Vertigo and Dizzy

Map Update — Two New Maps!

I hope you like climbing stairs because this update brings two new maps; both set on the top of two buildings in a busy city. The unique thing about these two maps is that you can easily suicide by jumping off the side of the building.


Terrorists are planning on destroying this building that is under construction. The FBI is here to stop them. This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.

Terrorists Spawn

Counter Terrorists Spawn

A Site

B Site


This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination. Both sides of the map are the same.


Terrorist Spawn. Counter Terrorists spawn on the opposite side of the map.

We hope you aren’t afraid of heights!

Mod Menu

Weapon Modifications Patch

Hello all,

Today we have released a minor patch to make the modification system easier to understand. We have also rebalanced some modifications and fixed some pressing performance issues in the server.


  • Reduced CheyTac M200 default zoom from 8X to 6X to be more usable in typical maps.
  • Increased G3SG1 price to $5000 (from 4800)
  • Reduced Flamethrower bullet velocity from 40 to 30 m/s.
  • Dart Ammo for shotguns now increases block penetration by 60% (from 30%). The new penetration of Dart Ammo is comparable to 5.56mm rifles.
  • Sniper Ammo now reduces spread by 25% (from 20%).
  • Fixed Stock now reduces idle sway by 12% (from 10%).
  • Mk 211 for M82 now increases base damage by 25% (from 20%).
  • Pzsgp. 151 APHE for NTW-20 now reduces block penetration by 40% (from 50%).
  • Faster Burst for Fire Launcher now increases bullet velocity by only 10% (from 15%).


  • Icons for the slots occupied by equipped Weapon Modifications are now shown in the weapon’s display name.
  • Ammo type changes are now called “Conversion Kits” and can be used alongside another ammo modification.
    • For now, this only affects the Thompson M1A1’s “.30 Carbine” modification.
  • Changed weapon modification descriptions to be more accurate.
    • “-Recoil” replaced with “+Recoil Control”
    • “-First Shot Spread” replaced with “+Idle Sway Control”
    • “-Spread Increase” replaced with “+Firing Sway Control”
    • “-Sway Speed” replaced with “+Sway Consistency”
    • “-Movement Penalty” replaced with “+Moving Accuracy”
    • “-Shot Dispersion” replaced with “+Accuracy”
    • “-Muzzle Flash” replaced with “+Muzzle Flash Concealment”
    • “-Pellet Spread” replaced with “+Pellet Grouping”
    • “-Damage Dropoff” replaced with “+Damage Range”
    • “-Swap Time” replaced with “+Swap Speed”
    • “-Bullet Drag” replaced with “+Bullet Drag Resistance”
    • “+Minimum Damage” replaced with “+Minimum Damage At Range”
    • For Damage Range the value is recomputed (for example -18% damage dropoff is changed to +22% damage range), for the other values the number simply swapped signs.
  • Fixed M84 optic description claiming 4X zoom while the actual zoom was 2.2X.


  • The volume of the hit confirmation sound when hitting another player has been slightly increased.
  • Added more tip messages to PVP and Mob-Arena.
  • Mob-Arena bosses will now only take the full stun effect from the player that they are targeting.
    • You will only do 20% of the normal stun to bosses if they are not targeting you.
    • However, damaging the boss still applies damage absorption which helps the targeted player do more stun to the boss.


  • Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena matches sometimes would not start.
  • Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena player respawn timers would only tick down by 1 second every wave.
  • Fixed a critical bug with the mob stunning code that caused high constant TPS loss whenever Mob-Arena was played.
  • Fixed an issue where legacy Infected loadouts could still be selected by equipping a weapon in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where PVP and Mob-Arena loadout selection buttons could overlap when equipping a weapon in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon swap animation did not play when spawning or respawning in Mob-Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a player in the leg did not play the hit confirmation sound.
  • Improved database storage system to immediately save any updates to disk. This should fix any cases of losing crates/EXP on restarts.
Steam Tunnels New

Balance Update Follow-up

Hello all,

This is a small follow-up update to the previous Balance Update, which further adjusts the strength of weapons in the game. We have also fixed some issues regarding the Mob-Arena game mode and made several visual and audio improvements.


  • M14: damage 35 -> 34
  • FAL: damage 34 -> 36
  • AK-47: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-103: damage 31 -> 32
  • AK-74M: price 3000 -> 2600
  • STG-44: damage 36.5 -> 35.5
  • G11: damage 25 -> 28, burst mode rate of fire 195×3 -> 180×3
  • Mac-10: armor penetration 57.5 -> 56
  • Vector: damage 27 -> 26, rate of fire 1080 -> 1110, muzzle boost modification removed (as fire rates above 1200 RPM do not work)
  • PPSH-41: damage 24 -> 24.5, rate of fire 1080 -> 1000
  • AKS-74u: price 1850 -> 2450 (it was buffed a bit too much…)
  • Remington 887: damage 26 -> 25, armor penetration 70 -> 73
  • MAG-7: armor penetration 75 -> 72, slightly increased damage dropoff
  • RPK: damage 31 -> 32, damage dropoff rate 0.9% -> 1.6% per block


  • The respawn timer is now reduced by a constant amount of time per wave instead of a percentage.
    • This means that if a new wave spawns when you already have a low respawn timer, you will be instantly revived.
  • The Mob-Arena plugin can now be reloaded without kicking players out of the arena, given that the new config does not contain errors.
  • Added sound cues to the Bombard, Gas, Buff Pool, Evade, Teleport to Player, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Throw TNT, and Bomb Strike skills.
  • Slime Cannon and Bomb Cannon skills now make more particles.
  • When a player is hit by the Laser, Wall, and Shockwave skills, other players can now hear the hit sound.
  • Added a sound effect for when a boss or mini-boss dies.
  • Buffed Dagger in Spetsnaz class: +1 level to all three enchantments. Now one shots spiders on critical hit.


  • Reduced the amount of healing items in the killstreak tree.
  • Mini-Nuke moved from 25 kills to 20 since high killstreaks are now much harder to get due to less healing.


  • The weapon stats command now shows the weapon’s price.
  • Pistol (except Deagle, Revolvers, and Thunder .50BMG) bullet tracers are now shorter (equal to SMGs).
  • Suppressed weapon bullet tracers now consist of only 1 particle, making it harder to see.
  • Sound effect for hitting a player in PVP is now louder and higher pitched.
  • Added sound effect for hitting an unarmored player in PVP (this used to not play any sounds).
  • Added sound effect for picking up items (guns, bomb, grenades) on the ground
  • Added some more tips to both the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies.


  • Fixed an issue where Teleport to Player boss skill did not work on Ghast bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Laser and Wall boss skills kill a player, it would stop the skill from travelling any further and produce a console error.
  • Fixed an issue where having no players in an arena would completely stop it from progressing. (Now, joining an empty/glitched arena should still respawn the player, who can then leave again to stop the arena)
  • Mob-Arena maps should now always start with the correct start timer in all circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Klobb scenario weapon had no idle sway in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped grenades as long as they had at least 1 grenade in their inventory.