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November Update

Hello all,

Spawn randomly, aim for the head, and enjoy a better weapon balance with this month’s new update, full of many long-requested changes and Quality of Life additions to the game!



We have added a new Random Team Spawns feature to the following maps:

Arms Race/Elimination: Baggage, Monastery, Shoots, Lake, Safehouse, Majir
Team Deathmatch: Subway

On these maps, each team will have a unique set of spawnpoints. This means that it is harder to spawn-kill since there is no single place that the enemies respawn at.



We have added some changes to PVP timers and the Competitive Mode entry requirement per community request.

  • The timing of PVP modes have been better equalized:
    • Team Deathmatch, TDM Random Spawns, and Scenario Mode: 4 minutes —> 6 minutes
      Free-For-All: 3 minutes —> 6 minutes
      Demolition: 2.5 minutes —> 1.5 minutes (does not affect the bomb explode timer)
      Arms Race: 10 minutes —> 7 minutes, 16 weapon levels —> 12 weapon levels
  • Competitive Mode now requires Level 5 to join instead of Level 20
  • The M3 Grease Gun, MP40, MP18, and BAR have been added to Arms Race
  • Added a custom-coded feature where Admins can now edit PVP map spawnpoints directly in game. This makes it drastically easier to change existing PVP maps.



We have greatly improved the hitbox of players and added a body part penetration system, making it much easier to hit the head or chest to score these critical kills.

  • Greatly increased the size of the head hitbox
  • Now uses 2 cuboids for the head hitbox that gives it an overall octagonal shape, making the size of the hitbox much less dependent on the player’s orientation
  • Slightly increased the size of the chest hitbox, especially on crouching players
  • Extended the bottom of the body hitbox to match the player model’s body height better
  • Tweaked the arm hitboxes to match the player model’s arm heights better
  • Made the leg hitbox slightly wider (0.2 blocks –> 0.26 blocks) to match the player model better
  • Shots that travel through the arm into the chest now count as a chest shot with 1.25x damage multiplier
  • Shots that travel through the arm/chest/neck into the head now count as a headshot
  • Reduced the effect of the ping compensation algorithm slightly
  • Optimized the hit detection algorithm to avoid checking players that the bullet obviously missed



We have (once again) done extensive tweaks on the weapon mechanics of semi-automatic weapons.

  • Semi-automatic shotgun that reload round-by-round now benefit from the semi-automatic shot smoothing system, and can now aim down sights between shots just like all other semi-automatic weapons.
  • The shot smoothing system now shoots a bullet up to 0.2 seconds after mouse press, down from 0.4. This greatly decreases the likelihood of firing an extra shot from a misclick.
  • Added a new recoil feature that uses the old classic recoil system to contribute to the view recoil of the weapon
    • This allows many new possibilities for the randomly generated recoil system
    • Now used on all semi-automatic shotguns, all semi-automatic sniper rifles, and the burst mode of the Mauser C-96

We have additionally done balance changes to many of our weapons:

  • ALL WEAPONS: Bullet drop reduced by 1/3. The new gravity value (32 m/s^2) is identical to the gravity of Minecraft players.
  • MSG90 A2: Added new recoil system (balanced vertical and horizontal recoil with a lot of sharp kicks), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • G3SG1: Added new recoil system (high and rather consistent horizontal recoil), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • SCAR-20: Added new recoil system (high vertical recoil, bouncy horizontal recoil), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • M82: Added new recoil system (extremely high recoil, shot will be slightly off the crosshair when firing quickly), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • SVD: Added new recoil system (high vertical recoil, high horizontal recoil when firing quickly), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • SIG 550: Added new recoil system (recoil acceleration when firing quickly, bouncy horizontal recoil), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
  • ALL Shotguns: Randomness of individual pellets’ trajectory decreased by 30%, so the pellets will follow the spread pattern more consistently
  • SPAS-12: Added new recoil system (high horizontal recoil), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly, pellet count increased to 6 (from 5), damage per pellet decreased to 19 (from 20)
  • M1014: Added new recoil system (moderate recoil), spread pattern expanded 10%
  • Origin-12: Added new recoil system (moderate horizontal recoil, very consistent vertical recoil), reduced vertical variance in spread pattern, increased moving accuracy, reduced hipfire accuracy
  • NS-2000: Added new recoil system (moderate but bouncy recoil), damage increased to 21 (from 20), rate of fire decreased to 190 RPM (from 260)
  • Nova: Spread pattern shrunk 10%
  • Mauser C-96: Recoil in Auto mode now uses a recoil pattern, and Burst mode now uses the new recoil system (both much harder to control)
  • SR-25: Recoil in first few shots greatly increased
  • M1915: Recoil increased especially in first few shots, recoil recovery slower, short display name shortened to “M1915” from “M1915 CSRG”
  • AK-74M: Shots deviation from crosshair from automatic fire decreased by 6%
  • M40A1: Spread recovery increased by 10%, movement penalty reduced by 20%
  • Fire Launcher: Hip fire accuracy increased, ADS speed increased
  • Flamethrower: Ammo increased to 100/100 (from 48/144), rate of fire increased to 950 (from 800), accuracy increased, spread recovery increased, reload speed decreased, price increased to $2400 (from 1700)
  • High Voltage Gloves: damage decreased to 11 (from 14), damage dropoff reduced to 12.5% per block from 25%



  • Removed “[g]” prefix in chat to make it look cleaner
  • Temporarily removed Outpost to fix a server crash issue
  • Maximum frequency of “out of ammo” notification is now limited to 5 times per second to prevent chat spamming
  • Fixed a bug where Dual Berettas muzzle flash and bullet tracers come out of opposite weapons
  • Changed spawns in Shipwreck to remove the spawns where players respawn looking straight down

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