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Balance Update Follow-up

Hello all,

This is a small follow-up update to the previous Balance Update, which further adjusts the strength of weapons in the game. We have also fixed some issues regarding the Mob-Arena game mode and made several visual and audio improvements.


  • M14: damage 35 -> 34
  • FAL: damage 34 -> 36
  • AK-47: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-103: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-74M: price 3000 -> 2600
  • STG-44: damage 36.5 -> 35.5
  • G11: damage 25 -> 28, burst mode rate of fire 195×3 -> 180×3
  • Mac-10: armor penetration 57.5 -> 56
  • Vector: damage 27 -> 26, rate of fire 1080 -> 1110, muzzle boost modification removed (as fire rates above 1200 RPM do not work)
  • PPSH-41: damage 24 -> 24.5, rate of fire 1080 -> 1000
  • AKS-74u: price 1850 -> 2450 (it was buffed a bit too much…)
  • Remington 887: damage 26 -> 25, armor penetration 70 -> 73
  • MAG-7: armor penetration 75 -> 72, slightly increased damage dropoff
  • RPK: damage 31 -> 32, damage dropoff rate 0.9% -> 1.6% per block


  • The respawn timer is now reduced by a constant amount of time per wave instead of a percentage.
    • This means that if a new wave spawns when you already have a low respawn timer, you will be instantly revived.
  • The Mob-Arena plugin can now be reloaded without kicking players out of the arena, given that the new config does not contain errors.
  • Added sound cues to the Bombard, Gas, Buff Pool, Evade, Teleport to Player, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Throw TNT, and Bomb Strike skills.
  • Slime Cannon and Bomb Cannon skills now make more particles.
  • When a player is hit by the Laser, Wall, and Shockwave skills, other players can now hear the hit sound.
  • Added a sound effect for when a boss or mini-boss dies.
  • Buffed Dagger in Spetsnaz class: +1 level to all three enchantments. Now one shots spiders on critical hit.


  • Reduced the amount of healing items in the killstreak tree.
  • Mini-Nuke moved from 25 kills to 20 since high killstreaks are now much harder to get due to less healing.


  • The weapon stats command now shows the weapon’s price.
  • Pistol (except Deagle, Revolvers, and Thunder .50BMG) bullet tracers are now shorter (equal to SMGs).
  • Suppressed weapon bullet tracers now consist of only 1 particle, making it harder to see.
  • Sound effect for hitting a player in PVP is now louder and higher pitched.
  • Added sound effect for hitting an unarmored player in PVP (this used to not play any sounds).
  • Added sound effect for picking up items (guns, bomb, grenades) on the ground
  • Added some more tips to both the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies.


  • Fixed an issue where Teleport to Player boss skill did not work on Ghast bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Laser and Wall boss skills kill a player, it would stop the skill from travelling any further and produce a console error.
  • Fixed an issue where having no players in an arena would completely stop it from progressing. (Now, joining an empty/glitched arena should still respawn the player, who can then leave again to stop the arena)
  • Mob-Arena maps should now always start with the correct start timer in all circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Klobb scenario weapon had no idle sway in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped grenades as long as they had at least 1 grenade in their inventory.
Steam Tunnels New

Balance Update

Hello all,

Today’s update brings along a complete rebalancing for all primary weapon categories to encourage more diverse weapon selections and more tactical use of body armor. We have also changed damage multipliers of select hitboxes for full-auto weapons, and made armor penetration matter much more to Mob-Arena. Finally, short-range weapons such as the Flamethrower, High Voltage Gloves, and Knife have also received changes.


Steam Tunnels has received a layout tweak to be overall more compressed, promoting close-quarters action inside the main bombsite building.

T spawn view

CT spawn view


Weapons in full auto will now do less damage than before to the head and chest hitboxes.

PVP Head Hitbox: 2.75X for single/burst, 2.4X for auto

PVP Body Hitbox: 1.25X for single/burst, 1.1X for auto

In order to do the full damage, switch to single or burst mode on your weapon.


To prevent abuse of the aforementioned system using cheats like autoclickers, the semi-auto fire rate on full-auto weapons has been limited to 200 plus half of the full-auto fire rate.

For example, the AK-47 has a full auto fire rate of 600 RPM. The semi-auto fire rate will be 200 + (600 / 2) = 500 RPM.


Damage multipliers in Mob-Arena has also been changed.

Below is a comparison table between the old and new headshot multipliers (note that full auto and single/burst multipliers are now different):

 OldNew (Single/Burst)New (Full Auto)
Auto Shotguns/Snipers1.5x1.7xN/A
Pump Shotguns1.9x1.9xN/A
Bolt Snipers1.9x2.0xN/A
Drum/mag-fed LMGs1.45x1.6433x1.45x
Belt-fed MGs1.4x1.5867x1.4x

Furthermore, a weapon’s armor penetration now has much higher impact on the damage done to armored mobs.

  • Having an armor penetration of 100 can now cause the weapon to almost completely ignore mob armor, doing 91% of normal damage to full diamond armor (from 60%).
  • However, an armor penetration of 50 will cause the weapon to only do 39% of normal damage to full diamond armor (from 45%).


Rifles (COMMON)

M14: damage 31 -> 35, armor penetration 85 -> 94, price 2100 -> 2300, swap time 1.1s -> 0.9s, increased max damage dropoff, minorly increased idle sway, greatly increased recoil (especially first shot), recoil recovers slower

Galil AR: damage 31 -> 27.5, armor penetration 74 -> 81, increased first shot recoil

M16A2: damage 36 -> 30, armor penetration 72 -> 82, price 2800 -> 2600, increased first shot recoil, burst fire no longer increases recoil

M16A1: damage 34 -> 29, armor penetration 72 -> 82, price 2800 -> 2600, increased first shot recoil

FAMAS: damage 27 -> 26, armor penetration 70 -> 78, rate of fire 840 -> 900, price 2250 -> 2450, sway from firing recovers slightly slower, increased first shot recoil, burst fire now increases recoil half as much as before

G36: damage 33 -> 28, armor penetration 75 -> 80, price 2800 -> 2650, increased first shot recoil, slightly increased overall recoil

Nylon 66: greatly reduced first shot sway, sway from firing, recoil, and movement and jumping inaccuracy

M1 Garand: damage 51 -> 50.5, armor penetration 85 -> 87, reduced sway from firing, sway from firing recovers slower

IMI Galil: damage 30 -> 27, armor penetration 73 -> 80, increased first shot recoil

Groza: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 76 -> 85

Rifle (RARE)

M4A4: damage 33 -> 28.5, armor penetration 70 -> 81.5, increased first shot recoil

M4A1-S: damage 33 -> 28.5, armor penetration 70 -> 81.5, price 3100 -> 3200, ammo 25/75 -> 30/60, reduced max damage dropoff, increased first shot recoil

AK-47: damage 36 -> 31, armor penetration 77.5 -> 85.5, price 3000 -> 2700, increased first shot recoil

SVT-40: damage 49 -> 47, armor penetration 87 -> 93, price 2000 -> 2550, slightly increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil

M14 EBR: damage 44 -> 36, armor penetration 85 -> 94, price 2500 -> 2750, slightly increased first shot recoil, recoil recovers faster

SCAR-Light: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 70 -> 79, ammo 30/120 -> 30/90, increased sway from firing, increased first shot recoil, recoil recovers slower

SR-25: armor penetration 85 -> 93

FAL: damage 38 -> 34, armor penetration 81.5 -> 91.5, slightly increased first shot recoil, reduced sway randomness when single firing

AR-57: damage 26 -> 23.5, armor penetration 69 -> 84, increased first shot recoil

G11: damage 28 -> 25, armor penetration 78 -> 90, slightly increased first shot recoil

Rifle (EPIC)

AK-74M: damage 30 -> 27, rate of fire 600 -> 650, reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil

AUG: damage 31 -> 27, armor penetration 68 -> 83, price 3150 -> 3300, increased first shot recoil

SIG 556xi: damage 30 -> 28, armor penetration 75 -> 83, price 3050 -> 3100, increased first shot recoil

FAD: damage 32 -> 28, armor penetration 70 -> 82, price 2300 -> 2500, slightly increased first shot recoil but reduced overall recoil after first shot

STG-44: damage 40 -> 36.5, armor penetration 73 -> 76, increased first shot recoil


AK-103: damage 36 -> 31, armor penetration 79.5 -> 87.5, price 3200 -> 3300, increased first shot recoil, sway from firing recovers faster

XM8: damage 32 -> 30.5, armor penetration 80 -> 81.5, price 3000 -> 2900, increased first shot recoil

SC-2010: damage 40 -> 37, armor penetration 81.5 -> 91.5, price 3150 -> 3250, increased first shot recoil, reduced sway randomness when single firing


UZI: damage 31 -> 30, armor penetration 55 -> 62

MP9: damage 24 -> 27, increased overall recoil

Mac-10: damage 26 -> 30.5

TMP: damage 24 -> 27, increased overall recoil

MP5: damage 23 -> 27.5, armor penetration 49 -> 61, greatly increased first shot recoil and overall recoil

SR-3M: armor penetration 64 -> 68, greatly increased first shot recoil


MP7: damage 24 -> 23, armor penetration 65 -> 78, slightly increased first shot recoil

UMP-45: damage 34 -> 36, armor penetration 65 -> 58, burst fire no longer increases recoil but also does not reduce sway as much as before

Vector: damage 25 -> 27, armor penetration 59 -> 60, greatly increased recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased sway from firing, burst fire no longer increases recoil but also does not reduce sway as much as before

Thompson M1A1: damage 34 -> 35, increased first shot recoil

PPSh-41: armor penetration 58 -> 72, greatly increased overall recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased base sway and sway from firing

MP5SD: damage 26 -> 28, reload time 3 -> 2.8s, increased first shot recoil

PPD-40: armor penetration 58 -> 72, slightly increased overall recoil


P90: damage 26 -> 23.5, armor penetration 69 -> 84, muzzle velocity 747 -> 680, bullet drag 11 -> 12% per tick, slightly increased first shot recoil

PP-Bizon: damage 24 -> 26, slightly increased first shot recoil

Tavor X95R: armor penetration 67 -> 81, increased first shot recoil

Sterling: damage 31 -> 29, armor penetration 61 -> 64, slightly reduced overall recoil

Spectre: damage 31 -> 34, armor penetration 67 -> 59, increased first shot recoil


MP5K A4: damage 26 -> 28.5, armor penetration 67.5 -> 64, increased overall recoil

AKS-74u: armor penetration 73.5 -> 83, increased first shot recoil


Remington 887: damage 23 -> 26, armor penetration 82 -> 70

MAG-7: price 2100 -> 1800, reload speed 3.95s -> 3.25s, slightly increased movement penalty

XM1014: damage 20 -> 22, armor penetration 80 -> 74, rate of fire 220 -> 200

All other shotguns: no change

Machine Gun (COMMON)

M1915: damage 47 -> 53, reduced sway from firing, slightly increased overall recoil

M60: armor penetration 82 -> 92,  increased first shot recoil

Machine Gun (RARE)

M249: damage 31 -> 29, armor penetration 72.5 -> 79.5, slightly reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil

Ultimax 100: damage 32 -> 29.5, armor penetration 69 -> 81, price 4100 -> 4050, slightly increased first shot recoil

MG 34: damage 32 -> 31, armor penetration 83 -> 86, increased first shot recoil

Stoner 63: damage 34 -> 29, armor penetration 70 -> 80, slightly increased first shot recoil

Machine Gun (EPIC)

QBB-95: damage 31 -> 30, armor penetration 76 -> 79, reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil, burst fire no longer increases recoil

Negev: armor penetration 72 -> 78, price 4700 -> 4900, increased first shot recoil

MG3: damage 28 -> 28.5, armor penetration 83 -> 86, price 4700 -> 5000, increased damage dropoff, increased first shot recoil

Lewis Gun: armor penetration 79 -> 88, increased first shot recoil

RPK: damage 35 -> 31, armor penetration 77 -> 86, slightly increased first shot recoil

Machine Gun (LEGENDARY)

L86 LSW: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 74 -> 83

M1919A4: armor penetration 75 -> 94, rate of fire 800 -> 600, increased sway from firing

Sniper Rifle

MSG90 A2: rate of fire 210 -> 230, slightly increased recoil recovery speed

SCAR-20: rate of fire 260 -> 280

G3SG/1: rate of fire 260 -> 280, reload time 3.5s -> 3.2s

SVD: reload time 3.0s -> 2.7s

SIG 550: reduced horizontal recoil

AWM: damage 107 -> 105, armor penetration 89 -> 97

SSG 08: armor penetration 82 -> 91

M24: armor penetration 89 -> 93

CheyTac: damage 102 -> 106, armor penetration 95 -> 97.5

M40A1: damage 106 -> 102, armor penetration 85 -> 95, rate of fire 44 -> 47

K98k: damage 107 -> 110, armor penetration 94 -> 89.5

All other snipers: no change


All handguns have received proper spread values!

CZ75-Auto: damage 33 -> 35

Mauser: damage 31 -> 33

Skorpion: damage 25 -> 27

(Pistols will receive a full rebalance in a future update)


Flamethrower: reduced damage and rate of fire, increased armor penetration greatly, increased accuracy in auto fire, increased muzzle velocity, ammo 150/0 -> 200/0

High Voltage Gloves: range 7.5 -> 4.5, damage +50%, slowness duration 5s -> 0.5s

Knife: right click attack range 3.6 -> 3


Bouncy Grenades

Hello all,

This early summer update overhauls our grenade system, allowing you to purchase grenades in gameplay while also make them more effective with new bouncing mechanics and damage reworks. There are three new COD-inspired maps and many new weapon remodels, which coupled with new PVP playlist changes help the game stay fresh. Finally, we have implemented some long-due improvements to Competitive and new killstreak rewards to PVP, helping to make the two gamemodes feel different and each rewarding in its own way.


  • Grenades now have less drag for a straighter trajectory in the air.
  • Grenades can now travel through barriers.
  • Grenades can now bounce off surfaces (blocks and entities).
  • Added Smoke Grenade ($300), Incendiary Grenade ($450), Molotov Cocktail ($400), and Decoy Grenade ($50).
    • The smoke grenade has a 2 second fuse and creates a smoke screen that obstructs vision.
    • The incendiary grenade has a 2 second fuse and burns, dealing high damage over a medium area.
    • The molotov cocktail detonates on impact (if it does not impact anything it will detonate after 4 seconds). It deals medium damage over a large area.
    • The decoy grenade has a 2 second fuse and creates loud gun sounds, helpful for masking your movement or confusing enemies.


  • In PVP mode, you can choose 1 grenade from the following: HE Grenade, Flashbang, and Decoy Grenade.
  • Grenades cost twice as much as normal in PVP mode.
  • Your grenade of choice will be given every respawn.
  • Although you can only equip 1 grenade at a time, you can pick up grenades from the ground or gain more through killstreaks.

  • In Competitive mode, you can choose up to 4 grenades from the following: HE Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, and Decoy Grenade.
  • However, if you are a CT in Defusal Mode or Demolition Mode, Molotov Cocktail will be replaced with Incendiary Grenade.
  • You can only own one grenade of each type at a time, except Flashbangs which you can own two.
  • If you die, you will drop the grenade in the leftmost slot.


All three new maps are available in TDM, TDM Random Spawns, and FFA modes.


A COD map with a tight three-lane layout, great for CQB and mid-range weapons.


A PVP map stationed inside a warehouse. It has an open layout but lots of cover and verticality.


A COD map set in an airport terminal. It has an open outdoor area as well as a unique indoor layout with many penetrable objects.


Updated the look of the following weapons:

  • M1014
  • USP-S
  • P90
  • AR-57
  • SCAR-Light
  • SCAR-20
  • CheyTac M200
  • SVD
  • Double Barrel
  • XD (minor update to suppressor)


  • Reworked the PVP playlist to remove some unfitting maps for each gamemode. For example, some CS:GO maps have been removed from Team Deathmatch but are still available in TDM Random Spawns.
  • Moved Elimination mode from the PVP playlist to the Competitive playlist.
  • Removed the Practice mode from the Competitive playlist.


We have redesigned the PVP mode’s killstreak rewards, which now include healing items and the new wide assortment of grenades.

2 Kills: Health Pack
4 KillsFrag Grenade
6 Kills: Incendiary Grenade
8 Kills: Medishot
10 Kills: Smoke Grenade
12 KillsHealth Pack
14 Kills: Molotov Cocktail
16 Kills: Medishot
18 Kills: Flashbang
20 KillsHealth Pack
25 Kills: Mini-Nuke


The flamethrower has been reworked to be more realistic. It can fill a room with highly lethal flames without exposing the user, but is inefficient in direct encounters.

  • The range is now limited to 25 blocks, and damage drops off significantly over distance
  • Accuracy has been significantly reduced
  • Bullets travel slowly, ricochet on blocks (glancing collisions have 100% chance of ricochet) and pierce through enemies
  • Now sets enemies on fire for 1 full heart of extra damage
  • Rate of fire increased, damage per shot decreased
  • Now has 150 rounds but no backup ammo in PvP
  • Reload speed reduced in Mob-Arena


  • Explosions now use the correct hitbox for partial blocks such as slabs. This prevents grenades from doing too little or no damage when they explode on top of slabs.
  • Explosions now take account of the depth of the penetration through a block, not just the type of the block it penetrates.
  • All solid blocks (even ones that do not block other explosives very well) are now much more effective at obstructing the Flashbang’s effect.
  • Reduced the penetration value of the Frag Grenade. HE Grenade remains unchanged, and is now 2.5x as effective as the Frag Grenade at penetrating cover.


  • The bomb has been moved to the 8th inventory slot (same slot as defuse kit) to make room for grenades.
  • When a player dies with the bomb, a different message will now be displayed than if the player dropped the bomb voluntarily.
  • When a player dies with the bomb, CTs will now also be notified of the bomb drop, but not the location of the drop. (Voluntary drops will not notify CTs)
  • When a player picks up the bomb, their teammates will now be notified.


  • The HK69A1 grenade launcher can now shoot through barriers like throwable grenades can.
  • The HK69A1 grenade launcher now has the realistic bullet velocity of 75 m/s.
  • Support for Minecraft 1.14.3 clients.
  • The Mob-Arena now starts faster. The map vote now lasts 30 seconds instead of 60.
  • Fixed an issue where CTs could move the Defuse Kit around in their inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where knife left click attacks and Model 1912 melee attacks sometimes displayed the wrong kill icon.
  • Fixed an issue where grenades in the fifth hotbar slot were removed when a round ends.


[HOTFIX 6/30/2019]

  • Enlarged spawn with new NPC positions.
    • Added an NPC with voting links.
    • Added NPCs with website, twitter, and discord links.
    • Added some of the new weapon models to NPCs to showcase them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Knife’s left click attack did no damage.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up Frag Grenades in Mob-Arena.
  • Fixed an issue where the scenario weapon Klobb’s recoil did not reset properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the most recent optimization (time limit) to the anti-xray system did not function properly, causing lag with high player counts.
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not properly check the status of the anti-xray system.
  • Fixed an issue where a single misplaced parenthesis in my code was causing level up rewards to not be given to players.
  • Optimized bullet ricochet logic.
  • Greatly optimized bullet and grenade collision logic against blocks and entities by caching the inverse vector in multiple AABB-ray collisions. This reduces overall server stress when lots of bullets are fired at once.
  • Added Incendiary Grenades and Molotovs as rare mob drops in Mob-Arena. Both types of grenades have a 0.6% drop chance.
  • Temporarily removed Raid from the Free For All playlist while we investigate a map border issue.