4/30-5/6 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have added a new Mob-Arena map, complete with brand new mobs and bosses. We have also done some balance changes and bug fixes to help keep the game dynamic and bug-free.


Lab - Monsters are launching an invasion on an underground university laboratory, a high-value research center for advanced anti-monster weapons. Move in and defend the laboratory from mobs approaching above. Shoot through glass if you must. Fall back to the bottom floor for breathing room.

The Lab map features 35 waves (36 on Hard), 5 new and unique bosses, 5 new mini-bosses (2 of them spawn in regular waves), 5 new mob types, and a new mechanic called restricted zones. Restricted zones are areas where only monsters can move through, not players, and they are marked with a red boundary around the entrances of the zone.

The map is also unique in that more than half of the waves are custom-coded, meaning that there are unexpected ambushes and change in spawn locations throughout the game, so be sure to watch out for them. Also, since many monsters come from above, players have a period of relative safety where they can fire at the monsters through glass while they try to reach the entrances.


  • Rebalanced number of monsters spawned in regular (non-boss) waves. For most maps this means that FAR MORE monsters will spawn in regular waves, especially in the early waves. These changes are meant to keep the game challenging throughout the match.
  • Slightly reduced points gain from regular (non-boss) mobs so the rate of earning EXP does not become ridiculously high after the amount of mob spawns are increased
  • Replaced Infection Wave 71 boss (Unstable Sorcerer)'s Low Gravity skill with Seismic Slam


  • SR-3M: Armor penetration reduced by 3


  • Modified Red team spawn on Outpost
  • Changed Tablist aesthetics, now has 4 rows
  • Reduced animations in Tablist to reduce bandwidth usage (only animated parts left are the server name and time display)
  • Fixed a bug where name tags for teammates did not show properly
  • Fixed a bug where firing at a brewing stand causes console spam until the server is restarted

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4/23-4/29 Devblog

Hello all,

This week has seen relatively few changes to the server because I had taken some time working on a different project. Nevertheless we have added a few new additions to the server, including a new Tablist and a staff build server.


After last week's anti-xray fixes it became quite evident that the Anti-Xray plugin's side effect of removing players from the tablist was becoming unbearable. As a result we have added a new tablist plugin that not only solves this problem, but also shows players in all current and future servers in our network. It is also animated and looks a lot cooler!


We have added a new creative plots server, currently for staff members only. This will be the new place for our staff to work on maps. Since this server is powered by plots, we can safely give every staff member access to World Edit, which should speed up the building process and make it much more enjoyable to build on GunColony. This will also be the place for staff members to work collectively on any large build projects that arise (hint: there is one!).

There is currently no cross-server chat, but that will be coming soon.


  • Fixed a bug where modification unlock levels for some of the new Legendary weapons were incorrect

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4/16-4/22 Devblog

Hello all,

This week we have added a brand new Mob-Arena respawn system, as well as additional improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes to several areas of our game.

First of all, let us congratulate ourselves for hitting 30 concurrent players, the highest since 2016!

Our forums have also reached 5,000 forum posts - huge thanks to everyone in the community for making both milestones a reality!


We have added the ability to respawn in a Mob-Arena match. After a boss is defeated, all players in the spectator area will now respawn. However, every respawn players are penalized by having one heart removed from their maximum health, down to a minimum of 5 hearts.

Now you can also join a Mob-Arena match in the middle of the game now, from a new menu we have added to the Mob-Arena lobby at spawn. However, you will also spawn with reduced health depending on how many boss waves have already passed in the match.


Your experience bar in Mob-Arena now indicates the progress of the current wave. When the experience bar fills up, the next wave will spawn (unless there's a boss alive). You might notice that the progress seems to go faster over time - this is because the spawn speed of the next wave depends on how many mobs are still alive, and as you kill the mobs the wave will progress faster.

The name of bosses are now bolded to make the boss monster easier to locate. This does not apply to mini-bosses.

Additional changes:
  • Since we added the ability to respawn, to balance things out you now take 15% more direct damage from everything except TNT and charged creepers. (Indirect damage from fall, fire, potions, etc. are also unaffected.)
  • Earlier waves in most maps now spawn more mobs to make them less boring
  • The last few bosses in most maps are now easier because they were too hard compared to regular waves
  • Removed Summon Minions skill from Wave 5 boss in Graveyard to reduce the insane minion spam in that wave
  • Moved the spectator area in Blizzard for a better view of the entire map


We have added a new Defusal map, Mill, featuring a unique close-quarter combat experience, along with plenty of pathways to navigate around the map or catch enemies off guard from behind.


We have improved the visuals of the Graveyard map, adding a lot of decoration outside. We have also opened up the spectator area to connect with the lobby and allow for a better view of the map.


We have tweaked our crate reward algorithm to give more rewards especially for longer matches.

  • There is now a chance to receive more than 1 crate when earning more than 400 EXP in a match. (Earning more than 1500 EXP in a match will always give 2 or more crates)
  • Quality of crates earned now increases much faster by the amount of EXP earned
  • The Double EXP booster now increases the amount of gained EXP used in crate calculations by 1.25X instead of 2X in order to keep the crate quality gains roughly the same
  • The EXP gained from voting is no longer affected by the Double EXP booster

We have also dramatically increased the points you can gain from bosses in Mob-Arena (by 200-300%) to additionally increase the reward of the gamemode.


We have fixed the "Go Back" button in many of our GUIs so they actually take you back to the menu you came from. Opening a crate from the crate menu will also take you back to the correct menu now.

In addition, unlocked weapons in the Tech Tree menu now display the same way as they do in the inventory menu, so you can now manage your weapons from the tech tree the same way as in your inventory.

Finally, at the beginning of a PVP match there will now be a chat prompt with rules of the current mode.


We have tweaked the weapon stats of select weapons, particularly Light Machine Guns and newly released weapons:

  • SR-3M: Spraying accuracy substantially reduced, damage slightly reduced
  • Negev: Damage slightly reduced
  • MG34, MG3: Damage slightly reduced (more so on the MG3), accuracy slightly increased
  • KSG-15: Damage significantly reduced, movement penalty reduced


We have done a number of other changes to the server, particularly to optimize the network performance so the server can support more players without lag.

  • Fixed AK-103 not appearing in the Arms Race weapon pool
  • Added a new scenario mode that takes place on Jungle Map in TDM, with Vietnam War weapons
  • Fixed the Anti-Xray system not working properly
  • Barriers should no longer act as a solid block to the Anti-Xray system
  • Muzzle flash effects can now be seen from much further away
  • Blood effects can now be seen from much further away
  • Reduced amount of weapon tracer particles in third person for better performance
  • Muzzle flash is no longer shown for other players if they can't see it due to an obstacle
  • Bullet block impact particles are no longer shown for other players if they can't see it due to an obstacle (this is disabled for the shooter to reduce artifacts)
  • Bullet block impact particles are no longer shown if the block is surrounded by 6 solid blocks around it (this applies even for the shooter)
  • Seismic Slam boss skill particles are no longer shown for a block if both the block above and the block below are solid
  • Arrows produced by Deadly Arrows skill are now removed after 0.75s to improve performance

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