Update 1.4: High Caliber Update

Hello all,

In this update, we have added 9 unique ammo types to the 7.62x51mm and 7.62x54mmR ammo types, and brought back 7 weapons firing these calibers. One of these ammo types is the exclusive Duplex Ammo, and you can complete special quests to unlock it early, available until December 10th! This update also adds 1.18 Support.


GunColony now supports logging in from Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs Part II, released yesterday. You will notice that the character spacing for fire modes has been increased, but there should not be any other issues when using 1.18 in-game.



  • L59A1 Ammo (Weapon Level 5)
    • Slightly enhanced ball ammo with very minor upsides and downsides.
  • M118 Sniper Ammo (Weapon Level 15)
    • Heavy sniper ammo which is a more impactful version of the regular Heavy Ammo, and also increases accuracy.
  • DM111 Ammo (Weapon Level 35)
    • Shares stats with the 5.56mm Mk318 ammo, increasing headshot damage but decreasing penetration.
  • M993 AP Ammo (Weapon Level 54)
    • Lightweight AP ammo that increases damage to heavily armored enemies but decreases damage to other enemies, increases velocity, and reduces damage range and recoil.
  • Duplex Ammo (Exclusive to Early Access quests, will be Weapon Level 80 in the future)
    • Experimental ammo that fires two bullets with one shot at the cost of range and ballistics. Deals 12% more total damage than the regular ammo.


  • 7.62x53mmR Finnish (Weapon Level 5)
    • Reduces weapon price at the cost of accuracy and bullet velocity. Unlike the .223 Remington and Tula Civilian ammo types, it does not decrease damage.
  • 7N13 AP Ammo (Weapon Level 15)
    • Basic AP ammo that increases armor and block penetration, decreases headshot damage.
  • 7N1 Sniper Ammo (Weapon Level 35)
    • High-power sniper ammo that increases damage, accuracy, range, and recoil. Increases the price of the weapon.
  • 7BZ3 API Ammo (Weapon Level 54)
    • AP ammo designed for LMGs that specializes in the highest block penetration possible.


M14: 7.62x51mm semi-automatic rifle. Most M14’s were permanently set to semi-auto during the Vietnam War. Compared to the SR-25, the M14 has a slightly higher rate of fire, costs 8 Supply instead of 9, and does not suffer from flinch when being hit. However, it has less predictable recoil and a slightly lower headshot multiplier than the SR-25.

FAL: 7.62x51mm fully-automatic battle rifle. With consistent 3-hit-kill potential and a fast 700 RPM, it has one of the fastest TTKs in the Rifle category, second only to the M14 EBR. Compared to the M14 EBR, it has faster handling and a more forgiving recoil pattern, but lacks in damage range. Similar to other battle rifles, its accuracy can be significantly improved by switching to semi-auto mode.

MSG90: 7.62x51mm designated marksman rifle. Compared to the SCAR-20, its improved hipfire and moving accuracy as well as lower recoil and higher range make up for the much slower rate of fire and ADS speed.

M40A1: 7.62x51mm sniper rifle. The cheapest Sniper Rifle in the game and requires two shots to the body to kill. Just a dependable weapon with low idle sway for those who like to land the satisfying sniper headshots Battlefield-style.

SVT-40: 7.62x54mmR semi-automatic rifle. With a very low Supply cost and no flinch, the SVT-40 is the natural choice for a marksman on a budget, held back by its low rate of fire and magazine capacity. You will need to hit head and chest shots consistently and control a significant amount of recoil to use this weapon effectively.

SVD: 7.62x54mmR designated marksman rifle. Like the Dragunov in other games, it is useless. It benefits from much better effective range than other marksman rifles, but has a lower rate of fire of 200 RPM and ammo capacity of 10 rounds.

Mosin-Nagant: 7.62x54mmR sniper rifle. The cheapest Sniper Rifle with a consistent one-shot-kill potential to the chest, and comes with iron sights by default. While it has a slow ADS time due to its length, it has good hipfire accuracy. Its base effective range of 50m can be greatly extended using the new ammo types added in this update.


  • All Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles (except the Szecsei): increased Recoil Stabilization when aiming down sights
    • This change should not affect the performance of these weapons and only make them feel more consistent to use.


We have added some new Early Access quests for the Duplex Ammo modification on all four of the returning 7.62x51mm weapons. You must own the weapon in order to unlock the respective quest.

You will have to play the three Mob-Arena maps on the 1.17 test server in order to complete the first 3 quests. You should use either Minecraft 1.17 or 1.18 to play these arenas. They are in fact the same arenas as last year’s BOLA Ammo quest, so the completion requirements for these three quests have stayed the same. The fourth and final quest can be completed by playing PVP.


The 1.17 update to GunColony is getting closer and closer to release, but still has a few features left to implement.

While all functionality of current game modes now work on 1.17, we are still developing the new map system that will release alongside the 1.17 update, which will allow the map builder to configure the spawns and objectives on the map instead of needing an admin to configure them. This will also allow for community-made maps going forward.

Additionally, we are working on reviving the “anti-xray” system from around 2016 which hides players behind walls, but this time it will be completely recoded and much more efficient. We are aiming for almost 0 performance impact on the servers, which is a serious optimization feat considering that the system must perform complex line-of-sight checks between every pair of players on the map every tick.

This system will not only be used to prevent cheating, but will also reduce the rendering of weapon models held in players’ hands, which should greatly increase the average FPS that you will experience in GunColony. (For this reason, the system will also be turned on for friendly players whenever it does not interfere with the display of friendly name tags.) We will also extend the system to hide dropped weapons behind walls if possible.

We are expecting a timeline of roughly 10-15 days before the full 1.17 update is released to servers.

A final note: Minecraft 1.18 has just been released, but does not add many new blocks or mobs compared to 1.17, so as far as GunColony is concerned they are the same version. Therefore, we will likely remain on Minecraft 1.17 in the coming year. Our next big server update will likely occur after the release of either Minecraft 1.19 or 1.20.


Update 1.3.1: Minor Content Update

Hello all,

Today we have added a weapon tweaking and content update to the server while we continue work on the 1.17 update.


A new staffbuild server has been added that runs on Spigot 1.17.

This server will use the SlimeWorldManager world system to allow each build to be in its own world, instead of our old plots system.

Expect some new Mob-Arena maps built with 1.17 blocks to appear on the 1.17 Mob-Arena test server soon.


  • All SMGs: increased headshot multiplier on semi-auto
    • We want to encourage situational use of the semi-auto firing mode on SMGs for ammo conservation or fighting at medium or longer ranges.
  • FAMAS: increased bullet velocity to reflect its real-world barrel length
  • G3A3: price reduced from 10 Supply to 9 Supply
    • The G3A3 was not a viable pick in most cases as a low RPM battle rifle, as most assault rifles at the 10 Supply range have faster handling and lower recoil and thus win out over the G3A3. Reducing its supply cost should improve its utility particularly when higher penetration is desired.


  • 7.62x39mm
    • Tula Civilian Ammo
    • 7N23 AP Ammo
    • M67 Ammo
    • 7N27 AP Ammo
  • .303 British
    • F1 AP Ammo
    • Mark VIIIz Ammo
    • 7.7x56mmR AP Ammo
    • Pomeroy II Explosive Ammo
    • Note that since sniper flinch scales with Recoil Control, these ammo types are NOT free upgrades on the Lee Enfield


We have brought back several assault rifles and LMGs which can take advantage of the new ammo types available for the intermediate calibers and .303 British. They have been rebalanced with unique attributes that are both interesting for gameplay and accurate to their real life counterparts.

FAD: A high-mobility assault rifle with lower rate of fire. In exchange for much greater horizontal recoil than comparable weapons like the SCAR-L, it gains improved mobility stats. For example, it has very low movement inaccuracy. In addition, its velocity has been slightly increased to reflect its barrel length. It now has higher price than before but still on the inexpensive side at 7 Supply. This weapon is available to newbies when starting the game, alongside the M4A1.

IMI Galil: A budget assault rifle. Its main strengths include a high magazine capacity and reload speed, as well as good damage range, but it lacks in rate of fire and mobility. It can exclusively be fitted with the Bipod modification to help tame its otherwise unpredictable recoil. Also, it can be used with 50, 65, and 75-Round magazine options to turn it into a budget LMG. Its price has been further reduced to 5 Supply, which is tied with the M1 Garand for being the cheapest in the Rifle category.

Galil ACE 22: Renamed from Galil AR. A mid-range assault rifle with a high capacity magazine and quick rate of fire of 790 RPM, as well as improved mobility thanks to polymer materials. However, it shares the poor recoil control of the IMI Galil, as well as a a shorter barrel leading to reduced range. It is available with the same magazine options as the IMI Galil, and costs 9 Supply.

Mk18 CQBR: Renamed from M4A4 CQBR. Close range cut-down carbine with a high rate of fire of 810 RPM, lightning-fast aim down sight speed, and high hipfire accuracy. It is formidable at close range while retaining more effectiveness at mid range compared to SMGs, at the cost of a much higher price tag of 12 Supply.

Lewis Gun: British light machine gun used in WWI and WWII. It has a heavy, water-cooled barrel which results in very consistent recoil in fully-automatic fire, making it great for suppressive fire at long ranges. Has good hipfire accuracy when stationary and is a good fit with the Point Shooting perk for utilizing taller cover. Can use unique ammo modifications that are only shared with the Lee Enfield. Costs 9 Supply.

Ultimax 100: Singaporean light machine gun with the best accuracy and stability in the LMG category due to its “constant recoil system”, held back by a low fire rate and intermediate caliber. This LMG is very effective at long ranges and can be used to suppress enemy snipers or hold down an angle for an extended period of time. Costs 13 Supply. This weapon now unlocks at Rank 13.

Fire Launcher: a burst fire semi-automatic weapon that fires burning fuel pellets. The weapon has fairly short range, but deals minor splash damage and can kill with a single headshot. Costs 2 Supply.


  • All weapon changes to the main server also apply to the 1.17 Test Server
  • Fixed some crash/freeze bugs on the 1.17 test server. We will continue to monitor the server for freezes and other issues

Update 1.3: Halloween Guests

Hello all,

We have been working hard over the last month to develop a 1.17 build for GunColony. It has finally arrived and become playable in Mob-Arena in time for Halloween! Get ready for some new spooky guests when playing this year’s Halloween maps!


The way to test out the new 1.17 build for GunColony is through our Mob-Arena test server. To join this server, all you need to do is to click one of the new NPCs at spawn to join either Graveyard, Tomb, or Haunted.

  • The weapon configs are exactly the same as the 1.12 build
    • There is a translation layer so that the old item IDs continue to work until the config has been fully updated
  • Therefore, all player progress is safely shared between the 1.12 build and the beta 1.17 build
  • Joining Graveyard, Tomb, or Haunted will automatically put you in the 1.17 server, where you will encounter new mobs
    • Other servers remain on 1.12 for now


  • All plugins have been updated (except ol’ reliable ScriptBlock)
  • Replaced legacy action bar, title, and item attribute methods with Bukkit API ones
  • Switched other item and entity NBT handling from PowerNBT to NBT API
  • Added the ability to aim down sights while swimming
  • Made the timer for async shooting and recoil more accurate
  • Fixed a bug where the Dual Berettas and High Voltage Gloves could fire using left click, which would not consume ammo
  • Improved the Fabulous Mode to use packets instead of an actual entity in the server
    • Removed nearly all server overhead when players have Fabulous Mode activated
    • Fixed the bug where Fabulous Mode crosshair would occasionally flicker or disappear
  • Fixed a bug where Husks did not have natural armor in hit damage calculations
  • Added headshot hitboxes to more mobs
    • All 1.13+ mobs, except for Phantoms (head moves around too much client-side) and some other mobs where a head hitbox doesn’t make sense
    • Donkeys, Mules, Bats, Parrots, and Vexes
  • Guardians no longer attack players continuously and should now behave like vanilla
    • In exchange, their attack damage is restored to the vanilla value
  • Added Spawn Phantoms boss ability
  • Added Puffer Mines boss ability
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Aura boss ability did not work and could not be used by any bosses


Why did we decide to update to 1.17? There are a lot of improvements that the versions since 1.12.2 have brought to the game, which are relevant to GunColony. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • New blocks from 1.13-1.17 which can be used in GunColony maps
  • New mobs from 1.13-1.17 which can be used in Mob-Arena
    • Pufferfish, Ravagers, Bees, Piglin Brutes, Goats, etc.
  • The ability to have adjustable world height thanks to 1.17’s experimental settings
  • Servers use less RAM due to the ability to use OpenJ9 java without breaking
  • New GUI and HUD changes made possible due to the font updates introduced in 1.13
    • This may include custom health/ammo indicators, better kill feed gun icons, etc.
  • CustomModelData introduced in 1.15 makes resource packs much easier to maintain
  • 1.5 block crouch height and the ability to crawl using trapdoors enable more map design opportunities in both PVP and PVE
  • Glow Item Frames which may receive an invisible texture and be used for cool decals when paired with custom models
  • Potential hold-left-click-to-shoot workaround allowing a control scheme closer to most first-person shooters

There is, however, one downside to updating the server to 1.17, which is that moving while aiming down sights can appear laggy in 1.14+. You can download TheShwarma’s MovementFix mod to fix this problem, which runs on Fabric and can be installed alongside performance mods like Sodium.


In the next few updates, GunColony will be updated entirely to the 1.17 build. If you are currently playing GunColony on 1.12, don’t worry! You will still be able to join even after the full update to 1.17. You won’t see the correct texture on new blocks in any new maps that use them, however.

We will try to ensure that GunColony’s core features remain fully working on 1.12 until holidays 2021, after which point we will only release 1.17 versions of the resource pack, and may add new GUI/HUD features that will appear broken on 1.12.

Thus, you are encouraged to update before the end of the year, but don’t feel stressed out to update now. We will have a set of recommendations for performance mods out soon in case your computer currently gets lower FPS in 1.17 than 1.12.


  • MythicMobsExtension is not currently updated to 1.17, and therefore some custom mobs like Ghosts will not have their movement ability
  • The WorldEdit map schematic system does not work yet
  • The ping compensation hit registration system does not work on 1.17 since the anti-cheat plugin we use to get reliable player ping is not integrated yet (this means you have to aim ahead of targets on the test server to hit them for now)