory fails to load, unless you are a new player of course
  • Fixed a glitch where crates saved to the database did not stack
  • Fixed a glitch where the PPSh-41 had no name in Stalingrad Scenario
  • Fixed a glitch where killing someone with the Gold Knife after the round ends would show an erroneous “You have obtained weapon 18!” message in Arms Race

Hotfix 7/28/20

  • Fixed a glitch where you could reload RPGs in MA to get infinite ammo
  • Fixed a long-time glitch where you could plant a bomb before completely swapping to it
  • Fixed a glitch where new players did not gain EXP properly
  • Increased the delay of the reconnect plugin before attempting to reconnect, so it should now work more reliably given the long startup times of the main server