The largest weapon update ever!

Hello all!

I am very excited today! We have released TEN new weapons into the game, the largest weapon update in the entire history of GunColony! And that’s not all, we have also rebalanced a majority of our weapons, making the weapon choices diverse and fun again!


Origin-12 – An Epic shotgun unlocked at Level 15. This weapon is semi-automatic and magazine-loaded. Having a fast rate of fire and the fastest reload speed, this shotgun is sure to spell fast doom for your enemies.

SPAS-12 – A Rare shotgun that has a very fast rate of fire and thus firepower, but very uncontrollable recoil and low range.

Tavor X95-R – An Epic submachine gun unlocked at Level 20. This weapon is the first SMG to feature a scope, and it sits nicely between a rifle and a regular submachine gun, with good moving accuracy for close range but yet an excellent ability to down targets from long range.

MP-443 – A Common pistol unlocked at Level 25. This weapon closely resembles the Tec-9 from CS:GO. It has a 18-round magazine, high mobile accuracy, and excellent armor penetration. You won’t fare well if you try to spam it, though.

NTW-20 – A Rare sniper unlocked at Level 35. This weapon fires a massive 20mm round and is able to decimate enemies through cover. However, it fires and zooms in rather slowly and you won’t be able to move while scoped in.

G11 – A Rare rifle unlocked at Level 40. This weapon is a scoped rifle that features a slow rate of fire, a scope, and unmatched accuracy. It’s like a PP-Bizon of the Rifles, in a good way.

M1919A4 – A Legendary machine gun unlocked at Level 45. This weapon is akin to the CS:GO Negev. Maximum accuracy is achieved through continued fire while standing still, and its high damage and rate of fire will then do their work to suppress the enemies.

XD: An Epic pistol unlocked at Level 55. While it is essentially a Glock-18 with a suppressor, less ammo, and no burstfire function, the funny name alone already earns it the title of the best meme weapon in the game.

M&P .45: A Common pistol unlocked at Level 60. It has very similar performance to the AF2011: twice the rate of fire and half the bullets every shot. Its high firepower makes it the perfect sidearm for the marksman.

Walther PPK: A Common pistol that replaces the Walther PP Super in your inventory. It has a 8 round magazine and can perform 3 hit kills in close ranges, allowing you to eliminate your enemy quickly.

For a graphical view of when the new weapons unlock, head to this imgur album:


Many changes to existing weapons and modifications have been made in this update.

General changes:

  • When sneaking and moving you now receive 30% of full movement inaccuracy instead of 5%
  • Compensator Sights modification benefits AND drawbacks reduced by 50%
  • Rifles: Burst-fire accuracy increased
  • LMGs: Now takes time to recover from moving penalty after you stand still
  • LMGs: Damage reduced at close range
  • LMGs: Accuracy when bursting & spraying significantly increased
  • Snipers: (Except M82 and new NTW-20) No aimpunch if you stand still for a certain period of time (varies per weapon). SSG-08 has no aimpunch whenever you stand still (no delays). Scout has no aimpunch no matter what.
  • Pistols: Diversified weapon statistics to promote diverse weapon choices
  • Many weapons received new sound effects and models.

Special notes:

  • SCAR-L: Fixed sneaking accuracy being unreasonably high
  • AWP: Fixed sneaking unscoped accuracy being unreasonably high
  • P250: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and range, and decrease in armor penetration and moving accuracy
  • Five-SeveN: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and bursting accuracy, and decrease in spraying and moving accuracy
  • AF2011: Majorly reworked to be more similar to the Desert Eagle though more suited to closer ranges
  • R8 Revolver: Fixed standing accuracy being unreasonably low; reduced trigger delay time
  • M9A1: Majorly reworked to be more similar to Dual Berettas in terms of damage, and aligned it to be a long range finishing-off weapon.
  • M1915: Majorly reworked and nerfed. Now fully automatic but reduced damage and rate of fire. Added scope.
  • L86 LSW: Burst fire accuracy significantly increased.
  • Double Barrel: Pellet count decreased by 1 to reduce damage output.
  • If you want to play the new CS:GO Tec-9, go use the MP-443.
  • If you want to play the new CS:GO Negev, go use the M1919A4.

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