Bug Fix & Balance Update

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a few bug fixes as well as general changes to our gamemodes to make our gameplay a little smoother and looking a little better.


We have changed scopes, adding more realistic zoom levels and muzzle flash effects. Now they are truly the best scopes in Minecraft!

  • Scopes now zoom in much more than before. Most sniper scopes zoom in at the maximum possible zoom level in Minecraft, the same zoom level as Slowness potion effects that make you completely unable to move.
  • Firing when scoped in will now display the muzzle flash in the center of the screen rather than in the right. This makes scoped view more realistic.


Due to complaints of spawn camping on Nuke TDM, we have changed the modes in which Nuke can be played on. We have also tweaked the Mob-Arena map Abandon to fix some issues and improve its layout.

  • Nuke has been removed from Team Death Match and added to Defusal mode.
  • Nuke (NukeFFA) has been added to the Free For All mode.
  • Slight layout changes to Mob-Arena map Abandon. The truck area which used to be a dead end has received another entrance, and a couple of fixes are also rolled out to prevent mobs from getting stuck.


We have tweaked Mob-Arena so that players who seek a more casual experience can access easier Mob-Arena matches.

  • Normal mode replaced with Easy mode in the Mob-Arena lobby. You can still vote for Normal mode if you use /ma join to join a game.
  • Bosses now use skills slower in Easy and Normal difficulty
  • The Laser boss skill now triggers (even) faster in Hard and Normal difficulty


We have done a couple balance changes to the sniper rifles, particularly to make the two anti-material rifles a more valuable pick.

  • Added a new modification to the M82 and NTW-20. The HE ammo increases damage greatly but reduces penetration, turning them more into huge Gauss guns instead of anti-material rifles. These modifications are meant to make the weapons more useful in Mob-Arena, but their downsides prevent them from becoming overpowered in Infected. The M82 with the HE ammo will kill Mob-Arena zombies in one body shot.
  • The NTW-20 now moves faster when not zoomed in
  • Increased the reload speed of M82, NTW-20, SVD, AWP, and K98k
  • Slightly increased the penetration power of the M82
  • Tweaked the reload sounds of several sniper rifles. The actual reload speed isn't changed.


We have fixed many bugs - some of these bugs have been around for a really long time, and they're finally gone!

  • You can now drop and pick up weapons properly in Mob-Arena and Infected modes.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players may spawn without weapons
  • Fixed an issue where mobs in Mob-Arena may spawn too close to players if they are moving
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser boss skill originated from the boss's feet
  • Fixed an issue where random armored zombies sometimes spawned baby zombies
  • Fixed an issue where villager zombies were not displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Golems in Mob-Arena had incorrect HP
  • Grenades now work

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