Easter Surprise!

Hello all,

Today is Easter - and we have rolled out a huge update to PVP with a new armor system, as well as further improvements to Mob-Arena and tweaks to the weapon balance.


From now on, you will have to purchase armor in PVP modes (except Arms Race), instead of being given it every respawn.

The Kevlar Vest costs $650 ($1300 in TDM/FFA) and will reduce damage done to your chest, arms, and torso according to the armor penetration of the weapon. The Helmet costs $350 ($700 in TDM/FFA) and will reduce incoming damage to your head.

In addition you will now need to purchase the Defusal Kit for $400 in Defusal Mode. Otherwise you will spawn with Wirecutters which takes 10 seconds to defuse a bomb.


  • All sidearms now cost double the amount of money in TDM/FFA mode. This is to prevent everyone from having access to the most expensive sidearms, and therefore encourages more diversity in loadouts.
  • Starting money in TDM/FFA increased to $6000 because players now need to purchase armor, and sidearms are also more expensive than before.
  • Fixed a glitch where after planting the bomb a player sometimes could not shoot their weapon
  • Added extra weapons to Arms Race


We have added a whole bunch of changes to weapon balance and modifications that should hopefully promote more diverse choices and extra customization.

First of all, all PISTOLS have now received some modifications that you will be able to equip. Most of them are shared with other weapon types, but the new Light Frame modification is exclusive to pistols and offers a faster swap speed. In addition, the AF2011 and Colt Revolver have their own unique modifications.

Damage of all Sniper Rifles have been reduced. Most bolt action snipers will now only one hit kill to the head or chest (which has a 1.25x damage multiplier). In return the chest hitbox size has been increased.

The bullet velocities of rifle-caliber weapons have also been reduced so bullet drop is once again something you have to compensate for.

Other changes:
  • Magazine capacity of M82 increased to 10, backup ammo increased to 30
  • Reload speed of M9A1 increased
  • Nerfed HP ammo due to the new armor changes giving it an extra benefit
  • Buffed Greased Trigger by reducing spraying accuracy penalty
  • Reduced effect of new anti-material sniper HE ammo type
  • Increased damage of sniper rifles in Mob-Arena to make up for the new damage nerf
  • NTW-20 now has the same damage multiplier in Infected as other bolt sniper rifles once again


We have done some further tweaks to the Mob-Arena loadout system to make it more intuitive to use. First, the weapons in the weapon selection list are now sorted by their corresponding Mob-Arena class alphabetically, making it much easier to find the class you want to play with.

In addition, right clicking a weapon will now show you a preview of its corresponding class like the preview above.

By the way:

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Mob Arena Reborn

Hello all,

Today we have released our largest update to Mob-Arena in MONTHS! It's way too hard to summarize all the changes here - you better try it out yourself. In addition there were also some quality of life changes and bug fixes to other parts of the server.


One thing from the earliest days of GunColony that I have always wanted back was the bundled weapons and classes. Mob-Arena classes used to each come with their own weapons, and this way it was much easier to balance them. Today I have done the best I can to recreate this mechanic. Now, the primary weapon you bring into battle decides your player class in Mob-Arena.

There are now over 30 unique Mob-Arena classes in the game, and some of them contain unique goods - Kit-PvP style healing mushroom soups, nausea-inflicting potions, and poison bows are just a few examples. Also, in general, better classes will come with worse weapons, so in order to get the fullest advantage out of these new gears, you might have to sacrifice some firepower.


The final two maps, Blackheart and Range, have been updated - now features like staggered spawn times and boss minions are finally available in every Mob-Arena map.

Oh, and if you're on Range, careful! There might be ambushes. Those monsters always find a way to get behind you. Mini-bosses can also spawn in regular waves now.


We have added eight new boss skills to the game, making boss fights much more exciting. They are:

  • Large Fireballs - the boss fires multiple large fireballs. The amount fired depends on amount of players and game difficulty. You can deflect these fireballs just like the ones from a ghast.
  • Wither Skulls - the boss fires wither skulls. The boss will fire much less wither skulls than fireballs, but you can not deflect them and they are more powerful and much harder to dodge.
  • Slime Cannon - the boss fires a slime at a nearby player. The slime is invulnerable to damage and knockback for 0.5 seconds. On Hard difficulty the slime is replaced with a magma cube.
  • Bomb Cannon - the boss fires a TNT at a nearby player. The TNT explodes much faster than the ones in Throw TNT, and even faster in Hard difficulty. However, there is only one bomb so it is somewhat easy to avoid.
  • Shockwave - the boss fires a shockwave of explosion particles. Any players hit will be dragged towards the boss, and the boss will target them.
  • Gas - the boss throws several lingering poison potions. The amount of potions depends on difficulty. Avoid the poison or you will easily take 5 hearts of damage.
  • Buff Pool - the boss throws several potions with positive effects. The potions affect both nearby monsters and players.
  • Back Leap - the boss jumps backwards away from nearby players.

We have also updated existing boss skills:

  • The creeper produced by the Wall skill now has its name display always on, and now has a 60% damage protection for 1 second so it is no longer possible to simply kill it by brute force before it explodes.
  • The laser produced by the Laser skill now travels faster and further, and has a bigger hitbox.
  • The Bombard boss skill now works again, and the amount of damage potions it throws has been reduced for balance.


  • The more boss minions on the map, the slower additional minions will now spawn
  • The more monsters on the map during regular waves, the slower the next wave will arrive
  • A sound is now played to notify players at the beginning of a boss wave.
  • Rebalanced weapon damage system: both mob health and gun damage have been cut in half. The reduction in mob health allows explosions (from boss skills or creepers) to be much more useful against mobs, and any healing (from witch potions, or Instant Damage potions on undead mobs) to be much more significant.
  • The Squad Leader boss in Blizzard no longer fires burning arrows
  • Since armor in the new classes are generally much lower, the quality of weapons of mobs has been decreased
  • TNT, wither skull, and charged creeper explosion damage to players reduced
  • Witch poison duration cut in 1/3
  • Added mooshrooms that drop milk buckets to witch rounds since milk is no longer included in classes
  • Fixed an issue that caused mini-bosses to sometimes stop using boss skills


  • Mob-Arena and Infected now use separate loadouts, and changing weapons in one mode no longer affects the other mode
  • Mob-Arena and Infected now have only 1 loadout each - we removed the extras because nobody really used them
  • In Team Death Match and Free For All, you no longer receive weapons from Loadout Presets at the beginning of a round
  • Added Boss Bar notice when gaining experience in Infected (just like the ones in PVP)
  • Entity penetration increased for M1 Garand: it can now penetrate mobs with more damage
  • Fixed a bug that prevented joining of Free For All matches in progress

You can't miss this update! (Screenshot taken at 2AM Eastern time!)

What are you waiting for? Check out Mob-Arena now!

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Nuclear Deployment

Hello all,

Today we have released a small patch that actually adds the NukeFFA map, as well as changes the spawning algorithms in FFA and TDM Random Spawns to reduce instances of players spawning too close to an enemy.


The Free-For-All version of Nuke has been released. This version of Nuke is set during the night/dawn and comes with a lot of changes from the original Nuke map to better suit the FFA mode.

There are a lot more open doors and wall breaches in the map to allow players to roam it and find enemies more freely. The underground and corridors on both ends has also been closed so the fighting is more concentrated. Finally, the map features over 60 unique player spawnpoints which, combined with the spawn changes below, will ensure that every player gets their own place to spawn.


We have changed the algorithms that decide where a player is spawned in FFA and TDM Random Spawns modes. The new algorithm will do a better job at making sure that players spawn spaced out, since fights are not fun if it only begins with one player spawning right on top of the other.

Technical info: the new algorithm uses a weight system to determine the chance that a player will spawn on a given spawnpoint.
  • If there is an enemy within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the weight decreases linearly based on how close the enemy is to the spawnpoint, until the weight reaches 0 if the enemy is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint.
  • In TDM Random Spawns if there is a friendly within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance will increase linearly by distance. If the friendly is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance doubles.
  • If no other players are within 60 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance is halved to increase the frequency of fights in low population lobbys.

N.B. There were also unannounced changes to both of the WWII scenario maps, including moving the Axis spawn back in Normandy to give the Allies a better fighting chance. This was done a few days ago, but still check it out.

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Bug Fix & Balance Update

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a few bug fixes as well as general changes to our gamemodes to make our gameplay a little smoother and looking a little better.


We have changed scopes, adding more realistic zoom levels and muzzle flash effects. Now they are truly the best scopes in Minecraft!

  • Scopes now zoom in much more than before. Most sniper scopes zoom in at the maximum possible zoom level in Minecraft, the same zoom level as Slowness potion effects that make you completely unable to move.
  • Firing when scoped in will now display the muzzle flash in the center of the screen rather than in the right. This makes scoped view more realistic.


Due to complaints of spawn camping on Nuke TDM, we have changed the modes in which Nuke can be played on. We have also tweaked the Mob-Arena map Abandon to fix some issues and improve its layout.

  • Nuke has been removed from Team Death Match and added to Defusal mode.
  • Nuke (NukeFFA) has been added to the Free For All mode.
  • Slight layout changes to Mob-Arena map Abandon. The truck area which used to be a dead end has received another entrance, and a couple of fixes are also rolled out to prevent mobs from getting stuck.


We have tweaked Mob-Arena so that players who seek a more casual experience can access easier Mob-Arena matches.

  • Normal mode replaced with Easy mode in the Mob-Arena lobby. You can still vote for Normal mode if you use /ma join to join a game.
  • Bosses now use skills slower in Easy and Normal difficulty
  • The Laser boss skill now triggers (even) faster in Hard and Normal difficulty


We have done a couple balance changes to the sniper rifles, particularly to make the two anti-material rifles a more valuable pick.

  • Added a new modification to the M82 and NTW-20. The HE ammo increases damage greatly but reduces penetration, turning them more into huge Gauss guns instead of anti-material rifles. These modifications are meant to make the weapons more useful in Mob-Arena, but their downsides prevent them from becoming overpowered in Infected. The M82 with the HE ammo will kill Mob-Arena zombies in one body shot.
  • The NTW-20 now moves faster when not zoomed in
  • Increased the reload speed of M82, NTW-20, SVD, AWP, and K98k
  • Slightly increased the penetration power of the M82
  • Tweaked the reload sounds of several sniper rifles. The actual reload speed isn't changed.


We have fixed many bugs - some of these bugs have been around for a really long time, and they're finally gone!

  • You can now drop and pick up weapons properly in Mob-Arena and Infected modes.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players may spawn without weapons
  • Fixed an issue where mobs in Mob-Arena may spawn too close to players if they are moving
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser boss skill originated from the boss's feet
  • Fixed an issue where random armored zombies sometimes spawned baby zombies
  • Fixed an issue where villager zombies were not displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Golems in Mob-Arena had incorrect HP
  • Grenades now work

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ABANDON Updated!

Hello all,

Introducing the new Fire Launcher, and the new Abandon map!


The Abandon map has received a new makeover. Now, it features 50 waves in Normal mode and 51 waves in Hard mode. Normal zombies and skeletons spawn in the earlier waves, but zombies will begin to spawn with armor in the later waves.

The new Abandon has all the new features that you'd expect from an updated map, such as mobs spawning over time, boss waves spawning other mobs, etc. But that's not all - the new map brings a brand new concept of Mini-Bosses, which I will elaborate on in the next section.

By the way, the new Abandon map tells the story of how players abandoned Mr. Volvo...


While fighting bosses in the new Abandon map you will encounter some mini-bosses. These elite monsters are summoned every once in a while in boss waves and provide an extra challenge. They have a lot more HP than regular mobs, and their HP also increases with the number of players in the map as well as the difficulty, much like normal bosses. In the image above, the Iron Golem is a mini-boss.

Mini-bosses are also able to use boss skills much like the regular boss, so you need to eliminate them quickly. The exact skills used depends on the type of the mini-boss encountered.

Currently, mini-bosses are present in Wave 30, 40, and 51 in the newly updated Abandon map. However, we do plan on adding them to other maps soon. Stay tuned!


The Fire Launcher has been totally revamped. Instead of creating a wildly inaccurate (and extremely buggy) bomb barrage, it now fires 3 projectiles in a triangular pattern every shot, with 4 rounds in each clip. If all 3 projectiles hit a player and at least one (most likely the topmost one) strikes either the head or the chest, it will result in an instant kill. The projectiles fired by this weapon travel very slowly, but in return it is much more accurate compared to shotguns and obviously occupies only the secondary slot. This weapon also has a Mob-Arena damage multiplier of 2X, so it can be used quite effectively as an emergency weapon against monsters.


We have added a new Discord chat channel called "#server-chat". This channel allows players in Discord and the server to chat with each other!
(The Discord #server-chat channel follows the same rules as the Minecraft server chat. Intentionally bypassing the in-game filter through Discord is NOT allowed.)


  • Added a new boss skill: the Invisibility skill, which turns the boss invisible for a few seconds and is used by the Wave 51 final boss in Abandon
  • The Laser boss skill now initiates faster in Hard difficulty, giving players less time to dodge the laser
  • The Teleport To Player boss skill now removes the boss's target temporarily, so the boss does not immediately hit the player that it teleported to
  • Blizzard arena reduced to 40 waves (41 in Hard).
  • Updated difficulty ratings for several arenas in the Mob-Arena lobby
  • Reduced the amount of mobs spawned in certain waves in Graveyard
  • Replaced the Heavy kit's Super Heal Potion with a golden apple
  • Replaced the Shooter kit's heal potions with 2 splash Regeneration potions plus the Super Heal Potion
  • Replaced the Hunter kit's Splash Weakness Potion with two 8-minute speed potions
  • Upgraded the SWAT kit's chestplate to Thorns VI instead of Thorns III
  • Added an extra 3-minute Strength potion to the Sprayer kit

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The Fundamental Update

Hello all,

Today I finished up moving the server to the new machine, and also worked on some gameplay changes. This update includes a new wallbang system and several important bug fixes.


The block penetration system has been totally redone to be more intuitive and consistent. Wallbang damage used to be calculated solely based on how many blocks the bullet went through (and the type of these blocks). This meant that barely clipping through a block by a corner had the same damage reduction as shooting a bullet through the entire block. It was unrealistic and also inconsistent. Our new system ensures that the bullets will penetrate blocks much more realistically, as it is now based on the distance the bullet has travelled inside the block as well.

We have also tweaked the penetration values of weapons and blocks so it is generally easier to penetrate stiff surfaces but harder against previously soft surfaces. This means that shooting around corners should now be viable no matter the type of block in the way (iron blocks and similar will still almost completely block bullets, of course).


I have done some adjustment to our shooting mechanics today, aiming at making them more balanced and also less buggy-feeling.

  • Shotgun spread is no longer reduced by 35% when ADS (this was unrealistic). Instead it is now reduced by 20% compared to before no matter whether you are aiming or hip firing. This means a wider spread than before in ADS, but a tighter spread in hipfire.
  • ADS recoil is now reduced by 25% instead of 35%. We felt that since all guns can aim down sights now, this bonus was a bit too much and made the recoil too low compared to before.
  • Shotguns no longer zoom out like a bolt-action rifle after firing a round. They're, after all, not snipers.
  • We felt like we could take some more liberties to make the damage mechanics more realistic. From now on, chest shots do 125% damage against players, and torso shots do the normal 100% damage. In return we have made the chest shot cutoff a bit higher so the chest is now smaller in relation to the torso.


Following recent discussions about Bolt-Action rifle damage in MA we investigated the system and spotted that the Mob-Arena damage modifiers were not working at all. Now they should work once again. Here are the new weapon damage multipliers in Mob-Arena:

  • Rifles: 1.0X
  • SMGs: 1.0X
  • LMGs: 0.8X
  • Semi-Auto Shotguns: 1.1X
  • Pump Shotguns: 1.25X
  • Semi-Auto Snipers: 1.25X
  • Bolt-Action Snipers: 1.75X
  • Pistols: 1.25X
  • Specials: 1.0X
  • Knife: 2.0X


We have done some tweaks to our special weapons in an effort to make them more useful.

  • Laser-451: Damage increased, no longer inflicts fire (was buggy)
  • HV Gloves: Reload/recharge speed doubled
  • Flamethrower: Damage increased


We have tweaked our particle effects so wounding an enemy is now more noticeable.
  • More blood particles spawn now
  • Blood particles now fly farther than before, especially for headshots
  • Changed blood particle of zombies to lily pad instead of cactus


  • Fixed rare occasions where blood particles would not spawn
  • Fixed the server not recognizing player votes due to moving the server to the web panel earlier today
  • Fixed a rare issue with excessive projectile velocities freezing/crashing the server by loading chunks - this should solve all server freezes and crashing issues

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