January Dev Blog

Hello all,

January might have seemed like a relatively uneventful month when it comes to visible updates on the server. However, under the hood our team has spent much time planning for the coming year and building a solid groundwork for future updates. We have also quietly implemented a few new changes to the game.

We are aiming to achieve a completely revolutionized game experience in GunColony by our 4th anniversary. In this post I will talk about what we have done in the past few weeks and what we have planned for the months to come.


What we have done

One thing that you might have noticed is that the recoil for Snipers, Shotguns, Special Weapons and Sidearms feel very different. The new recoil system offers vastly improved target tracking and aesthetics while giving us more opportunities to balance our weapons against each other. It uses asynchronous code to update your viewing angle 60 times a second to deliver a seamless experience.

What we have planned

  • A new Damage Absorption system for Mob-Arena to make fights more interesting and less like shooting at bullet-sponges
  • A new hit particles system – different particles on hit to help you directly visualize how you damaged the enemy
  • Improved spread system where bullets come out in a simulated barrel that moves with inertia, instead of 100% randomly within a spread cone

Mob Arena

What we have done

We have released a new Mineshaft Mob-Arena map. Check it out!

Watch out for a surprise at Wave 10!!

What we have planned

  • A new respawn system coming soon where dead and new-joining players can be put into the game after a more consistent interval
  • Eventually, a brand new Mob-Arena rework that will completely revolutionize how the game is played; the whole server will share one match and work for one goal


What we have done

We have rolled out some stability improvements to the Hostile Alpha mode (that were tested earlier on the main GunColony server) that should make the game run more smoothly.

What we have planned

  • In a few months, Hostile will come back in a big way. We have begun working on the rework in April 2018 and the new mode will feature extreme long-range combat unprecedented in Minecraft, as well as increased freedom for players to try new strategies towards victory.


What we have done

We have changed the blood particle effects on some monsters and headshot hits to provide a better visual experience.

What we have planned

  • Blood particles will be improved once again to deliver more detailed information and be more visually pleasing
  • The muzzle flash effect will be optimized for a large (~50%) frametime performance improvement when firing on low-end graphics cards
  • New, unique backgrounds will be added to our in-game menus

New Player Experience

What we have done

We have replaced the spawn with a slightly tighter version of it to better guide new players to getting into their first game.

What we have planned

  • An even smaller spawn where tutorial signs will be visible by looking right behind you – like the iconic first spawn that GunColony had on release
  • A small tutorial for players to grasp the server’s basic mechanics when joining the server for the first time
  • Improvements to when and where in-game tips will show up


What we have done

We have improved our Twitter channel and integrated it into the Discord and website homepage.

What we have planned

  • Better in-game information about our social media sites
  • Updates to our Discord server
  • Resuming of our YouTube channel

Other Changes in January

  • Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower did not count its kills
  • Fixed a bug where explosive weapons did not deal damage properly
  • Fixed an important issue where entities suffering a vanilla-type damage, such as falling, fire, or poison, could not take damage from weapons
  • Monster blood particles are now the correct type for disguised mobs (a skeleton disguised as zombie will now show zombie green blood)
  • Added new “random waves” and “map switch” systems intended for the new Mob-Arena rework, but both are also used in the new map Mineshaft

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Christmas Update!

Hello all,

Merry Christmas to everyone! We have released three new weapons and a new TDM map for y’all to enjoy the holidays!



Mineshaft is a new TDM map set in an underground mine. It features the new Random Spawns system to make the game pace a bit more dynamic.



Ultimax 100

The Ultimax 100 is a Singaporean LMG firing 5.56mm. It features accurate automatic fire thanks to its “constant recoil” feature.


Ithaca 37

The Ithaca 37 is a 16-gauge shotgun with a tight spread. It replaces the KSG-15 in the unlock tree – the latter weapon is now unlocked after it to be in the right tier for a Legendary weapon.


Sterling SMG

The Sterling is a slow-firing 9x19mm SMG with a cheap price and good automatic accuracy.



GunColony is known for making firsts in the industry and redefining what is possible to be done in Minecraft. This time, we have added a new “smooth recoil recovery” system to the game that works by sending the player 60 view rotation updates per second (independently from the Minecraft server tickrate of 20), matching the refresh rate of most monitors providing a seamless experience. This allows the weapon recoil to have a customizable “force” and “recovery” to them where instead of instantly changing your viewing direction the gun will now kick your view up a bit more gradually like most other games, and the recoil can also partly or completely recover after the shot. It’s all configurable and allows us to create a lot more variety in how our weapons handle.

This new system is currently in testing on the three new weapons that we added to the server, both for stability and to collect feedback, but we do intend to add it to all of our weapons in the future. If you experience any performance issues or bugs when and only when using these weapons, please let us know in the Bug Report section on the forums so we can get them all smoothed out.


Pre-Christmas Update!

Hello all, here’s a small Pre-Christmas update. We have more stuff planned for the actual Christmas update.

We have update the spawn with a Chirstmas tree and snow. Bring a jacket.


There is a new seasonal map: Workshop! This map was made by Hobocat_15 and is set in Santa’s Workshop.

This map is available in Free For All. Just like how Haunted was removed after October, Workshop will be removed after December.


I’ve added two new mods, one for the Fire Launcher and one for the Flamethrower. I added them since they didn’t have any before. This mods will most likely be updated/changed in the future.

The Fire Launcher gets the Faster Burst mod. This mod makes the projectiles move faster but you get more recoil.

The Flamethrower gets the Iron Sights mod. The normal Flamethrower doesn’t have ADS, so this mod adds it. It is more accurate with the Iron Sights mod while aiming down sights than it is just crouching with the normal, unmodded Flamer.
The downside is your movement accurate is reduce, even when not aiming down sights.

Both of these mods are unlocked at level 4.

That’s all for this update, we will have another update for Christmas with some more exciting things.

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