Townhall Frenzy

Hello all,

To celebrate this Halloween, we have remastered a nostalgic map with all-new boss skills so that you can relive the feeling of learning a brand new game again. We have also released a new shotgun, the KS-23.


Townhall was one of the first PVP maps to be released in GunColony. We have now remastered it with a village aesthetic for Mob-Arena. This map has 30 waves in Easy and 35 waves in Expert. Uniquely, every 10 waves, the types of mobs that spawn will change completely. Also, every 10 waves some friendly Iron Golems will spawn.


The bosses in Townhall almost exclusively use 1516 brand new boss skills. Prepare to have a BLAST this Halloween!


Causes a Creeper to ride on top of the boss. It’s like a living landmine! Higher difficulty increases the creeper’s health.


Similar to Throw TNT, but they are simply dropped on the floor. Beware – the TNTs will push each other around when you explode! Make sure to stay far away so you don’t get surprised.


Causes all nearby hostile mobs to gain a TNT on their head, turning them into suicide bombers. Higher difficulty increases the radius of the skill.


Causes the boss to speed up and rush in a straight line for 1 second. Higher difficulty increases the speed of the rush. Note that the “speed” sound effect has been moved to this skill so it’s not as often heard in the server.


Causes all players and mobs near the boss to go invisible, including the boss itself. Higher difficulty increases the radius of the effect.


A Ledoot spawns on top of the boss that spews out arrows at you! Higher difficulty increases the health of the Ledoot.


Spawns a mini slime on the head of each player, obstructing your vision. Also causes all nearby mobs to ride a medium slime, allowing them to move by bouncing. Higher difficulty increases the size of the slime that the mobs will ride.


Rains arrows above the boss, similar to Bombard. Higher difficulty increases the amount of arrows.


Calls down a Dragon Breath attack from the sky onto the boss’s target. Higher difficulty makes the fireball travel faster.


Throws a few fast-exploding TNTs into the sky at random angles. Very dangerous if you are on high ground. Higher difficulty increases the amount of TNTs thrown.


Spawns a few fireballs below the boss, which propel nearby mobs upwards and outwards.


Causes the boss to move erratically sideways, dodging your shots. Does not respond to difficulty.


Spawns Zombie versions of each player at the player spawnpoint. These zombies are similar to the ones spawned when players die, but have “Clone” in their name instead. This includes alive and dead players! Does not respond to difficulty.


Forces all players in the arena to look at the boss. Does not respond to difficulty.


Shuffles the boss with all mobs in the arena of the same type as the boss. Does not respond to difficulty.


Causes everyone in the arena to bounce up a few blocks. May throw off your aim. Does not respond to difficulty.

Changes to existing skills

Ride TNT: Reduced TNT explosion power at high difficulty (e.g. Endless)

Aura skills: Reduced particles


The KS-23 is the world’s most powerful shotgun in use by any military, firing a massive round that deals significantly more damage than any other shotgun. It has a rifled barrel producing a unique donut-shaped spread pattern. It can be converted to fire slug rounds which can one-hit-kill enemy players. It can be unlocked at Level 61.


The AN-94 and QBZ-03 previously appeared in Early Access quests. They are now unlockable normally at Level 94 and Level 18 respectively.


  • Fixed a glitch where sorting by Rarity in /inv caused the GUI to appear empty and not show any items

Performance Update

Hello all,

As the Halloween celebration continues it seemed that the server has been spooked so hard it’s stopped working on many occasions!

We have fixed a ton of related issues and added many optimizations, and this should result in a more stable gameplay experience for everyone, and with performance to spare for higher player counts.

All that focus on optimization did take some time away from creating Part 2 of our Halloween event, however… But don’t worry, there will still be a Part 3.


— Part Two of our halloween celebrations!

The spirits of Gulag have staged an uprising! Throw pumpkins in the new Gulag scenario to give your opponents levitation. Race to the mini-nuke while hurling your opponents into the air!

This mode is available in Showers TDM, and Gulag KOTH flavors.


Previously, our MySQL database was hosted on the frontend server (the same server as the BungeeCord). When there were DDoS attacks on the server, the DDoS protection on our host was able to prevent the attack on existing players, but the protection algorithm also blocked the database requests of our backend servers. Hence the attackers were able to take down our PVP and Mob-Arena servers because they ran on the backend and could not access the database.

We have moved the server’s MySQL database to a separate VPS that only hosts the database and nothing else, and it’s firewalled off from the internet and only listens to traffics from our other servers. This means that everything will now stay up and work normally despite a DDoS attack.


We have noticed that there was a rare deadlock issue with our current database system causing a server to become unresponsive to player logins until it is restarted.

We have recoded the way data is accessed from the database, ensuring that synchronization is only done when necessary to avoid two simultaneous queries being executed on the same thread. This not only improves response times overall, but also avoids any deadlocks.


To simplify matters, each player has 1 dedicated MySQL thread that handles all of their data loading and saving operations. Previously, which thread to use was determined by the first 3 bits of the player’s UUID. This was not perfect as players could be placed on an already-busy thread increasing response times, and some threads could be serving more players than others.

Now, we have recoded it so that a MySQL thread is dynamically assigned to the player when they log in. This algorithm prioritizes threads that are not already busy, so you can join a game server more quickly, and evens out the number of players handled by each thread, which reduces lag and avoids data saving issues.

The thread assigned to offline players will continue to be dependent on their UUID.


  • Updated anti-cheat, hopefully this will reduce the false positives (dragbacks)
  • High Gravity skill reworked to simply disable jump on players. For mobs it will still drag them down to the ground


  • The Discord NPC at spawn now provides the correct link to the Discord server
  • Fixed a glitch which caused Quest Progress and Stats to not display properly sometimes (this also affected Time Played and PVP Kills shown in chat)
  • Bandaid Fix to the glitch where the time remaining displayed in PVP is often incorrect and in the millions. We are still investigating the underlying issue, but this fix should give the correct behavior for now
  • High Gravity skill will now work on mobs properly (its intended behavior is to drag flying mobs down, not make every mob fly up into the air…)
  • Fixed a glitch where the Magnum Sniper and Schmidt Scout in the DustPCG scenario would glitch out if fired while scoped
  • Fixed a glitch that caused the gun plugin to rarely be loaded improperly on server start
  • Fixed a glitch where the Halloween event NPC did nothing when clicked
  • Fixed a glitch where weapons with skins had the Shooter kit in Mob-Arena, instead of the correct kit for the weapon
  • Fixed a console glitch with the chat packet cancelling code in our plugin
  • Fixed a glitch where spawning in Mob-Arena for the first time would still cause a lag spike to the entire MA server

Hotfix 10/28/20:

We have fixed a data saving glitch that arose due to the update, as well as many fixes aimed at reducing recent occurrences of bandwidth-related lag (both serverside, and clientside on players with bad internet).

  • Fixed a glitch where database accesses were sometimes in the wrong order, which caused inventory saving in particular to be inconsistent (this mainly affected quest rewards and crate opening)
  • Completely rewrote bullet tracer particles with the aim of reducing bandwidth
    • The gap between two bullet tracer particles is now increased based on the angle of the bullet relative to you to send less particles & save bandwidth, while still ensuring that the tracer line looks continuous
    • The range of bullet tracer particles has been increased to 230 blocks (from 200) for the player firing the gun, but reduced to 180 blocks (from 200) for other players
    • If the bullet tracer will stay outside a player’s FOV for the entirety of its flight, no tracer particles will be sent
  • Other particle lines (such as the supersonic bullet particle) will also no longer display if outside your field of view
  • network-compression-threshold for the BungeeCord server lowered from 256 to 128 to reduce bandwidth usage for players with poor connections
  • For the lobby server, which runs on the same machine as BungeeCord, network compression has been disabled to save CPU
  • Game servers, which are more bandwidth limited than CPU (by far), have been set to compress more packets
  • Reduced PVP server view-distance back to 12 (from 16). It was nice to see further in certain maps (e.g. AlpineTrench), but these maps also tended to be the ones that lagged the most, and one’d take performance over render distance any day.
  • Created a new network profiler which counts packets of each type getting sent to a player, intended to combat any other bandwidth-related issues

Halloween Defense

Hello all,

In today’s update we are adding a new Halloween Mob-Arena map, Plateau! Complete the quest objectives to get yourself an exclusive Mac-10 skin. Additionally we have added the ability to have Free For All matches on any map, a rework of footstep audio, and some staff moderation improvements.


Plateau is the main Halloween Mob-Arena map of the update. Defend the Fuel Technician from a relentless pillager attack assisted by various horrors of Halloween!

This is a very challenging map, especially on Expert difficulty. However, one silver lining is that most mobs will spawn just outside the map, making Plateau the second map to have this mechanic after Signal Hill.

The Fuel Technician has 50 max HP, and if he hasn’t been damaged in a while, he can regenerate health. If he dies, your team loses!

This map also contains some goofier mobs, such as Ghasts riding another Ghast.


We have added the Mac-10 | Halloween skin. Complete 1031 Mob-Arena kills in any map, survive 60 waves in Plateau, and beat Plateau once to obtain this skin.

This event is guaranteed to be the best way to get this seasonal skin! Our policy on seasonal skins is that they may or may not appear again in the future after the first time they’re introduced, but if they do reappear it will always be much harder to get than the first time. (Also, you can get multiple of a skin from multiple events.)


New Mob-Arena maps released from now on can contain mobs that you have to defend.

  • Villagers: You have to defend a stationary villager throughout the match. You will lose if the villager dies!
  • Friendly mobs: These mobs will help you fend off monsters. If they die, the game will be much harder!
  • Damage reflecting mobs: When these friendly mobs take damage, they will pass some or all of the damage to every player in the match! Protect them at all costs for your own safety!


  • The damage of the Wall skill has been increased and now scales with difficulty
  • Seismic Slam skill changes
    • Damage is greatly increased and now scales with difficulty
    • Radius no longer increases based on difficulty
    • There is now a particle trail while the boss is midair so it is clearer that the boss is using the skill
    • There is now a warning time before the boss jumps, which decreases at higher difficulty
  • Wall has been renamed to Moving Wall

In addition, changed the following boss skills so that they affect mobs as well as players: (This includes friendly and hostile mobs)

  • Wall
  • Wall of Frost
  • Wall of Blindness
  • Trump Wall
  • Laser
  • Gravity
  • Low Gravity
  • Propel
  • Fire Aura
  • Shock Aura
  • Blizzard

Note that the following skills still only affect players despite being AOE effects:

  • Flood
  • Throw Nearby, Fetch Nearby etc.
  • Lightning Aura

Soft-capped the amount of TNTs thrown by the Nuke skill

  • Amount of TNTs in Expert mode reduced from 24 to 20
  • In endless, once the amount of TNTs reaches over 30, the rate at which the amount grows is reduced by 80%


  • Every second, mobs now have a random chance of switching targets to the closest player
  • If there are any villagers in the map, Zombies may decide to go after them if they are closer than any player


We have modified how footstep audio works. Note that this only affects the footsteps of other players and not mobs.

  • Sneaking is now completely silent
  • Walking can be heard up to 12 blocks instead of 16
    • Within ~10 blocks however, the sound is a little louder than before
  • Sprinting can still be heard up to 16 blocks and is louder than walking
  • Sprint jumping produces the loudest sound and can be heard up to 16 blocks


  • Switched back to the BanManager plugin to handle punishments
  • All punishments are now public at guncolony.com/bans
  • Staff can now check the alts of players again


  • Improved the colored chat prefixes shown when someone is in a different server as you
  • The server tagline has been changed to “The Original Minecraft 3D Shooter” to be more concise
  • FFA matches can now be created on TDM maps, this means that we only have to define one PVP map for it to work on all gamemodes
  • Removed essentials “/back on death” message for staff members that have the permission


  • Actually fixed dropping items in MineSpades