Small Quality-of-Life Update

Hello all,

It’s almost the end of February, so to celebrate the start of the spring we’ve rolled out a small update that adds/fixes a few things here and there. Hopefully this bit of attention-to-detail should make the server look more thematic and professional.


It’s probably best to just list all the changes, since there isn’t really a central theme in today’s update.

  • The spawn now uses mostly vanilla blocks, so it looks more normal to players who have not loaded the resource pack yet
  • Changed the layout of the Loadout Configuration menu
    • Removed the bricks that allowed you to switch between loadouts – they are now in a separate menu
  • Added a new Loadout Presets menu that allows you to more intuitively change the old-system loadouts used in Mob-Arena and some PVP modes
  • Removed the individual Mob-Arena join options from the join menu. You can still join any arena you like using /ma join
  • Changed the icons of lobbies in the join menu to skulls
  • Added 19 lines of tips to the PVP Lobby
  • Mob-Arena tips now also show in the Mob-Arena voting lobby
  • Fixed a glitch where kill assist info did not reset at the end of rounds
  • Fixed a glitch where minions summoned by Reinforce Military skill did not count as minions
  • Fixed a glitch where Deadly Arrows skill only shot arrows into the ground
  • Fixed a glitch where Spawn Pumplings skill from certain bosses were omitted, also causing them to cast other skills too quickly
  • Tiny slimes (which do no damage) should no longer spawn from the Spawn Slimes skill
  • Rebalanced amount of arrows/fireballs shot from bosses
  • Rebalanced amount of minions summoned from bosses
  • Bosses now use skills faster the more players are in the arena (they were previously too hard to beat solo, and too easy to beat in a group)
  • Changed layout of Nuke to correspond with recent CS:GO updates
  • Various aesthetic improvements to Nuke
  • Removed Blackheart Extreme mode to end the Valentine ’18 event

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  1. Finnish Man

    A compass in defusal showing where bomb is would have been a nice adition. Giving out coordinates om the bombs location in the heat does not work.

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